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Twice the Beast: (Keeper of the Alphas: Part 1) A BBW Werebear Shifter Menage

by Morgan Rae

Heat Level: Scorching!

The Keeper of the Alphas series features hot alpha bear shifters, a daring heroine, and steamy menage romance. Ensure a cool reading environment to avoid overheating!

Curvy and confident, Cami runs away to New York City to avoid her past.

She lives in a closet, wards off nightmares, and dodges advances from her sleazy boss. Everything changes when she gets the call that her estranged mother has passed away. She’s forced to return to her old home town in the backwoods of Oregon and come face to face with her old demons.

However, she gets a surprise when she finds her old home is already occupied by a mysterious, handsome stranger with a dark secret. And then there’s the matter of her childhood best friend, Jayce, who has grown into his dazzling smile and inescapable charm.

Just when things couldn’t get anymore complicated, there’s the matter of the red eyes stalking Cami from the woodsâ?¦

Keeper of the Alphas – Five Part BBW Werebear Shifter Menage Series

Book I. Twice the Beast – Approx. 15,000 Words

Book II. Hunting for Curves

Book III. A Growl and a Howl

Book IV. Double Her Mate

Book V. Tamed and Claimed

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by John A. Kelly Jr.

In a small town in Tennessee two co-workers lives will be thrown into chaos as the stars above align to usher in a new age for mankind. The lives of their family and friends will forever be changed as secrets are brought to light and truths are shrouded in darkness.


by Styna Lane

No one expects to run out of love.

We fall for neighbors, strangers, celebrities, and gods, but we rarely consider the consequences of being so careless with our own hearts.

To Demi Harper, the thought of running out of love is nothing more than a cautionary tale told by her older sister, to protect her from heartache. But the loss of the only person in the world who loves her in return proves that it may not be so ridiculous a thought, after all.

A gasp, a pain, and a foreboding silence within her chest leads Demi to a dark place, outside of possibility and time: Yesterwary, the land of fallen hopes. Void of happiness and love, the town is filled with reminders of everything that is left behind by those who give their hearts to those who do not want them.

Urban Legends of the Future: A collection of tales from the edge of the night. (The Lilim Chronicles Book 1)

by Chris B. Bollweg

A disgraced detective on his deadliest case. A burnout junkie on the run from a hungry mob. An aging punk whose dreams may spell doom for his bohemian neighbors. Life doesn’t get any easier in a high tech future for low lives on society’s fringe. Especially when real monsters hide in the shadows of every wrong turn.

Step into the world of the Lilim, where monsters of legend stalk human prey in a race for their own survival. Urban Legends of the Future contains six short stories as an introduction to the weird world where folklore gets future shock.

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