Free humour Kindle books for 17 May 15

The Pick 3 Lottery: Is it Ever a Good Deal? An Analytical Approach

by T. Glenn Anderson

Link to $5 lottery simulator inside the book that you can play on your laptop!

The Pick 3 Lottery is available in 41 states and offers players the opportunity to win $500 by risking a mere $1 dollar. Learn what is going on behind the scenes of this popular game and discover whether it is ever a good deal. The book also shows where you can buy an inexpensive $5 lottery simulator that simulates the real thing perfectly. Try out your strategies or those touted in other books in the simulator before spending your money on the real thing.

A Normal Week at the Office

by Aaron Senser

Wake up, eat breakfast, drive to work, talk to your co-worker Hank…the daily life of an office worker. For the past millions of years, only an elite few have been able to experience this exclusive lifestyle.


Now YOU can step into the shoes of a normal worker and see what it’s like to live life one report at a time. With over 40 unique endings, you’ll be sure to go on a journey you’ve never thought possible. A journey…into the office.


+ High-Octane Cubicle Action!

+ Get Stuck in a Traffic Jam!

+ Eat Cereal!

+ Scientific Personality Quiz Guaranteed to Give You a Personalized Office Adventure

Alex and Cookie and the Creeper Army (Adventures of Alex and Cookie Book 2)

by Blockerella

Alex and Cookie are ready for another adventure.

Someone is sending out a Creeper Army into the Overworld.

Alex and Cookie must journey to The End to find out who or what is responsible.

Find out the answer in Book 2 of the Adventures of Alex and Cookie.

Blow It All To Hell

by G. Edmund Schultz

Sleepless Smith is feeling frisky and wider awake than ever. To mark the passage of a life lived on tranquilizers, Smith rousts his girlfriend from slumber and offers her something special: himself. She responds by racking Smith in the family jewels and telling him that sex is all about “quality over quantity.” He decides it’s time to move on. . . .

Smith soon becomes hopelessly infatuated with a sexy redheaded librarian named Glory Nolan. In her brilliant blue eyes he can see the future, where nothing else in the world exists but the two of them. But a voice in Smith’s head is telling him he isn’t ready for Glory Nolan just yet. He’s too much of a train wreck, and he has to obliterate all the ghosts from his past before he can be with her.

Smith’s subsequent forays to nightclubs and bars catapult him through a decadent tangle of deranged Orlando women, including an oversexed pharmaceutical rep, a lunatic masseuse, a wildly libidinous Latin woman, and a religious zealot who peddles alkaline water in the name of God.

If Smith can emerge from that morass with his sanity intact, he will face a difficult choice: a shot at a lifetime with Glory Nolan, or an escape to a mystical place in his mind that holds the promise of eternal salvation.

The Incomplete Season: Book the First – The Green Light

by Jay Foolatum

‘The Incomplete Season’ covers one year in the fictional motor sport of Brands. In this first instalment, a collection of misogynists, misfits, homophobes, homo-fascists, Islamo-fascists, neo-fascists, libertines, liberals, layabouts, and just downright losers, compete for the accolade of Brands World Champion, — as the reader is guided through the season and looked after by the incompetent in-house commentary team, the Two Jeffreys.

Warning: Not for the faint hearted!

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