Free mystery and thriller Kindle books for 17 May 15

The Come Up (Nu Class Publications Presents)

by Damien R. King

IS BLOOD REALLY THICKER THAN WATER? Daniel “Flames” Alston and Winston “Ukon” Alston are brothers who knew the meaning of loyalty. Death before dishonor is what they breathed. Raised in the mean streets of Southwest Philadelphia, Flames uses his illegal tactics to help put money behind Ukon’s music career.

Hard work finally pays off when Ukon gets his big break, and catches the eye of one of the biggest music producers in the south, Money P. Everything is fine until Money P catches wind of Flames unspoken talent on the Mic, and decides to give him the record deal instead, but as usual, nothing is ever as it may seem!

As Flames makes his way to the top, jealousy, drugs, and the people around fuels Ukon’s motives to take down his own brother. What’s done in the dark always come to light, but will someone flip the switch before it’s too late? You won’t blink when this fast paced, street tale filled with drama, sex, and bloodshed takes you for a ride.

VOWS to KILL (crime thriller)

by Mark Capell

Detective Inspector Lee Eyre receives an email: ‘I WILL KILL YOU ON YOUR WEDDING DAY.’ Is it a sick practical joke? Or an earnest threat? Who sent him the anonymous email? Lee is about to marry Lucy. They only met six months ago. But in the gusts of this whirlwind romance, Lee has avoided telling Lucy about his past. That past is the stuff of nightmares – gangsters with grudges, an obsessive ex-wife, and a mysterious stranger who can provide the link to a murder investigation that went tragically wrong. Despite strange recurring dreams, Lee’s approach has been to bury his head in the sand, pretending the past didn’t happen. But he can’t do that now. The past is about to revisit Lee and try to obliterate his future. Vows To Kill is an intriguing crime thriller, a tale of revenge and retribution and crimes of passion, from the writer of the Amazon UK crime best seller Run, Run, Run.  REVIEW “What I like most about Mark Capell’s Vow to Kill is the plot… Just know that the protagonist has a dark past that resurfaces at the wedding of he and his three-month fiance. I’m talking about ex-wife and murder dark past, crooked cops and psychiatry sessions dark past. “After reading this book, I will make sure to never fall in love with a police officer… “If you like thrillers, I say try this one out.” (The Indie Book Review)

Misconduct’s Deadly Denial: Treachery and Fraud in the Research Lab (Jeannine Ryan Series Book 1)

by James E. Mosimann

Something is wrong at the medical school of Fairland University. A scientist disappears after finding that his coworker is faking data for a breast cancer cure. Two researchers, his statistician girlfriend and an immunologist, search for him and strive to expose the cheaters. As the scope of the fraud is revealed a U. S. Customs agent, who has her own stake in the case, joins them. Flying in the face of danger, the three women confront killers and a vindictive academic hierarchy, at great cost to themselves.

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