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Say My Name (Second Breath Chronicles Book 4)

by Adri Sinclair

Say my name delves into the world of Demolition – but only a little, as it is the world of Hades that really interferes with Billy Carter’s life.

What is SHE hiding, and how will that affect her brothers, her boss’ brother Bastian and his sister Dana?

How do you deal with being an Contact Empath, in a brutal world?

She is a petite girl – looking like Betty Boob – if all things are to be believed. Silent, mostly withdrawn, and looking for a new job as a Demolition Expert. She does not like to be touched, for a very good reason. She fights in a pub called “Devil’s Tears Inn” for more than just her life.

Her name? Billy Carter,

He is her boss’ brother. A big, bulk of a man who loves blowing things up. He has a little black book full of names – names of girls he use, to avoid his own feelings. He is a serious man who likes to carry his own weight.

His name? Bastian Goldwen.

Straight foward right? Maybe not.

Bastian and Billy belong together, that much is clear – but what about Asmodai? The Demon Prince of Lust who’s hankered after Billy from the day she was born? What is the story behind the three-headed dog – Cerberus – and his Mother?

This is a novella, tied in to the Second Breath Series, but a stand-alone read. It has all the elements of Paranormal, Fantasy Romance – without the heat but perhaps a few roller-coaster rides.

Expect the unexpected with this one – and treasure the expected, because the journey is nothing short of a fairytale.

Sex: No.

Expletives: Indicated with squiggles and suggested.

Humour: Plenty.

Drama: Some.

Fantasy: Absolutely.

Book 4 in the Second Breath Chronicles, though it is a stand alone.

The Perks of Aging: Blessings, Silver Linings, & Convenient Half-Truths

by Ariele M. Huff

The Perks of Aging is a road map to happier senior years. It is often given as a birthday or holiday gift. The lists of advantages in elder decades are from a large group of people over fiftyâ??and what they have to say may surprise some who are under 50! Maybe even some who are themselves in the golden stage of life. Included are some short poems–lighthearted and thought-provoking. Join the hundreds who have found this inexpensive little book a valuable friend in navigating the third ageâ??with a sense of humor and joy.

How to Overcome Racism and Live Harmoniously Together (Trayvon Martin, Eric Garner, Michael Brown, Racism, Police brutlaity)

by John Saxx

Discover How to Overcome Racism and Liver Together Harmoniously

Today only get this for just $0.99. Regularly priced at $4.99. Read on your PC,

Mac, smart phone, tablet or Kindle device.

Your about to learn a simple way to overcome racism regardless of your upbringing and be

able to adjust to different cultures. Alot of us suffer from not being able to fit in with different environments

and ways of other people. This book will hopefully put you on a path to set aside any differences we have

because underneath we are all the same. In this book you will also find a few instances of the type of sad

situations people have had to sadly go through.

Here is a Preview of Whats in this Book…..

  • What Racism Is
  • Internalized Racism
  • Things Leading to Violence
  • Horizontal Racism
  • Identifying Racism

Download Today!

Tags:Police brutality. civil rights, discrimination, Harmony, Trayvon Martin, Eric Garner, Michael Brown

A Girls’ Guide to Wisdom and Wealth: Financial Freedom Quick Start Kit

by Toni Planinsek

Many of today’s modern young women are determined to do be successful in their own right. They are looking for role models. They want help in achieving their own financial freedom.

All these motivated young women want to know, is how to start.

Toni Planinsek is the mentor they are looking for. As an experienced educator and business woman she has been a passionate advocate of empowering young women to achieve their independence.

In this easy to read eBook, she gives sound advice with a step by step guide to creating wealth and security. Now these young women can start living their dreams.

This eBook covers the following topics:

– Creating Your Dream Future

– Law of Attraction

– Knowing Your Numbers

– Building Passive Income

Getting Your FREE Bonus:

See inside the book for where you can register to receive free bonuses.

2016 State of the Union: How Capitalism is killing America


As the 2016 political race heats up G.W. Reagan has decided to voice his opinion on what candidates could do to increase the quality of life for all Americans. Regardless of a persons political affiliation. G.W. Reagan offers simple solutions to complex problems that would benefit every man, woman, and child, from sea to shining sea. The concept is called Americanism.

Manifestation – 13 Strategies For Attracting Happiness, Health, Wealth, Success, And More

by Lauren Schumacher

Hi there, my name is Lauren Schumacher.

I’m an entrepreneur who owns and runs a flower shop. I’m also widowed and a mother of two.

I’ve had a lot of struggle in my life, and for years I took pity on myself – I was very “woe is me.”

That’s when I discovered that the universe gives back what you put into it. Yeah, it sounds super “new age” and “hippie-ish.”

I assure you, it’s not – it’s very real.

I began reading, studying, and implementing the concepts of the Law of Attraction and Manifestation. I began to only focus on what I wanted in life, not what happened in the past or where I currently was.

Now that I’ve been practicing manifestation for a few years – my mindset is amazing. Don’t get me wrong, I’m still an entrepreneur who goes through rough patches. I’m still a widowed mother of two. But, I see the path I need to take. I see what I’m capable of. I know what I’m capable of. I am truly unstoppable!

In this book, I’ve written everything I know about implementing the power of manifestation in one’s life. It’s truly a force to be realized.

Je Suis Charlie

by Tyler Stowe

Do you think the worst is over? Then you are wrong. The worst is yet to come. Among us, there are evil terrorists. The Islamic terrorism, hitting Paris on January 7, while trying to punched a hole in the symbol of liberty and freedom of expression left us no choice.

The Scary images that are usually seen in Syria and Iraq are taken, and sponsored by Jihad, and the Islamic terrorism, in one of the most beautiful city we love to love

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