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Speed Reading: Learn the Truth about Speed Reading! It Is Possible to Read Two or Three Times Faster (Speed Reading, Speed Reading books, speed reading techniques)

by Ester Duran

Speed Reading (FREE Bonus Included)

Learn the Truth about Speed Reading! It Is Possible to Read Two or Three Times Faster

Reading at a faster speed improves your reading experience. The book provides information on the tactics or strategies that one can implement to enhance their ability to read at much faster speeds. People often obtain secondary thoughts when they hear the word â??speed reading’. However, the ability not just improves the speed at which a person finishes reading, but also gains a thorough knowledge of the subject.

Speed reading method includes eliminating subvocalization and chunking. Psychologists concluded that with training, an average person increases the possibility to absorb the essential essence of their read. Evelyn Wood, a primary teacher, committed herself to the research and carried out several research programs to understand why a few people possessed the natural ability to read faster. In 1958, while brushing pages of a book, she discovered that the sweeping motion of the hand caught the attention of the eyes and helped in moving smoothly across the pages.

Similarly, attaining speed-reading has a number of methods and strategies that benefit many people in different fields. The eBook provides useful insight into the truth behind it and the possibility to improve the speed by two or three times.

The eBook covers the following topics:

  • Understanding speed-reading
  • Improving the speed
  • Acquiring knowledge on beginning the process and continuing it without turning back
  • Fine tuning the speed
  • Material management
  • Avoiding mistakes and eliminating habits

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Speed Reading: The 7 Step Speed Reading Formula To Triple Your Reading Speed and Comprehension (Reading Comprehension, Brain Training, Reading Techniques, … Memory Improvement, Productivity, Scrum)

by Zayne Parker

The Simple 7 Step Formula To Maximize Your Reading Speed and Comprehension REVEALED!

Don’t you hate it when you read part of an article/book and at the end of it you say to yourself, “WTF did I just read?!”

Are you tired of reading slow and want to maximize the efficiency of your reading speed?

Time to get take your reading abilities to the next level!

“Readers are leaders.”

I’m sure you’ve probably heard that quote before. There is so much wealth of information out there on the internet, books, news articles, etc. that can bring so much value into our lives. Imagine the possibilities of TRIPLING your reading speed and REMEMBERING what you’ve read? How much wiser would you be today if you attained that type of skill?

It’s time to develop that skill!

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In this book, you will learnâ?¦

  • The importance of the art of speed reading
  • 7 simple steps to reading mastery
  • Fixing the incorrect way we’ve been taught to read
  • And much, much more!

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Memory improvement: 2 in 1 book set: How to Use Advanced Learning Strategies to Learn Faster. Including NLP Tips and Tricks(study skills, learn easy, brain … training) (Master Your Memory Power 3)

by Clifford Robins

Memory and Concentration Improvement 2 in 1 book set

How to Use Advanced Learning Strategies to Learn Faster. The 7 secrets of how to improve your memory and to stay focused. Including NLP Tips and Tricks.

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This is an amazing book that gives you complete guideline to improve your memory. In this book you will learn how to use advanced learning strategies to learn faster. You will find all the tools and strategies, and tricks how you can improve your memory. It is the complete guidance to Memory improvement techniques and tricks that will leads to great success in your life.

You will find the best study skills that can improve your memory and how to keep focus and remember thing for long period. This book contains the brain training steps and the neurolingusitic program tips on how to improve your memory. There are much time you forget names, people and many other things you want to remember for long time. To enhance your memory it is necessary to harness the power of your brain. Memory Improvement is a great guide that covers all the memory improving techniques, including the tips for your memory.

Here is a preview of what you’ll learn from the 1st part of this book set:

  • Memory improvement techniques
  • 5 skills that help to improve your study process
  • 5 simple steps to learn easy
  • NLP tips and tricks that improve your memory
  • 6 Hacks of memory improvement for students

Concentration is the main tool of our daily lives and without it, we all can become helpless. It is the basic key to accomplishing any goal of life either it is big as signing the deal or small as holding the cup of coffee. Yet, the concentration lacking might not be realized by the individuals but the effects will show in their upcoming life. This book is designed and written for providing the complete knowledge about the concentration featuring the new researches and methods for gaining the concentration power and skill within a short duration of time. Our intentions are to present the topic in interactive, informative and captivating manner, which we fulfilled by enclosing the book in different styles and structures. By reading this book, the reader will definitely obsess with it because it is not about the typical ways of accelerating the concentration but it is also revealing the related impacted factors of it.

By regular practising and exercising the techniques and methods, the success of the optimal level of achievement regarding the concentration amplification is for sure.

The focused aspects of the topic embedded in the 2d part of this book set are:

  • Introducing the concentration power from every possible dimension
  • Showcasing the influence of surroundings and routine on the concentration
  • Revealing the disruptive factors while trying to concentrate properly
  • Executing the proper plans and tricks for improvising the concentration
  • Relating the emerging â??exercise and meditation’ technique with the concentration

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Discipline Yourself: Self-Discipline Habits to Create Great Results (determination, Lifestyle, self management, personal transformation, mindset, self improvement, self control,)

by Marshal Lightwill

Discipline Yourself: Self-Discipline Habits to Create Great Results

Your mind is a very powerful resource, but many people don’t know how to use this resource to its fullest advantage. Are you one of those?

Do you lose things? Do you try to remember things and find that you are having difficulty? Do you have problems concentrating? Do you get frustrated by different situations? All of these are signs that you are not using your mind to the best of its ability and that you need to do something to enable your brain to help you to get a grip on your life.
There are methods that people can use to help their brainpower and these are included within this book. What you achieve is a very individual thing though, with the right frame of mind and attitude, you can train your mind to respond in a much timelier manner, making your life much easier to live. Decisions will come easily. You will find your tolerance levels improve and that you are capable of achieving more by performing the simple exercises displayed in each chapter.

In Discipline Yourself: Self-Discipline Habits to Create Great Results you will learn:

  • An exercise to de-clutter your mind of all the irrelevant thoughts that hinder focus
  • A source for some fun exercises to improve your brain power and memory
  • How to let your mind work for you, including an exercise in letting your mind work on its own
  • A simple, but powerful and fun game to strengthen your memory
  • How to use specific techniques to increase your creativity
  • The benefits of three approaches to writing to clear your mind.

Your welfare depends upon keeping your mind disciplined. That doesn’t mean that life has to be a bore. A person with a very developed mind can have just as much fun as those who choose to ignore common sense, but if your mind is developed and honed, your fun means more. You tend to go through life with a much more philosophical approach and that’s very positive indeed, because it means you are able to see the other side of the coin and will learn that your mind reacts by listening as well as thinking its own thoughts. Open-minded people do listen, and that’s a very important function of brain activity.

It is hoped that the exercises within this book will help you to maximize your brain power and discipline yourself to such an extent that you develop a great mind, one that is able to help you through all the difficulties that life poses. It will also help all those people in your entourage if you are the one that comes up with solutions. People love those who are able to see problems and find solutions.

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Kindle Unlimited Guide: The Ultimate Guide for Beginner: An Easy Guide to Understand Kindle Unlimited Subscription (Kindle Unlimited Subscription: Consumers Guide Book 2)

by Ian Ray

Kindle UnlimitedSubscription: The Ultimate Guide for Beginner: An Easy Guide to Understanding Kindle Unlimited Subscription

A guide book to understand Kindle Unlimited in 30 minutes

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As some people would dare put it, it’s an Amazon world. And recently, the huge retail ecosystem made the world stir again with their offering of the largest subscription ebook service in existence — Kindle Unlimited. For a fixed price every month, you will be able to take advantage of the immense library that is the Kindle Store, “borrowing” up to 10 books at a time without any due dates.


This book will teach you all there is to know about the service, giving you not only the basics such as knowing how to sign up and how to return books once you’re done with them, it will also cover everything there is to know at the moment regarding this new service. What exactly do you get out of your subscription? And, more importantly, what do you not get? With all the conflicting opinion you will find around the net, in the end, this book will be all you need.

Here is examples of what you’ll learn

1. What is Kindle Unlimited? – understanding the Kindle Unlimited details

– How to Signing up

– Searching for books

– Listening to Audiobooks

– Supported Devices

– Can you keep the books?

– Returning and Managing Books

– Canceling the Service and checking recurring rates – cancel Kindle Unlimited

2. The limits of Kindle Unlimited

3. The view from The authors, readers, publishers and the company

4. The view from competitors

– Scribd

– Oyster

– Other Variants

– Out of Left Field

5. How Kindle Unlimited compares

6. Is A Subscription Worth It?

7. The Future of Subscriptions?

what is kindle unlimited subscription, what is kindle unlimited subscription cost

Are you looking for options? We will be weighing how Kindle Unlimited compares with other eBook subscription startups such as Scribd and Oyster — even with a couple of services that only a few other people know. We will also be looking at the Kindle Unlimited offering from the eyes of the other people concerned, from the publishers and authors to the competitors.


As a service starting up in the US and UK, Kindle Unlimited is still considered to be in its testing phase. And yet, there is so much to it that you will need a guide to see whether this option — or subscription, in general — is right for you. After all, it is an Amazon world, and in such a place, how you deal with its products (and how such offerings change your life) matters most.

How to Make a Simple and Comprehensive Action Research: A Guide

by Z Cadorna

Many novice researchers had hard times in conducting Action Research. This Book is designed by the authors to provide basic and concrete information that may help you conduct and write your study in the simplest way.

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by Atsushi Endo


Indian Calculation


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Allergic 2 Maths, Volume 1: Make Peace with Maths

by Pascal Imbert

Do you find yourself in a cold sweat at the mention of the word “mathematics”?

Do you feel at a loss in your daily life when you need to calculate quickly?

Have you ever said, “If only someone could make math feel easy!”?

If you answered at least one ‘yes’ to any of these questions then you are allergic to mathematics!

Allergic 2 Maths aims to boost your skill and confidence with math in just 100 pages with an original approach: since mathematics is everywhere in our daily life, it uses concrete, real-world examples to explain!

Through various situations from daily life, the reader will assimilate multiple mathematical concepts with ease and fun.

Never has a book taught mathematics as simply – each reader will close this book with the satisfaction of having learned something useful, and having enjoyed the experience.

Allergic 2 Maths, volume 1, addresses notions of decimals, relative numbers, squares and square roots, fractions and powers of numbers.

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