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The Masonic Initiate: A Guide to Light

by Bradrick Joyner

The Fraternity of Freemasonry supplies the necessary resources, that when properly applied, can assist a man in bettering himself not only mentally and physically, but also spiritually. In an attempt to revive the interest, within the Fraternity, of the practical applications of the deeper spiritual lessons provided within the degrees, “The Masonic Initiate – A Guide to Light” confirms for every Brother that his Fraternity is furnished with the necessary tools to erect his spiritual temple. This book provides a foundation to begin the “journey of the soul” through the manifestation of the teachings of the degrees of Freemasonry.

This book focuses on the Entered Apprentice degree of Freemasonry, covering it’s symbolism, forms and ceremonies. It takes the lessons and symbols of the first degree of Freemasonry, and reveals content that can be applied through both traditional and contemporary forms of spiritual development. This book gives a fresh perspective; it links spiritual practices, like visualization and meditation, to the teachings of Freemasonry.

“The Masonic Initiate – A Guide to Light” can be beneficial for the youngest member of the Fraternity, as it attempts to clarify the nature of the forms and ceremonies of his degree, and shed Light on what it means to be “initiated.” At the same time, it offers a fresh perspective on some of the symbols and ceremonies that can be well received, enlightening, and even quite refreshing for the elder Brother.

HEALING : Heal Your Mind, Heal Your Body: Change Your Life (Self Help, Self Healing, Mindfulness, Positive Thinking, Energy Healing, Energy Work, Chronic Illness)

by Mary Solomon

Heal Your Body and Mind – Live Happily and Harmoniously!

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Are you out-of-balance? Is your life in disarray? Do you need inspiration and guidance?

If so, then Healing: Heal Your Mind, Heal Your Body: Change Your Life is the book for you! This helpful book explains how you harness your mental powers to create healing in your mind, emotions, and body. By learning self-control, you can make great strides in your life!

Are you interested in:

  • The Way the Mind and Body Work in Harmony?
  • Healing the Mind?
  • Positive Reinforcement Exercises for Your Mind?
  • Positive Reinforcement Exercises for Your Creative Side?
  • How to Practice Self-Control?
  • Listening to Your Body’s Needs?
  • Sleeping Easier and Deeper?
  • Learning How Meditation Helps Your Body?
  • Being Happy?

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You’ll even learn to discover your purpose in life, understand your mind-body connection, and put an end to your mental and physical pain!

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Mindfulness: unlock the power to peace

by Caio Bassi

Life can be crazy sometimes. It can send you running all over the place. It is messy, fuzzy and oftentimes chaotic.

There will be moments when all you would want is for things to stop even for a little while. You long for things to be quiet. You long to be still. You long to be at peace. You long to take a break from it all.

Someone who, like you, also wanted the same things in life wrote this book. He wanted to find peace, happiness and stillness. What he did not realize was that he has been chasing something that has been there right all along. He searched for answers in the past and in the future but he forgot to pay attention to the present moment.

Luckily, he stumbled upon the practice of mindfulness and meditation and his life has never been the same after that.

Allow this book to be your mentor, coach, teacher and most of all, your friend. It will guide you as you ease into the practice. It will give you helpful tips to make your practice more fun and exciting. It will explain to you the foundations of mindfulness and meditation in the simplest way possible.

Reading this book is like talking to a friend. You do not need to worry about complicated theories and boring explanations. This book is a personal letter addressed to you. Someone who knew exactly how you feel wrote it for you.

This book will inspire you. It will remind you to remember to be present. It will even challenge some of your old beliefs. It will dare you to be brave. It will push you to your limits because it knows that you can.

Let this book lead you to the path towards mindfulness and bliss. Take it with you as you embark on your journey towards peace and true happiness.

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Self Mastery and Fate with the Cycles of Life (Rosicrucian Order AMORC Kindle Editions)

by H. Spencer Lewis

A unique presentation of the mysterious Cosmic cycles that influence the personal, social, business, financial, and other affairs of our daily lives, accompanied with tables and a system whereby each one may easily work out the periods of each year and of each life when there are favorable and unfavorable times for mastering the problems of life. A most unusual book and a valuable daily guide for everyone.â?¨

Just imagine, if you can, a pleasant gift of a very complete life reading of yourself, or of one of your children, or of your marriage partner, or any friend! With this book before you, and with only pen and ink and some sheets of paper, you can sit down any evening and with pleasure, fascination, instruction, and gripping interest, prepare a complete life reading for yourself or someone else in less than an hour. No mathematics, noâ?¨other books to consult, no difficult formulas to work out, just reading and writing, pleasantly and fascinatingly.

Chakras: A Better Health Guide to Chakra Balancing, Chakra Healing, Chakra Clearing and Radiant Energy (Simplicity, Happiness, Fulfillment, and Enlightenment)

by Sid Akula

Learn to Clear, Balance, and Heal Chakras!

The Challenge:

You have heard of the use of the seven chakras but need more information on how to utilize them for radiant energy and vitality

  • What are the seven chakras and their significance?
  • How can I Clear and Balance them?
  • Healing chakras throughout life.

The Solution:

As human beings, we often believe that all answers lie with medicine, so if medicine cannot tell what is wrong with us, then we can feel lost and helpless. However, what could be making you feel this way could simply be a lack of balance in your bodyís energy centers, and this is where chakras come in.

This book will help you understand the seven types of chakras, and their relation to your health. You will also learn how to balance your chakras for a healthier you.

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Mystics at Prayer (Rosicrucian Order AMORC Kindle Editions)

A compilation of the famous prayers of the renowned mystics and adepts of all ages. The book “Mystics at Prayer” explains in simple language the reason of prayer, how to pray, and the Cosmic laws involved. You come to learn the real efficacy of prayer and its full beauty dawns upon you. Whatever your religious beliefs, this book makes your prayers the application not of words, but of helpful, divine principles. You will learn the infinite power of prayer. Prayer IS man’s rightful heritage. It is the direct means of man’s communion with the infinite force of divinity.

Wealth Magic: 15 Steps to Attract Wealth, Create Prosperity and Manifest Money (Wealth Magic, occultism, Spirit Guides, Magical Chants)

by Mia Rose

Wealth Magic: 15 Steps to Attract Wealth, Create Prosperity and Manifest Money

Discover These Amazing Wealth Magic Secrets by Amazon Best Selling Author Mia Rose

If you’ve ever wondered what lies behind the Law of Attraction and “magical” wealth attraction this book may well be for you! The book takes a look at how positive thinking

can change your life and provides a solid introduction to the techniques you will need to

learn in order to put it into action.

This book explores how our thoughts influence our actions and our responses to opportunity. It also looks at how to harness our thoughts in a way which will not only increase the opportunities in our life but actively create prosperity.

The book begins with a brief introduction to the Law of Attraction but the main focus is on practical steps and exercises anybody should be able to complete to train their brain to create opportunity and wealth in abundance!

Here Is A Preview Of What You’ll Learn…

  • Practical techniques for training (or re-training) your brain
  • How to deal with doubt and negativity
  • Effective ways to learn the art of visualization
  • Creating the right atmosphere to attract (and use) wealth
  • And Much Much More!
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    Behold the Sign: Ancient Symbolism (Rosicrucian Order, AMORC Kindle Editions)

    by Ralph M. Lewis

    What were the Sacred Traditions said to have been revealed to Mosesâ??and never spoken by the ancient Hebrews? What were the forces of nature discovered by the Egyptian priesthood and embodied in strange symbolsâ??symbols which became the ever-living knowledge which built King Solomon’s Temple, and which found their way into the secret teachings of every century?

    â?¨Regardless of the changing consciousness of man, certain signs and devices have immortalized for all ages the truths which make men free. Learn the meaning of the Anchor and Ark, the Seven-Pointed Star, ancient Egyptian hieroglyphs, and many other age-old secret symbols.

    â?¨Here is a book that also explains the origin of the variousâ?¨forms of the cross, the meanings of which are often misunderstood. It further points out the mystical beginnings of the secret signs used by many fraternal orders today. This book of symbolism is fully illustrated, simply and interestingly written.

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