Free religious fiction Kindle books for 17 May 15

The Stone Is Turned (The Compound Series Book 5)

by Lynn Vadney

Christian fiction novel set in the future. Book five wraps up the post-apocalyptic tale of the Compound series. The leader of a large group of exiles has been trying to influence the culture of the nearby city to make their small part of the world safe for everyone. The question is: will they be able to topple the last of the slave masters without plunging the area into chaos.

Lily “Jackie” Schwartz, the compound baroness, has teamed with the local commander, Robert Somerton to root out the abusive slave culture and replace it with a vibrant business economy. Some of the local barons agreed then suddenly retracted their agreement. Why? Jackie suspects one or more of the barons have threatened the others, and this becomes more apparent after the commander reneges on his support. Will they be able to make the change peacefully or will they have to resort to force, using the large numbers of Navy Seals and Marines on the compound, to affect change?

The Soul Redeemer: From Victim to Victory

by Nancy Bowser

The signs of the times pointed to the end of days, and Yahweh had awoken the watchmen, the warriors, the intercessors. The battle cry was heard throughout the spiritual realm, and God was calling His people together in preparation for the end of time on the earth as we know it.

It was the time when God was pouring out His Spirit upon all flesh and He was indeed raising up an army that was being trained and equipped for the battles that had begun raging against the principalities and powers in the heavenly places.

And it was the time when Satan had his own plans; plans for the annihilation of all Christians and the building up of his own kingdom on the earth, the New World Order.

In this sequel, Nicole is concerned for the small town of Samaria that has been claimed by a demonic principality of great power and influence. However, the Holy Spirit loves Samaria, and the evidence of His plans for it are revealed as the intercessors begin gathering together in unity and prayer for revival.

The enemy has no intention of releasing his stronghold in Samaria or in Nicole. As he unleashes his fury and hurls his fiery darts, Nicole discovers that as she walks in obedience to the Holy Spirit, supernatural experiences and angelic intervention become ordinary. She learns that the power and plans of the enemy do not stand a chance when God’s people apply the power and authority of the blood of Jesus.

The legacy of hope and healing as described in Book One has prepared Nicole to step into her destiny, her freedom in Christ and her supernatural adventure. Even though Book One is helpful in understanding the background that enables her to accomplish the job she has been given, this novel can be read before the first book in this series.

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