Free war Kindle books for 17 May 15

The Transiton War Part 1: A Meeting Engagement (The Transition War)

by Eric Salin

Professor Michael Kash and his girlfriend Dr. Anita Fan have a great gig: they make advanced weapons. At the university they have a dedicated team of programmers and engineers eager to create. They are funded by the Military Industrial Technology Program (MITP) to develop artificially intelligent armored vehicles; everything from mine-laying robots to tanks with minds of their own. Even better, as well as being university researchers, they’re cavalry (armor) officers in the U.S. Army, so they know armored warfare. Best of all, they get to have real live ammunition battles against other MITP teams. From the development stage to the battlefield, it’s a thrill for them, and their goal is commendable: to remove humans from the battlefield. But sometimes things don’t work out as planned. Other forces are in play. Let the games begin.

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