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Zentangle: Drawing: The Ultimate Box Set Guide to Mastering Zentangle and Drawing! (Zentangle – Zentangle for Beginners – Zentangle Patterns – Drawing for Beginners – How to Draw)

by Valerie Coven

The Ultimate Guide to Mastering Zentangle and Drawing for Beginners in 30 Minutes or Less!

Learn everything you need to know about beginner Zentangle and Drawing in this 2 in 1 BOX SET.

This book is for the enthusiasts who are passionate and excited about tangling and learning general information about Zentangle. This book was made for the beginner tanglers who are looking for new ways to meditate, relax, and focus. In this book, you will learn the different techniques of producing creative tangling patterns. It will also include information on other ways you could apply tangling on your life.

This book will provide information on how Zentangle originated and how it relates to the famous Zen meditation. It will also give tell you how you could apply Zentangle in different activities that aim to improve overall psychological well-being and general health condition. You will also learn that Zentangle brings with it various benefits to tanglers. Moreover, you will learn that Zentangle has its own principles that make it a distinct relaxation method.

By the time you finish reading this book you are going to be able tolearn the different tangling ideas and how to derive more complex patterns by learning the basics, be more enthusiastic about this form of artistic meditation, and be able to apply these in your own life.

Why You Must Have This Book!

> In this book you will learn how Zentangle came to its form and how this form of art could provide Zen experience.

> This book will teach you the steps of doing different Zentangle patterns and deriving more complex patterns later on.

> In this book you will learn how Zentangle could be applied to different activities that aim to change behavior, motivate, enhance confidence, improve self-esteem, and many more.

> This book will guide you through the different ways on how Zentangle could be applied in other areas of life.

> This book will teach you the proper way of organizing the different Zentangle tiles.

What You’ll Discover from the Book “Zentangle – Ultimate Guide to Mastering Zentangle for Beginners in 30 Minutes or Less!”

** The origin of the art of Zentangle and how it relates to Zen experience.

** What Zentangle is for and how it could be applied to different fields, disciplines, as well as to personal life.

** Learn about the different benefits of Zentangle and how it could improve overall well-being.

** Learn about the Zentangle Theory and its principles that relate to life in general.

** How to properly organize Zentangle tiles and patterns.

** Step by step instructions on some of the most popular Zentangle patterns.

Let’s Learn Together!

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Jewelry Making: How to make stunning jewelry. A Creative Guide Book for Beginners

by Linda L.

Jewelry Making

How to make stunning jewelry. A Creative Guide Book for Beginners

Who doesn’t love wearing and seeing jewelry? It only takes one good piece of jewelry to make people go gaga over it and it only takes one bad piece of jewelry to make people frown with disgust. It is important to know your taste and the kind of jewelry that looks good on you and also the types that you are going to wear (bangles, necklaces, rings, bracelets, or ear rings).

So why don’t you make your own jewelry instead of buying the expensive items from the market? There are many techniques and methods that can surprise your friends, families and other people with your inexpensive and yet beautiful and breathtakingly awesome ornaments. You can even create jewelry using real gem stones and sell it at the market to create steady revenue.

Here is a preview of what you’ll learn:

  • History of Jewelry Making
  • Guide for Beginners
  • Tools Needed
  • The Best Stones and Gems for Your Jewelry
  • Jewelry Making Methods and Techniques
  • How To Make Jewelry at Home
  • Useful Tips and Tricks

Download your copy of ” Jewelry Making “ by scrolling up and clicking “Buy Now With 1-Click” button.

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Zentangle for Beginners: How to Make Lovely Zentangle Patterns,Shapes and Art for Well-being (zentangle books – zentangle patterns – zentangle basics – zentangle art)

by Bridget Corr

Everything you need to know about the wonderful peaceful and relaxing art of Zentangle.

This book will enlighten you on one of the most unique brilliant and inspirational arts in the 21st century, the art of Zentangle

As you go through this publication you will learn how the pioneers of the art discovered it and how it is of great benefit to the individual who practices it. Apart from that you will get detailed examples of types and techniques of drawings than can help you produce your own art and enjoy the mental relaxation that come from this lovely art.

Here is a preview of what you will learn from this book

Learn about the philosophy of Zentangle and the many benefits associated with it

How to make a Zentangle

Tangle patterns for Beginners, Intermediate and Advanced

Zentangle designs to get started and useful techniques

Adding Zentangle patterns to Alphabet and adding patterns to clothing

Learn about Zentangle Kit and equipment to help you on your path


by j. Lewis

This is a tale of love, hate, mystery, and thrill. It involves one man who’s faith, emo. He is challenged to hunt down and destroy someone who caused a terrible tragedy in his life and he must decide whether or not to go against everything he believe in.

Classical Electric Shred Guitar: The Sorcerer’s Apprentice for Electric Guitar

by John Tapella

Classical Electric Shred Guitar

Saber Dance – Can-Can – The Sorcerer’s Apprentice – Lullaby

Electric Guitar Versions in Tab.

Guitar transcriptions of Classics arranged for Rock and Metal Guitarists. Inspired by

the neoclassical movement with such stars as Yngwie Malmsteen and Randy Rhoads, this book provides tab, and fingering to classics by:

Khachaturian (Fast speed picking and exotic scales )

Offenbach (Melodic playing with blazing fast sweeping arpeggios )

Dukas ( Esoteric chord progressions with minor sweeping )

Brahms ( Multiple single note picking).

John Tapella was Official Transcriber and Arranger

for the Line 6 Guitarport, Hal Leonard, Led Zeppelin, Satriani,

Hendrix,Vaughan, and more…

Check Out Tapella’s,” Guitar Knights and Excalibur,” at itunes.

Audio available at

Ultimate Predators In The Wild: Children’s Animal Books

by Speedy Publishing

Does your child love to explore the animal world at all times? Do you wish you had a safe and educational way to teach your kids about the ultimate predators of the wild animal kingdom? Well look no further than a picture book that shows your kid all of the ultimate predators in the wild in one setting. This book would show kids the greatest predators and keep them interested in flipping the pages with vivid pictures and descriptions of animals that will even make you shake you head in amazement. Kids will be able to sound out the names of these animals and attempt to picture in their heads what these animals sound like in the wild.

Sexy Cosplay Couple of Photo Books

by Woody Hall

Sexy Cosplay Couple of Photo Books

This picture book contains sets of beautiful young Japanese women in cosplay settings.

Raise Your Guitar: Learn Techniques and Approaches to Playing Guitar

by Michael Soininen

Would you like to learn the guitar techniques used by your favourite, world class guitarists?

Are you ready to take that next step in your journey to fretboard domination!?

Whether you want to play on stage in front of thousands, or simply learn your favourite song, start today by following the systematic approach to technique development found in Raise Your Guitar. Understanding these techniques, and then applying them consistently, intelligently and with focus, will have you tearing up the fretboard in no time. The majority of your favourite players have understood the power of these principles, and so can you.

Find out how to progress your guitar playing, while also learning about jamming with other musicians, advertising your band, and stepping into the business! (NEW to the second edition).

Raise Your Guitar includes:

  • 140 pages focusing on beginner essentials, guitar playing techniques, approaches to practice, advice on setting milestones, music promotion, and a winning mindset for achieving your guitar playing goals,
  • 22 comprehensive ‘must learn’ techniques (including variations), used by the guitar greats across all music genres. Learn them and own them!,
  • 77 photos and exercises to help you hone your guitar playing skills,
  • 20 years of guitar insight, through playing, recording and touring,
  • Practical, hands-on information and tips to get you tearing away at the fretboard,
  • How to properly warm up and build finger strength and dexterity while preventing injury,
  • A quick 30-second way to tune your instrument by ear so you’re always on song,
  • Build your confidence as a guitarist so you can work towards playing live,
  • Learn the correct way to sit or stand while playing your guitar,
  • Learn alternate wrist positions and pick grips for better technique and comfort,
  • Tablature versus notation and what’s right for you,
  • Easy reference of guitar terms and definitions, so you get up to speed on playing and understanding your guitar fast!,
  • Discover the tools and gear required to ensure you’re always prepared, with a guitar ready to go!,
  • Learn how to approach playing your favourite music,
  • Learn the benefit of creating your own music,
  • Approaching instrument distributors for guitar endorsements,
  • Promoting your band’s music,
  • One-click access to exercises and photos, and
  • Helpful website reference list, fretboard note charts, blank tab sheets for writing your own music and more!

Additionally, the 50 FAQs address:

  • How long you should practice to achieve your goals,
  • Approaches to joining a band,
  • How good you need to be (or don’t need to be), to jam with other musicians,
  • Why your guitar may not feel, sound or play as well as it should,
  • How to prevent aches and pains while playing,
  • How, what and why you should practice,
  • How to play a song almost immediately,
  • Whether you make the cliché beginner mistakes (yep, the ones I made), and how to avoid them,
  • What a guitar “set-up” is, why they are necessary, and who performs them,
  • What equipment you require,
  • If guitar lessons are right for you,
  • Whether you need to know how to read music notation, and more!

Give your music future the right start, and make a small investment in your guitar playing today.

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