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Serial Killers: A Chilling Collection Of Some Of The Worlds Most Psychotic Serial Killers Cases: What Drove Them To Kill? (Serial Killers Series) (Serial … Unsolved Murders, Unsolved Mysteries,)

by Seth Balfour

A Chilling Collection Of Some Of The Worlds Most Psychotic Serial Killers Cases: What Drove Them To Kill?

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Killing brings grief to anyone, especially to the family and friends of the victims. Sometimes, out of self preservation, one can be forced to kill someone to protect themselves. At times, it could be anger or revenge that can drive a person to murder an individual who wronged them. If not those, then perhaps, it is ambition.

What could possibly be inside the minds of these people who experience euphoria in murdering innocent lives? Did something happen in their childhood? Did an accident shake their sanity? Was it control? Whatever it is, hearing the true stories of serial killers will make you feel more cautious in your own environment. Is your doctor as caring as you perceive him to be? The couple living down the street, are they innocent?

In this book, you will learn about killers who took pleasure in raping, killing and torturing innocent people… how did they do it? Why did they do it?

Here Is A Preview Of What You’ll Learn…

  • Serial Killers – The Disturbing Case of Jeffrey Dahmer
  • Serial Killers – Fred and Rose West – The Killer Parents
  • Serial Killers – The Creepy Killings of Dennis Nilsen
  • Serial Killers – The Gruesome Acts of Dr. Harold Frederick Shipman
  • Serial Killers – The Bone Chilling Murders of Pedro Alonso Lopez
  • Serial Killers – What Drives a Serial Killers Mind?
  • Much, much more!

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Prescription: Murder! Volume 2: Authentic Cases From the Files of Alan Hynd

by Alan Hynd

This is the second volume of classic true murder stories from the files and pen of world renowned true crime writer Alan Hynd (1903 – 1974). So get ready for another deliciously dark sampling of some of the most fascinating true murder cases of the first half of the 20th Century. These stories, the SECOND of three short collections, are unified by a single theme: they all involve physicians. And not for the autopsy, but as perpetrators or accused perpetrators. You may never see your family care giver again in the same light.

Told in the characteristic wry, anecdotal reportorial style that made Alan Hynd famous in his day (two wartime best sellers in 1943, contributions to The Reader’s Digest, Colliers, Coronet, The Saturday Evening Post, True, Liberty, The American Mercury and almost every true detective magazine in print) these tales will have you cringing one minute, laughing the next, and gasping in shock a moment later. Truly, no one could make up classics like these. Take for example, the case of the story of the chiropractor who dismembered one special patient, the notorious Dr. Petiot during World War Two, who promised people a trip out the country and possibly even farther, and the Great Swope poison case, where a man’s in-laws just couldn’t wait for their inheritance. As a bonus, consider “Pretty: Louie Amberg, the Brooklyn, N.Y., psychopath of the 1920s and ’30s, as well as an unusual couple in Southern California kept the neighbors up at night — and gossiping.

Pulp non-fiction? Maybe.

True crime is always more macabre than any novelist could imagine. So sit back and enjoy these forays into some of the darkest aspects of human nature.

(With illustrations)

Maxims and Opinions of the Duke of Wellington

by Arthur Wellesley

Maxims and Opinions of the Duke of Wellington contains a short biography of the Duke, as well as a collection of his aphorisms. A table of contents is included.

The Memoirs of Victor Hugo

by Victor Hugo

The Memoirs of Victor Hugo is an autobiography of the famous author. A table of contents is included.

Missing People: A Stunning Collection Of Missing Persons Cases And Stories Of Missing People And Their Unusual Disappearances (Missing People Cases) (Missing … Persons Cases, True Murder Stories,)

by Malcolm Cliver

A Stunning Collection Of Missing Persons Cases And Stories Of Missing People And Their Unusual Disappearances

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People disappear everyday: some of them turn up murdered, some willingly escaped their current lives, while some cases remain to be clouded with mystery. Day by day, we hear and read about missing people, but we take them for granted because none of them are connected to us.

For the families of the people who disappeared, they are constantly hoping that the public would care enough if they happen to see a person who resembles their lost loved one. Who knows, perhaps if you were just familiar with the case, you would be able to identify a missing person?

If reading about missing person cases and unexplained disappearances intrigues you then “Missing People” is the book for you!

Here Is A Preview Of What You’ll Learn…

  • Missing People – Chapter 1: The Leader Went Down
  • Missing People – Chapter 2: Lost in the Dunes Since 1966
  • Missing People – Chapter 3: Grabbed from the Cradle; Where did the Baby go?
  • Missing People – Chapter 4: Where is Zebb?
  • Missing People – Chapter 5: Soaring Away; How could a whole Plane go Missing?
  • Missing People – Chapter 6: The Missing Film
  • Missing People – Chapter 7: The Lost Keepers
  • Much, much more!

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The Dolorous Stroke: The Battle of the Sexes and the Battle For Sex

by Jay Foolatum

The first part of the novelette makes up the prologue to The Hidden Harem.

The Sexual Cavalry – Part the First of the Hidden Harem – is the story of quite possibly the world’s most sexually-thwarted man and an attempt made by dozens of sympathetic young women to relieve the protagonist’s plight. The arrival of the eponymous ‘sexual cavalry’ is the cause of more harm than good to the story’s unlikely hero, “Wayne Kerr” (Lawd Smallthorn), as it results in an incurable jealousy amongst his friends, family, and neighbours alike, and end’s up more tragic for the hapless Kerr than he ever could have dreamed of in his worst nightmare!

Part the Second of the Hidden Harem – The Sexual Exile – catches up with Kerr a few years down the line, and finds he has had more success in his quest of that elusive ‘third ambition’ than he had had in Part the First, – but, as an ironic twist, has experienced an epiphany in the process!

Bedroom Feng Shui: Found Mastering Feng Shui Bedroom Guide Usefull to Ensure Auspicious Energy Flows Easily Between The Bedroom Door and Windows

by Nadia Design

Feng Shui is the science and religious belief that talk about selecting a location of places for living. Found this guide and offered fundamental knowledge of your Feng Shui decor, realize some fantastic bedrooms, bedroom layout, Feng Shui colors, Feng Shui bed placement and more. To ensure auspicious energy flows easily between the bedroom door and windows. A beginner’s guide to mastering the art of Feng Shui to be able to continue your bedroom decor and realize some fantastic bedrooms.

Here Is A Preview

â??Learn about bed and door related position

â??Learn what direction should we put the bed?

â??Learn how to face the headboard or the foot of the bed

â??Learn what affect of storage room and bedroom

â??Learn about storage under the bed

â??Learn why to avoid the mirror faced with the bed

â??Learn how to set up the dresser

â??Learn why not should placing the bed under the beam

â??Learn about level of the bed

â??Learn what affect to the success in bedroom

â??Learn why to pay attention in older people’s bedroom

â??Learn how to decorate children’s bedroom

â??Learn which colors to use best in the children’s bedroom.

â??Learn which point should be avoid to put the cabinet

â??Learn about The bed is related to married life

â??Learn about under the pregnant woman’s bed.

Take action now and fix problems brought by bad Chi coming in and out of your bedroom with the help of ancient Chinese Feng Shui.


by Frances C. Rodriguez

This book isn’t about death â?¦ it’s about life. At some point in our lives, each of us wonders what the meaning of life is, why we are here, and what the purpose is. The meaning of life itself begins within us – with what we are made up of in our historical sense, in the way we handle what comes to us in life; in our foundation. And foundation, comes from our history; those before us in our lineage and bloodline.

The title of this eBook is Honoring Our Santos because Santos, or saints as it is translated from Spanish, has many interpretations. Many would consider those who have given their lives for others, saints. And, of course, many people are aware of the more familiar saints such as Mother Teresa who had devoted her life for giving to others. No one really would argue with these couple examples.

Yet, Santos can also refer to people in our own families who may have been significant and influential presences in our lives. In my family, we believed that many of our deceased family members could be considered saints.

This eBook discusses ways to honor our Santos though a variety of topics.

– Memorial Day talks about some of the traditional ways to honor our fallen heroes

– Novenas discusses a historical practice of mourning and touches on several other traditions

– Dia de los Muertos is actually a very old tradition with many interesting facets

– And there is a section discussing the various aspects of funerals including some customs and etiquette

Blended with interesting facts, historical references, and personal stories, Honoring Our Santos is a valuable resource for ideas on respecting and appreciating our past.

Queen Bitch Chronicles: Undressing (Everything I’ve Done Wrong Book 1)

by Jade Melbe

Delilah King is a very successful, very crooked business owner in Memphis, TN. Join her along with her crew of sexy, street-wise tax preparers who help her build her business to become a major player in the “tax game.” During the rise to the top, her preparers greed drives them to become partners of the establishment. Throughout all of this corruption and lies, jealousy begins to form and now the once peaceful enterprise is on a downhill spiral. Is it true what they say: there is no honor among thieves? Or will they the (Sisterhood) continue to thrive in a life of crime, greed, and untold deception.

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