Free historical fiction Kindle books for 18 May 15

The Mirror (Northwest Passage Book 5)

by John A. Heldt

On September 11, 2020, Ginny and Katie Smith celebrate their nineteenth birthday at a country fair near Seattle. Ignoring the warnings of a fortune-teller, they enter a house of mirrors and exit in May 1964. Armed with the knowledge they need to return to their time, they try to make the most of what they believe will be a four-month vacation. But their sixties adventure becomes complicated when they meet a revered great-grandmother and fall in love with local boys. In THE MIRROR, the sequel to THE MINE and THE SHOW, the sisters find happiness and heartbreak as they confront unexpected challenges and gut-wrenching choices in the age of civil rights, the Beatles, and Vietnam.

The Last of the Mohicans (Bantam Classics)

by James Fenimore Cooper

The quintessential story of the American frontier 

Set during the French and Indian War, The Last of the Mohicans is the second installment in James Fenimore Cooper’s Leatherstocking Tales and one of the greatest action stories ever told.

When the Munro sisters and their traveling party are betrayed by Magua, a Huron guide, the skilled and courageous woodsman Natty Bumppoâ??better known as Hawkeyeâ??and his Mohican comrades Chingachgook and Uncas come to their rescue. The thrilling adventures that ensue, from the siege of a British fort by French forces to the clever infiltration of a native village to the dramatic final showdown atop a rocky cliff, are an entertaining and sincere tribute to a way of life that was already vanishing from the American wilderness.

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The Wicked Guardian

by Vanessa Gray

Clare Penryck is playing a dangerous game with Regency England’s most elegant bachelorâ?¦

Under the care of Lady Thorne, Clare meets Sir Benedict Choate, recognising him from her old paintings at homeâ?¦

She is supposed to return to her Grandmother in Dorset, but when she dies, Sir Benedict is to become her guardian, much to Clare’s horror.

She had known this elegant aristocrat for only one London season â?? but that time had sufficed to show her how insufferably arrogant he could be.

Benedict made it clear that he expected Clare to be a very proper young lady, to remain safe on her secluded country estate and to wait for a decent match â?? an idea which Clare struggles with.

Both Benedict and the law said she must obey him. But headstrong Clare has no intention of doing so…

Sir Benedict Choate was clearly unprepared for the lesson in love he was about to be given â?? by a maddeningly wilful young girl who had so much to learn herselfâ?¦

Is Benedict really the wicked guardian Clare believes him to be?

Or could he be her greatest protector?

Vanessa Gray (along with Jocelyn Carew) is a pen-name used by Jacquelyn Aeby, who was born in Indiana and graduated from the University of Chicago. Under these three names she has written over thirty historical romance novels with a particular focus on the Georgian and Regency periods. Other best-selling Vanessa Gray titles include â??The Masked Heiress’, â??The Lonely Earl’, â??The Dutiful Daughter’ and â??The Wayward Governess’.

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Bacon Rebellion

by Beau Rice

Moll Flanders’ grandson unwillingly joins the three sided Bacon Rebellion of 17th century Virginia and faces death from all three sides. His survival depends upon the mysterious Virginia Cavalryman John Carter, 200 years before anyone hears of John Carter of Mars. If that’s not enough trouble, he is smitten with a vivacious redhead named Margaret who insists on being called Minx.

The Last of the Chiefs, a Story of the Great Sioux War

by Joseph Altsheler

The Last of the Chiefs, a Story of the Great Sioux War is a work of historical fiction set during the late 19th century. A table of contents is included.

Blackbeard, or the Pirate of the Roanoke

by B. Barker

Blackbeard, or the Pirate of the Roanoke is a work of historical fiction involving the notorious pirate Blackbeard. A table of contents is included.

Men in Sheets (From the Ashes Book 3)

by Amelia Treader

1870, The local gentlemen, especially the ones who used Governor Brown’s generous exemptions from the army, object to these ‘Yankee Carpetbagger’s’ and the Cummings’ acceptance of them. One, a man of God by day and Grand Dragon by night, organizes a party to forcibly admonish Mary Cummings and her sister for their uppity behavior. This is not the least of Mary’s worries. Will she pass the dread ‘Annie’ test, the approval by Dan’s sister? Things are complicated by the arrival of an old beau, minus an arm and most of a leg at Spottsylvania.

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