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League of Legends Beginners Guide: Avoid Common Mistakes and Learn Simple Strategies that Will Improve Your Gameplay Instantly!

by Brian Lee

League of Legends Beginners Guide

Avoid Common Mistakes and Learn Simple Strategies that Will Improve Your Gameplay Instantly!

-Are you new to the game?

-Are you frustrated because people are constantly blaming you?

-Are you tired of getting killed all the time?

-Are you tired of always losing games?

Then my friend you have chosen the right guide to help you. With this guide, you will get a jump-start in to expert advise from a Diamond Elo player called Wallhack. He has taught several people how to improve their skill level drastically in only a couple of days, with consistent positive results.

This guide was primarily created for beginner players who are new to the game. Even some intermediate players will find it useful. This guide is not meant for the expert audience.

In this book you will learn:

-Learn to play each role in and learn their objectives

-Why warding is so important

-Most effective warding spots

-The proper way to CS

-And the meaning of GOOD practice

If you are new to the game and are serious about improving your mindset in-game, then this is the book for you. I hope to one day meet all of you in the Rift.

The Most Unlikely Mother Unfiltered: An Overshare of Embarrassing Truths About Motherhood

by Cyndi M. Frick

For those of you who have ever felt like you were suffering from baby buyer’s remorse, this one’s for you!

Not everyone was born with the mothering gene, and Cyndi Frick, was definitely born without it. In this brutally honest book, she tells it like it is: Prince Charming doesn’t exist, happy endings are bulls*%#, and some days being a parent is synonymous with being diagnosed with clinical insanity.

Join Cyndi, a recovering mommy meltdowner, as she battles her selfish, Type A personality (kicking and screaming) through a sarcastic and enlightened journey to motherhood. She’ll be “that” friend who vocalizes what you think but are too afraid to say. When it comes to parenting, misery loves company, and sometimes it’s therapeutic to know that you’re not the only one suffering.

“Brutally honest, moving, touching, hysterical, and modern. As a mother, I could relate to the scenarios in this book in so many ways! I laughed, I cried; my son asked me why, and I told him what was happening like he knew Cyndi! She grossed me out and brought me back to all the joys of being pregnant. I would definitely recommend this book to my friends.” – Joan, mother of 6

This book is humorous, entertaining, witty, point-blank, honest, and revealing, and I think that every mom should have a copy, especially to turn to when she feels like she’s about to snap. Any parent who can’t relate is lying to themselves!” – Cathy, mother of 2

Dwayne THE ROCK Johnson: Best Memes, Jokes & Quotes in One

So You smell what the Rock is cooking?

It’s time to let your self go into the funny stuff!

If you’re checking out this book, You must be a fan of The Rock!

I encourage you to take a leap of faith and download

this great and funny comedy book, which You wont regret!

This book goes out to millions – and millions of The Rock fans.

So support the jabroni beating, pie eating, trail blazing,

eye brow raising comedy book! ~ Chris Garner

“Dwayne “THE ROCK” Johnson: best memes, jokes and quotes in one”

is a great choice for anyone with a sense of humor, especially a fan of

this WWE wrestler, movie starâ?¦

You will find great PICTURES with funny memes, hilarious jokes and wise quotes all in one place.

Boots 2 Asses

Back to Ocean City: A Screenwriter’s Journey

by Eric Moyer

Back to Ocean City is about the people, places and things that inspire us throughout our lives. It is a unique blend of fiction and non-fiction and takes the reader on the journey of a screenwriter. It all began in 1985, when the movie Back to the Future was playing on the boardwalk in Ocean City, NJ.

The Sizzle Box Collection

by Alexander Chelak

The Sizzle Box Collection is an assortment of humorous short stories packed with off-beat characters of the racetrack, gangster and speakeasy crowds of the Prohibition era. Knuckles O’Bannion, a reformed gangster and good-natured horse racing enthusiast of that turbulent time, is the narrator of these yarns. Knuckles usually embellishes his version of events, no matter if the unfolding tale takes place at the racetrack, at a fixed baseball game, or at the Sizzle Box – a run-down but friendly speakeasy where he and his pals usually hang out. The stories introduce you to the escapades of some colorful hustlers, washouts, molls and small-time hoods – all who are as outrageous as their names such as Nicky the Noose, Wide Tony, Sharkface Raketsky, Ample Agnes and Brutal Igor. And there is even an episode that is somewhat suspect concerning Big Al from Chicago. These flamboyant characters are all assembled here in ten humorous short stories full of shenanigans and surprises that at times border on the emotional. Nine pieces of original art work help to bring a smidgen of refinement to the book.


by David Bergheim

“Bergheim’s utterly delightful debut novel centers its gentle satire on the frustration that many Americans feel for “those clowns in Washington.” – Kirkus Review

Russell Greenbeaux is a clown and he’s running for president. His oddball campaign takes off when his message about political dysfunction inside the Beltway catches on. Along the way, his campaign encounters challenges from evil lobbyists, an angry reporter, an odd assortment of third party candidates with obscure agendas, covert infiltration from the major parties, Republicans waiting to be raptured, Democrats who invent mind control technology to win the culture war, and a murder mystery.

Greenbeaux is similar to other political campaign novels – such as Primary Colors – that follow the rise of a political movement. Its twists and turns highlight the absurdity of a political landscape in which the clown who is running for president makes more sense than anyone else in the race.

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