Free poetry Kindle books for 18 May 15

Konrad Wallenrod

by Adam Mickiewicz

Konrad Wallenrod is a classic from Poland’s most famous poet, Adam Mickiewicz. This edition was translated by Maude Ashurst Biggs and includes a table of contents.


by Sandra Harris

A collection of short, rude funny sex-poems. No stone left unturned in this hilariously bitchy and wickedly honest look at sex today. No, that’s it, nothing else. Just sex. Well, maybe a few bizarre fetishes, but that’s still just sex, isn’t it…? We’ll go with sex. Let’s just say sex. This book is about sex. It’s a sex-book…!

Voices of Silence: An anthology of my poems (Part-I)

by Subrat Mohanty

This book is a collection of poems that reflect the myriad shades of the world as well as the human mind, as interpreted by the poet. The poems touch upon the subtle aspects of the world and human mind.

Post-Urban Songs: Collected Poems

by Patrick Gasperini

“Post-Urban Songs” is a collection of poems written between 1995 and 2010. This is a rhapsodic and psychedelic kind of poetry, which certainly does not deal with ordinary life and mainstream experience. This is an ensemble of voices roaring, fists clenching, eyes flashing and dilating, and even bodies twisting and metamorphosing. Curtia, Hoberon, Tytania, Silenus, and other unusual characters live in a visionary world, almost a parallel reality, where the emotions, the urges, the impulses, the conflicts, and the desperate search for happiness and intellectual freedom are almost the same as in our material dimension. Almost…

Love Needs No Occasion

by Vernette John-Joiles

Love Needs No Occasion

A collection of poetic expressions to encourage us to show love to others without waiting for an occasion.

Love Needs No Occasion is the first volume of inspirational poetry. It contains an short explanation prior to each poem so that the reader can understand the context and why the poem was written.

Each poem has been written as a form of appreciation for people that are currently known by the author.

The book is was written to encourage readers to be more open and vocal about expressing their love for those that are around them, and to be unashamed with their expression. You will surely find similarities in people around you, which will make the content very relatable, easy and digest, and memorable.

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