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by David McGown


Missing people; lost, taken & gone.True stories.

How can someone literally vanish into thin air?

How does someone disappear without trace, never to be seen again?

Leaving only the smallest of clues behind?

Clues that often lead only to more questions?

Here are some of the most baffling cases of people disappearing…

(Missing People Case Files; Unexplained Disappearances & Missing People.

volume 3)

Studies in Good & Evil, Curiosities & Wonders, Unexplained Phenomenon, Mysteries & the Unknown.

The Philosophy of Misery

by P.J. Proudhon

The Philosophy of Misery describes Proudhon’s view of libertarian socialism. A table of contents is included.

Political Thought in England from Locke to Bentham

by Harold Laski

Political Thought in England from Locke to Bentham is a brief overview of the changes in political thought in England over the preceding couple of centuries. A table of contents is included.

What Is Property? An Inquiry into the Principle of Right and Government

by P.J. Proudhon

What Is Property? An Inquiry into the Principle of Right and Government is one of Proudhon’s classic works on anarchism and mutualism. A table of contents is included.

Hypokeimena 4.1: Words on Things Lying Beneath

by Thomas Wilson Barnes

A book of philosophical reflections.

Age-Old Wisdom for Modern Students: 101 Quotes Relating to Medicine

While navigating through the difficult pathway to becoming a physician, many students often lose hope in their aspirations, dreams, and themselves. While many would think that these difficulties are a new phenomenon, these quotes shed light on these issues. Read quotes from some of the greatest philosophers of the past, from Aristotle and Avicenna, to even United States Presidents such as George Washington and Abraham Lincoln.

In this book, S. H. Siddique complied various nuggets of wisdom from across the ages and organized them under five distinct themes relating to medical and premedical students: Education, truth, medicine, service, and hope. Each section contains twenty inspirational quotes that should provide instant clarification and guidance for the reader. After all five sections, the author provides one quote on his opinion on medical and premedical education. This book includes an introduction and end-note, along with introductions to each specific section.

Take a few minutes of your time to compare notes with some of the greatest minds in human history, and become inspired to become a truly successful physician.

Battle Studies: Ancient and Modern Battle (Illustrated) (Military Theory Book 6)

by Ardant du Picq

“The soldier is unknown often to his closest companions. He loses them in the disorienting smoke and confusion of a battle which he is fighting, so to speak, on his own.”

Although not much is known of his life, Colonel Ardant du Picq (1821 – 1870) ‘s small corpus of writings has earned him a place in the ranks of great military theorists. His Etudes sur les combat: Combat antique et moderne, often referred to by its common English title Battle Studies, was published in part in 1880 posthumously, and the complete text did not appear until 1902.

Du Picq was the first military scientist to write extensively on the psychological aspect of war. He died prematurely in the early stages of the Franco-Prussian War but his unfinished text exerted a huge influence on future leaders, including French World War I lion Marshal Foch. From Du Picq’s work Foch took that รข??moral force’ (in today’s terms, psychology) is the most important element in the strength of armies and the biggest influence on the outcome of battles.

Du Picq’s attempt to delineate empirical truths about warfare by a close analysis of battles was a sensation at the dawn of the 20th Century and continues to be read by military strategists and political philosophers today.

*Includes image gallery.

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