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Love Struck

by Casey Lea

Haze is a man on a mission. It was never his plan to be a gladiator, but plans change. When Harvesters steal his wife he tracks them down. It takes a year, all the money he has and most of his soul, but Silk is worth it. When he finds her she’s a slave, fighting for her life in the worst arena in space. His search is over, but his problems are just beginning. Haze has to face gigantic killers hardened by battle, feral beasts trained to stalk gladiators, weaponized weather and the most dangerous enemy of all – his wife.

Silk is a deadly fighter, so it’s too bad she doesn’t remember himâ?¦

Memory stripped and struggling to survive she has no interest in Haze. The idiot claiming to be her husband is just another target. One more body standing between her and freedom, but not for long. She’ll take down anything and anyone she has to.

Can Haze live long enough to win Silk’s love? Unlikely. It’s the end of the season and this is their last day in the arena. They’re about to enter the Carnival of Death, which leaves a single survivor. One of them has to die.

One Love. One Arena. One Day.

If you adore action-packed epic romance and eternal love stories, get your copy of Love Struck now.

Alien Contact for Idiots

by Edward Hoornaert


When American Indians from the future move their entire island nation to our Earth, Ell Harmon makes the first alien contact. The take-charge Seattle biologist has yearned to find intelligent aliens, and her dream comes true when she meets Prince Tro Eaglesbrood.

Ell and Tro are quarantined together, while the fearful world wonders whether the newcomers are friends or foes, neighbors or conquerors. Ell knows Tro is honorable and Kwadrans are peaceful â?¦ but how to convince the world?


They broadcast a show, which she flippantly titles Alien Contact for Idiots. Every day, Ell interviews Tro and tries to humanize Kwadrans. The show is wildly popular, and the romance developing on-screen between Ell and Tro reassures the world. If a smart woman like her can fall for a Kwadran, they must not be monsters, right?

But Tro’s duty lies with his people, and soon that duty threatens not only the show but Ell’s heart — as well as the peace and survival of our world.

The Quick and the Blue

by Matt(hew) Mowrer

Quick has kept the people of Mizo Gulch safe for as long as he can remember, but nightmares have begun to torment his waking hours and have him questioning his sanity. As the pressures of protecting the town mount, a sinister threat approaches that will unveil a disturbing truth.

A short story based on the song “The Quick and the Blue” by The Megas.



“Ascension” is book #5 in the Systemic series.

Summer fades in Florida with visions of what might have been for John Stevens and his family. But they’re still holding out hope as they continue to search for a place they can finally call home. And they’re not alone in their desire to make a fresh start in the Sunshine State.

Jake Stines and his lovely, yet fiercely determined partner, Ava Acadro, are also looking to lay down roots in the area after being forced from Atlanta. But as the power-hungry duo make a push to take control of Miami, Ava realizes that someone from her past could complicate matters.

While Jake and Ava vie for power, John and his family arrive to the city desperate and lacking supplies. Both sides will quickly find their efforts becoming an all or nothing struggle to finally achieve their goals while battling the mayhem left behind in the post-pandemic world.

About the Author:

K.W. Callahan left his role in the hospitality industry to pursue a career in writing. Since then, he has written books on a variety of subjects as well as penned articles for numerous print and online publications.

Before his work on the Systemic series, K.W. authored several other novels that include: The M.O.D Files: The Guest Who Stayed Over, a murder mystery set within the confines of a landmark Chicago hotel, and Palos Heights, a suspense thriller that follows four college students on a weekend bike trip that takes a dark and deadly turn.

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