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Back Pain: How to Get Rid of It Forever (Volume 1: The Causes)

by John Perrier

The title says it all: this book will help you permanently banish your back pain. In two logical volumes, it shows you how to feel better.
The first part makes it easy for you to understand your back pain. Using simple, clear language, it explains the structure of your spine, and demystifies many common pain-provoking conditions.

The second part offers a unique quiz that will help you to classify your injury into one of four types. In this way, you will learn how to cure your pain, not someone else’s. Then the advice flows thick and fast. You will learn clever techniques that will help you to use your spine more efficiently, and discover how to think, eat, relax, and sleep away your pain. You’ll also find useful information on exercises, x-rays, medication and muscles, plus some tips on how to choose a spinal health practitioner. Of course, all of the advice will be tailored to your specific problem.

Because the cure uses well-proven techniques, your relief won’t just last a few days or weeks. You will feel better forever.


This text adopts a sensible, realistic and ‘do-able’ approach to
self-management of chronic back pain.

Andrew Grimes, MBBS

Garden City Medical Centre, Brisbane 
“…a regular dose of humour that will undoubtedly help to lighten your back pain.”

John Miller, Physiotherapist with a special interest in back pain. “One of the most informative surveys of back pain to date.” Graham Sanders, President of the Qld Osteopathic Association

Lust to Dust: How a Lust-filled Life Can and Will Lead to Your Destruction (Advice & How To Book 1)

by Dr. Treat Preston

Lust to Dust: How a Lust-filled Life Can and Will Lead to Your Destruction is a book unlike any book you have ever read before. Written by one of the nation’s leading behavioral scientists, Dr. Treat Preston’s goal is to demonstrate to his readers how bondage to a lust-filled lifestyle always results in the destruction of the individual’s life. This bondage usually occurs at a young age and without correction leads to a life full of bad habits, bad choices, addiction and more. Thirty-plus years of practice qualify Dr. Preston to write this book. He takes numerous examples from his case files to make his points as well as articulate the dangers of lust in an individual’s life. Here is the Table of Contents:


Introduction – To Be or Not To Be Lust-filled?

Chapter 1 – Laying a Proper Foundation

Chapter 2 – You Can’t or You Won’t

Chapter 3 – Energy Psychology

Chapter 4 – Blame Me Not

Chapter 5 – Inadequacies

Chapter 6 -The Way Out

I Have a Special Gift for My Readers

Meet the Author

This book is a must read since not all of effects of a lust-filled lifestyle are easily recognized. Some effects take a lifetime to manifest themselves. If your life seems lost, unproductive, contentious or useless, you need to read this book. Dr. Preston shows you the ways out to a highly productive existence. Help is available NOW!

Addiction Remission Based on a Digital Recovery Code: Anonymous, MD, PhD

by Anonymous MD PhD

Individuals who achieve long-term recovery through a twelve-step program represent an opportunity to investigate the neurophysiological elements that underlie abstinence from addiction. However, there are significant challenges to integrating the scientific, medical, and recovery communities in order to perform such studies. The present short article describes how virtual reality technology may be useful in overcoming barriers to translational research and in revealing the fundamental digital environmental code that actuates and maintains long-term abstinence.

It’s all over for the GUY IN THE SKY with the piercing eye!: Final proof

by Leo Byrne

Finally, the Atheist/freedom seeker can rest. It’s all over for you know Who…


No more Judging, no more guilt. Just hard facts that none can deny anymore.

Truth and denial made clear and understandable.

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