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Mere Golf: 21 Core Concepts to Improve Your Enjoyment of the Game

by Joseph M. Durso

For the passionate weekend golfer!

It seems we all must make up our minds: Are you a happy golfer or an unhappy golfer? It doesn’t work to wait and see how things turn out. -Joe Durso in Mere Golf

Enjoy the essence of good golf distilled into this quick read with 21 takeaways that will stick with you on your quest for better play and greater enjoyment of your game.

You’ll better your game, lower your score, and most importantly, enjoy golf more as you gain confidence, curb your nerves and banish your bad attitude. Become a light-hearted and positive golfer who honors the game, appreciates your personal connection to it, commits to the “solitary and quiet” pursuit of improvement, and enjoys your golfing companions (and they, you.) Learn core golf concepts and inspiration that form the heart of a life pursuing the “worthy diversion” of golf, such as:

  • Develop your understanding of golf and stop chasing endless tips
  • Internalize specific but not technical concepts, easy to remember but valuable for lifelong improvement
  • Learn what to consciously train in practice so you can let your subconscious handle it on the course
  • Understand true and memorable concepts from grip, alignment and swing pace, to performing draw and fade shots, to putting and chipping.

Start playing better golf and enjoying it more by following these 21 core truths about golf.

Joe Durso, holder of four patented golf products, has played, ruminated, taught and written about golf for more than 70 years.

In golf our only real enemy is how we think, and we are totally exposed on the golf course. There is no place to hide. -Joe Durso in Mere Golf.

Hunting the Elephant in Africa

by Chauncy Stigand

Hunting the Elephant in Africa is a fascinating recollection of hunting in Africa at the turn of the 20th century. A table of contents is included.

Hunting in the Upper Yukon

by Thomas Martindale

Hunting in the Upper Yukon is a fascinating account of hunting big game in Canada. A table of contents is included.

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