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Game On: How I Became a Nintendo World Championships Finalist

by Shannon Webster

The 1990 Nintendo World Championships was an unprecedented video game tournament that took the country by storm. The event has become legendary in the world of video gaming.

In Game On, Shannon Webster tells the story of his experience as a Finalist in the Nintendo World Championships for the first time in 25 years.

It all started in the grocery store, where a kid played arcade games until he ran out of quarters. Drawn on by a spirit of discovery, Shannon mastered level after level. But when he heard about a national videogame tournament that included competition in games he’d never played before, he didn’t feel ready to compete. Fate intervened, though, and on his 14th birthday he entered the Kansas City competition. As his determination grew, he went on to compete again in Denverâ??where victory made him one of the thirty teenage City Finalists to compete in the NWC Finals at Universal Studios in Hollywood.

What was it like to be the “eighth best videogame player in the world”? Game On presents a fascinating view into videogame history, from the competition in the 1990 Nintendo World Championshipsâ??including why it’s better to own a gray NWC collectible cartridge than a gold oneâ??to everyday details of games and gamers in the 1980s and 90s.

FIRE CRUISE: DANGER LURKS ON EVERY VOYAGE – what the cruise lines don’t want you to know – how to be safe

by Ken Rossignol

DANGER LURKS ON EVERY VOYAGE – what the cruise lines don’t want you to know – how to be safe

WHAT PRICE TRUTH – The True Story of a Special Branch Agent

by Raymond Gilmour

In the midst of the rubble and broken glass of war torn Northern Ireland, at the height of the civil conflict between the IRA and pro-British forces, the bravery of one man shines through thriller and suspense as he acts as both Provisional soldier and spy for the police in order to bring the IRA down. In a gritty, vibrant account of contemporary history, â??What Price Truth’ tells for the first time the true story of urban warfare for Raymond Gilmour, a police undercover agent sent among the men at arms of the IRA in a bid to help end the fighting once and for all.

Growing up in Derry at the height of the civil war, Gilmour is disillusioned at a young age to the struggle of the men at arms in the Provisional IRA, whose methods he sees as often more brutal than those of the oppressing British forces. With no choice other than a life on the dole or in crime, he is caught after a botched burglary, convicted, and thrown in prison with only one hope of getting out – to join the police undercover and infiltrate the IRA in order to bring an end to the bloodshed in his home town. With little choice, Gilmour accepts his role as soldier and spy, and his new life of thriller and suspense begins.

While contemporary history tells the official story of the violence in Northern Ireland, this is a highly personal tale of urban warfare from the point of view of a single individual in war torn Derry, forced to choose between family and the need to make a stand for one’s convictions. Hard-hitting and harrowing, â??What Price Truth’ is a truly inspiring story of bravery in the face of death, and a must-read for anybody interested in the atmosphere of 1980s Northern Ireland.

Turning The Tables

by Julia Underwood

St Tropez. 1969.

Chris Marshall, a former public schoolboy, meets Pete Baxter, the pot-smoking drummer of a rock band.

He couldn’t have known how at that moment his life had been changed forever.

Eight years later, and Chris is married to Lucy with a young son, Jamie, and a house in Fulham.

With the luxury of money and a bit of free time, Chris has left his job and has begun studying at university.

Life is simple; life is good. Until Pete comes back.

Pete’s latest idea: to use his new position as croupier at a West End casino to stage a drawn-out heist, with the help of Chris and a gang of other informants and players.

After training for months to become an expert at Blackjack, Chris finally begins to feel at ease inside the lavish halls of the Acropolis Club.

With a gang of crony croupiers including Greek George, indebted Steve, tragic Lenny, and young part-time carer Don, Chris begins to play every night of the week.

He’s getting good.

But at the Acropolis, the House is always watching.

Always waiting for a slip up.

When you play high stakes, there is always a risk of losing.

But when you play the highest stakes of all, betting not with luck but with a dangerous plan, you’re even closer to the lion’s mouthâ?¦

â??Turning the Tables’ is a gripping heist story, based on true events of 1970s London, of a group of gamblers trying to turn the tables in their favour.

Julia Underwood is the author of â??War’s Last Dance’, â??A Murder of No Account’ and â??A Murder Close to Home’.

Endeavour Press is the UK’s leading independent publisher of digital books.

Growing Up in Small Town America

by Randy koenig

Writer tells all…mischievous pranks, fun and a wholesome way of life growing up in a small town. As the writer gets into telling all, he also displays an art for detailing life in a small town. May not be what you would think, but for those of you who grew up in a small may. A Great Read!!!

Ballad of a Bachelor: An International Love Story

by Aaron D. Lynah

Love, in all of its forms is a truly powerful thing.

Not for Aaron.

Aaron is a bachelor from New York who travels to Japan on a whim in search of nothing but finds everything. From the sexiness of Tokyo to the beauty of simplicity, Aaron falls in love with not only the country but most of all a special woman.

Aaron finds a love that quickly blossoms but seems to wither even faster. As a once questionably romantic love transitions to spite, Aaron fights to understand love, marriage, women, and whether or not it’s all worth it.

*Contact: [email protected]

THE CHESAPEAKE TODAY April 2015 All Crime, All The Time

by Huggins Point Publishing

All Crime, All The Time in the Chesapeake region of Maryland, Delaware and Virginia.

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