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The 4-hour Amazon FBA Business: The Beginners Complete Guide to Start Your Own Amazon FBA Business (Amazon FBA Mastering Book 1)

by John Hensley

The 4-hour Amazon FBA Business

My name is John Hensley. I’m serial new-age entrepreneur. Before you continue reading, answer some questions to yourself?

Do you believe, that you can start your own small online business, but with massive income?

Do you believe, that you can spend only 4-hour per week to run it smoothly?

Do you believe, that you can set-up your Amazon FBA business without inventory? (no investing

I didn’t. But I had no choice. I needed money and I wanted to leave differently. So I started to work on creating my Amazon FBA business with my Coach. And now I have five-figures sustainable income. A month after month.

You can do that too! Even, if you don’t believe me right now. It’s normal.

This book is about my own experience

If you buy this book, you won’t get rich quick. What, then, can “The 4-hour Amazon FBA Business” do for you?

“The 4-hour Amazon FBA Business” may well be the smartest investment you could make.

You’ll get facts. And ready-to-use advises on how to build Amazon FBA business.

This book is about starting your business. About picking suppliers and work with wholesalers (probably, the most important part of the whole Amazon Business).

If you pick a wrong supplier, then your product have poor quality, problems with delivery, unsatisfied clients. That means, that you earn nothing!

Buy this book to find the best suppliers and tune your Amazon FBA business to next level.

That’s why I’m adding a big and fancy welcome bonus:

My personal list of suppliers. You will find the link at the first page of the book.

Bulletproof Diet: Weight Loss, More Energy and Better Focus with Bulletproof Diet, Bulletproof Diet Recipes Cookbook for Beginners, 60+ Recipes! the bulletproof … Live Longer and Have Abundant Energy! 1)

by Valerie Childs



Here Is A Sneak Peakâ?¦(Attn: FREE BONUS INSIDE!)

  • Learn Why the Bulletproof Diet is NOT a Fad Dietâ?¦
  • Discover How to Jump into the Bulletproof Diet the CORRECT Wayâ?¦
  • Why You Should Choose the Bulletproof Dietâ?¦
  • Use these Strategies to be Successful with the Bulletproof Diet!
  • !
  • Learn How to Lose Weight Each Day with the Bulletproof Diet!
  • Recipes for Breakfast!
  • Recipes for Soups, Salads and Snacks!!
  • Recipes for Main Dishes and even Desserts!
  • And Much, much more!

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Learn about the Bulletproof Diet and Make the Life Changing Shift Todayâ?¦

Hundreds of thousands of people worldwide have discovered the Bulletproof Diet and experienced new levels of energy, weight loss, and becoming more immune to various diseases.

Have you ever struggled to lose weight because you couldn’t stick to a “diet”, or you’re tired of lacking energy all the time, or simply want to get rid of all the processed foods in your diet and don’t know how to go about itâ?¦ If that’s you, then I’ve got good news for you.

This book will guide you from beginning to end on what you ought to do in order to succeed with the Bulletproof Diet!

Today only, get this Amazon bestseller for just $0.99. Regularly priced

at $4.99. Read on your PC, Mac, smart phone, tablet or Kindle device.

“As a Life Coach and Certified Nutrition Coach, I see clients daily who are suffering with issues that are within their control. Most people do not understand that they have the power to change their lives! My purpose in life is to help as many people as possible reach their greatest potential physically, emotionally and spiritually.” Valerie Childs, #1 Best Selling Author, Certified Life Coach, Certified Nutrition Coach

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Family Systems: Automate Your Housewife Life

by Hilary Erickson

Do you ever wish your family life went smoother, went faster with less bumps? Are there areas that seem to go wrong almost every day. Do you think if you put a system in place it might smooth it all out for you a bit more? Family systems are for you. I have 29 of my own family’s systems and I also include the 4 truths of family systems that I have learned to help you fix your own systems. Includes things like before school, lunches, laundry, finances and more!

Time Management: Explode Your Productivity and Organization for Small Business Owners! (Time Hacks For Entrepreneurs, Business Owners and Self Employed)

by John Robert

Say Goodbye to Time Management Troubles Today With Time Management: Explode Your Productivity and Organization for Small Business Owners!

Are you looking for more time in your life?

Does your time management problems seem to be eating away your happiness ?

Are you worried about managing your life and see no way to turn the tides? 

If you have reluctantly answered yes to one or more of the above questions,“Time

Management and Organization for Small Business”
is the book for you! This book has been designed specifically for small business owners dealing with time management problems who want to finally get rid of them once and for al!. 

Do You Have What It Takes To Master Time Management?

Time Management is one of the most common problems for small business owners and you can find many other people suffering from it as well. A lot of us remain clueless about how to handle this problem. This is why this book is especially important for you. If you use this book correctly, you will give yourself the ability to fight time management problems and overcome them once and for all! 

What Will I Learn?

If you are wondering what this book is going to teach you, here are some of the key points. 

  • The Busy Life of a Small Business Owner
  • Why Organization is Important?
  • The Tips and Tricks for Small Business Organization
  • Why Time Management is Important for Small Business Owners
  • The Tips and Tricks of Time Management
  • The Planning and Future Organization for Small Business Owners

There are a lot more topics which we will be going through in this


This is the best guide you could pick for dealing with time management issues if you own a small business. Time Management can be a very disruptive problem for small business owners. If you don’t take the time to master it you and your business will never reach it’s full potential. . 

So, grab a copy of this book today and change your life today! 

Just scroll to the top of the page and select the BUY button. 


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How to Narrate Books for Free and Get Residual Income for Life

by Charles Thornton

So you want to narrate. Great. Let me be the first to congratulate you. It’s about time. If you’ve been thinking about this for so long, I don’t know what took you so long. This is not as hard as people say. This is not a get rich quick scheme and it does require some work on your part.

I want to show you how you can begin to be a great narrator, have a lot of sales, supplement your income, and live a life with residual income forever.

The 4 Hour Work Week… In 20 Minutes or Less (Book Summary)

The 4 Hour Work Weekâ?¦ In 20 Minutes Or Less (Book Summary)

Today only, get this Amazon bestseller for just $2.99. Regularly priced at $4.99. Read on your PC, Mac, smart phone, tablet or Kindle device.

Have you ever thought how your life would look like if you could work 10 time less than you do now? But all of that with the same output you are having now and no loss in funds. You wouldn’t have the need for planning your retirement, you would have time and funds for everything you want to do right away.

Reading Tim Ferriss The 4 Hour Work Week you will learn how to get more job done in less time that you are needing now. You could revolutionize your work just with following the basic principles from this book.

Here Is A Preview Of What You’ll Learnâ?¦

  • Learn how to outsource, gaining money and free time in the process
  • How to make your employer value your performance and not your presence
  • How to gain needed cooperation
  • learn what’s absolute and what’s relative income
  • What to do after removing work and office

Take action today and download this book for a limited time discount of only $0.99!

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by Mr. X

Every type of contract that you should be using to close your real estate deal


Introduction to Business Management

by Evans Silver Kwendo

This is an ideal reference book for both both student and practitioner in business and non-business operations.

It is also quite ideal for students preparing for their academic and professional certificates, diplomas and degrees such as bachelor of commerce, bachelor of business administration and bachelor of science in entrepreneurship.

The book takes cognizance of the dynamic business environment and alerts the reader to the emerging issues in business that are critical for the success of any business enterprise.

The Compounded Version Of Success

by Deepak Mishra

In this book you will learn about compounding interest. It will show you that making a million dollars in 3 years is possible. The book is short and simple and is an easy read.

Job Crazy the e-book

by James Reed

How to get a job, wait, this covers everything you need to know about getting a job.

Other CRAZY books:

Job Crazy the e-book, a MUST for all job seekers

Interview Crazy the e-book, all about job interviews

Sell Crazy the e-book, you MUST sell yourself to get a job

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