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Google Drive The Ultimate Guide To Mastering Google Drive In 30 Minutes (Google Drive, Google Docs, Gmail)

by Jonas Steinberg

Google Drive The Ultimate Guide To Mastering Google Drive In 30 Minutes

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This book contains proven steps and strategies on how to work with Google Drive and its relatives.

Google- there’s not a single person in the world who hasn’t heard of this famous word. Whether you’re a student, sales professional, a computer expert, or even a scientist, one way or another, you would have used Google. And now, Google introduces more of its kind. To be able to use Google and its relatives to their full potential, you must understand what they do, and how they do it. Only then will you be able to maximize your use of Google.

In the next chapters, you will understand how the Google family works. You will also encounter step-by-step procedures on navigating around Google Mail, Google Drive and Google Docs. It is recommended that you open your browser to Google as we go along the procedures for practical exercises.

Fundamentals of Evernote: Everything you need to get started with Evernote in just one hour

by Heather Wilde

Have you heard about Evernote and wondered what the fuss was about? Tried to use it and just “couldn’t get into it”? Want a simple, easy to follow guide that helps you learn the absolute basics?

This is the introduction book you’ve been waiting for.

In Heather Wilde’s nearly 6 years at Evernote, she built the internal team and helped employees worldwide learn how to best support the company products. Now she finds herself helping people and businesses to learn Evernote quickly and easily using those same methods.

Go from “Zero to Hero” in no time at all!

Note: This book is intended for people who are not current or regular users of Evernote.

HTML5: The Fast Way – HTML5 Programming Crash Course, Learn HTML5 Today! (HTML, Learn HTML, Web Design, HTML and CSS, Programming Languages)

by Eng. Alexander Mosgov

Learning HTML5 Fast, and Learning it Simple

Have you wanted to start your own website and don’t know where?

Does the thought of learning a web-page writing language terrify you?

Are you tired of lingo you do not understand and books that move too fast?

If obscure examples frustrate you, and you just need something that helps you learn a new skill fast, and easy then this eBook is for you.

It is easy to learn, and even easier with this handy little eBook. Inside you will discover numerous examples, and their results. Examples that are easy to replicate. You can follow along, and the practice will cement the principles learned deep into your memory.

If you are tired of technical terms and complex examples then this is the book for you. Simple explanations that will get you fast results. In no time, you will be able to create paragraphs, in-line text formatting, changing the colors and formatting lists.

HTML5 is gaining both speed and popularity and is the future! Many massive software companies such as Apple, Microsoft, and Google have leant their support to this web-page writing language. You are wise to learn it, and learn it well. It is easy to learn and we will cover many examples along each step of the process for a new stress method of mastering HTML5 basics.

In more technical terms, HTML is a markup language used to describe web documents (pages). The name HTML is an abbreviation that stands for Hyper Text Markup Language. This language is considered the language of the web as it tells browsers exactly how to display the contents of your web page.

To do so, it uses special instructions to let the browser known when a paragraph begins, which word is must be italicized, and so forth. We will cover the most commonly used instructions together and this will give you a firm foundation on which to start building your very own website.

Knowing how to build your own website in this digital age is vital. Gone are the days when the internet was only used by the government and universities. It has exploded at an unbelievable rate, and is filled with the countless voices of individuals sharing their thoughts and services. Learning HTML5 can help you share your ideas with the world, display your own product and/or service, and even earn you money if you set it up correctly.

The basics found in this book will help you understand key words and processes allowing you to logically and intuitively combine the different elements learned to create your own dynamic and influential websites. So start small but dream big. And in time you will discover you have traveled a great distance with great success. Pound out heading, paragraph, quote, and thought and you will see your skills solidified and your content growing until’s its voice will be audible and powerful to sway the minds of your fellow men/women.

***Limited Edition***

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How To Use Torrent Downloads: Learn to use torrent download sites for FREE music, movies, and software (use torrent downloads, torrent downloads, use torrent … sites, torrent download, torrent download)

by Dubl B Marketing

How To Use Torrent Downloads

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This is a book that gives exellent insight to those that want to understan how to download torrents. The author provided step by step instructions on how to download torrent files and be able to obtain music files, movie files, and other types of software for absolutely FREE. The author also offers additional resources a person can use start downloading torrents right away. This book is action packed with information and pictures to make sure the readers are well informed and receive great value. This is a book that will help those that are totally oblivious and have some understanding as to how people are using torrent files . The only thing left is to purchase this book and start being able to download torrents ASAP!

Here Is A Preview Of What You’ll Learn…

  • How to download a torrent file
  • The definition of a torrent file
  • How to find torrent files to download
  • Which programs to use to download torrent files
  • Much, much more!

Download your copy today!

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How To Repair Your iPad – Quickly and Professionally! (Fix It Yourself Series)

by David Roster

“How To Repair Your iPad Quickly And Professionally” is for anyone who wants to know more about taking apart their iPad and fixing it themselves.

However, when you first look at an iPad it can be a daunting task to take it apart, particularly as there are no visible screws or other method of getting into its innards. This book explains to you exactly how to not only get in to your iPad, but also how to replace components and fix some of the many problems found with these tablet computers.

When you read this book you will get practical tips and advice that will help you fix a broken iPad and get it working again.

In “How To Repair Your iPad Quickly And Professionally” you will discover:

– The Benefits Of Fixing Your iPad – why fixing your iPad is a great idea and how you can do it even if you haven’t used a screwdriver before!

– Protecting Your Data And Settings – find out how to protect your data before you start work so that you can recover your data if necessary or restore it to your newly fixed iPad!

– Sourcing Replacement Parts – learn how to ensure you get the right parts for your iPad and get them at good prices and so that they last… it’s cheaper than you may think!

– Common iPad Faults – discover some of the common faults in iPads and the troubleshooting steps to take before you start to replace components!

– How To Disassemble Your iPad – a step by step guide showing you exactly how to take your iPad apart and remove every single component!

– Differences In The iPad Mini – find out some of the key differences between an iPad and an iPad mini when it comes to repairing them!

– Replacing Your Battery – a commonly needed repair that you will learn to perform yourself!

– Extending And Preserving Your Battery Life – learn exactly how to maximize the life of your iPad’s battery to avoid having to replace it for as long as possible!

– Repairing Water Damage – another common problem that you will learn to fix yourself, for pennies compared to the high prices charged by stores!

– Replacing The Front Display – discover how you can change the front display, which is often damaged when dropped!

– Replacing The Dock Connector – find out how you can replace the dock connector, which is another relatively common fault with an iPad!

– Recovering Data From A Broken iPad – learn how you can recover data from an iPad that is damaged so that you restore it after the repair or to a new iPad!

– Repairing And Selling On iPads – discover more about this great way for you to make money by repairing and selling on iPads!

Repairing your iPad is a really good fun exercise though you will need a steady hand and some patience to do so. You can save a lot of money by being able to fix your own iPad or you earn money by fixing other people’s iPads and selling on reconditioned tablets.

Enjoy your adventure into iPad repair as “How To Repair Your iPad – Quickly and Professionally” explains all about how to fix many of the problems you will find in an iPad. Discover how to save money and repair your iPad today!

How to Create a Profitable Digital Product: Step by Step Guide to Passive Income

by Jason Lee

If you understand what passive income is, you will know that the holy grail of achieving passive income is creating a product that will continue to generate revenue even when you are sleeping! In other words, a passive income stream should continue to work for you even when left on autopilot. Now, if you do a Google search, you will find that there are many ways to achieve this – dividend investment, collecting rent from properties, online consulting are just a few ways you can go into in order to create the freedom that you always wanted in your life. What about selling a digital product? What exactly is a digital product?

Savvy Social Media

by Ross Hewitt

It’s hard to believe that some solopreneurs and small business owners today still don’t use social media as a valued tool in their digital marketing arsenal. And even for those who do, common misconceptions and a lack of appropriate focus yield little return for their time.

This book not only shows you how best to use social media for your business, it explains exactly why talking with your customers will always be better than shouting at them.

With exercises to determine the right social media platforms for your business and industry, easy to understand advice and explanation, and a wealth of tips and tricks on how to get the most from your online efforts, Savvy Social Media deserves to be on every solopreneur’s book-shelf.

Tor and the Dark Art of Anonymity: How to Be Invisible from NSA Spying

by Lance Henderson

The NSA hates Tor. So does the FBI. Even Google wants it gone, as do Facebook and Yahoo and every other soul-draining, identity-tracking vampiric media cartel that scans your emails and spies on your private browsing sessions to better target you.

But there’s hope. This manual will give you the incognito tools that will make you a master of anonymity!

Other books tell you to install Tor and then encrypt your hard drive… and leave it at that. I go much deeper, delving into the very engine of ultimate network security, taking it to an art form where you’ll receive a new darknet persona – how to be anonymous online without looking like you’re trying to be anonymous online.

Covered in Tor:

– Browse the Internet Anonymously

– Darkcoins, Darknet Marketplaces & Opsec Requirements

– Tor Hidden Servers – How to Not Get Caught

– Counter-Forensics the FBI Doesn’t Want You to Know About

– Windows vs. Linux – Which Offers Stronger Network Security?

– Cryptocurrency (Real Bitcoin Anonymity)

– Supercookies & Encryption

– Preventing Marketers and Debt Collectors From Finding You

– How to Protect Your Assets – i.e., How to Be Invisible and even Hide from the Internet itself!

– Darknet Personas

Scroll back up and click “Look Inside” and Secure Your Future Today!

Amazon Associates Affiliate Program: How to build an online business (Millionaire Mindset Tools Book 1)

by Ryan Stevens


This book will guide you to create websites and to make money from them through Amazon’s Affiliate program which is called Amazon Associates. In this book I have covered:

– What is affiliate marketing and how it works

– How to create a website (niche website or authority website)

– How to sign up with Amazon

– How to sign up with WordPress

– How to pick a niche topic

– How much money you can make

– How much money you need to invest

– What products to promote

– What is an Amazon aStore

– Tips

– Things you have to avoid on Amazon

– SEO basics

– Why Social Media is important for any business

– What you need to build an email list

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