Free historical fiction Kindle books for 19 May 15

The Countess’ Captive (The Fairytale Keeper Book 2)

by Andrea Cefalo

During March of 1248, Adelaide Schumacher-affectionately called Snow White-has lost so much: her mother, her possessions, and now her home.

Adelaide hates abandoning her home city, her family’s legacy, and her first love-Ivo. More than anything, she hates her father growing closer to her mother’s cousin-Galadriel. Adelaide plots to end their tryst before her fate is sealed, and she never sets foot in Cologne again.

But good and pious can only get Galadriel so far. Never again will she be destitute. Never again will she be known by the cruel moniker-Cinderella. Never again will someone take what is rightfully hers. No matter what it takes.

The Countess’ Captive is the much anticipated follow-up to The Fairytale Keeper and is book two in The Fairytale Keeper series. The novel combines Grimm’s fairytale characters with real historical settings and events to create a tale that leaves the reader wondering where fact ends and fiction begins.

The Eve Tree: A Novel

by Rachel Devenish Ford

“It is a masterfully told story, unfolding slowly, layer by layer, working down the to rawest and deepest parts and drawing the reading in almost imperceptibly until they are caught, surprised by how much they care.” ~ Carrien Blue from She Laughs at the Days*Molly Boscelli is a woman in her forties, a somewhat unstable goat farmer who reluctantly inherited her Northern California ranch ten years ago. Now she is facing a crisis in an approaching forest fire, an threat that shocks Molly with the truth of her strong love for her land, her trees, and her animals.
Molly’s husband, Jack, is confronted by his own past as he fights his fear for Molly’s mental wellness and watches her as she is pushed to her limit. Catherine, Molly’s mother, returns to the ranch she passed on to her daughter, and prepares to give Molly a gift that has nothing to do with goats or trees and everything to do with acceptance. As the whole family gathers to prepare for the fire together, they dig deeply into layers of history and grief to find the wholeness and strength they need to claim the earth they stand on. 

The Eve Tree is a haunting, lyrical novel about the moments that form a family and a place, and the life-sustaining discovery of love, even in the midst of fire.

Meant To Be

by Joy Chambers

A novella from Joy Chambers, the bestselling author of THE GREAT DECEPTION, NONE BUT THE BRAVE and FOR FREEDOM, written to mark the seventieth anniversary of V-E Day.

It is 1935. The first shadows of war are creeping across Europe, but in Queensland, Australia, a young woman caught in a thunderstorm is about to meet the person who will change her life forever.

Lexi Robinson is a long way from home. A recently qualified doctor about to take up a position in a Hong Kong hospital, she knows her own mind and refuses to fall for a man she will never see again.

John Drayton Whitby is a soldier. Tall and fair, and quick to grin, he spends his last few days of leave preoccupied with thoughts of a girl whose name he does not know, but whose face he cannot forget…

At Home Across the Sea

by Benjamin Mester

The ocean waves lap lightly against the creaking bow of a ship bound westward. What do you do when one life ends and another begins? Do you lock hopeful eyes with the horizon, or gaze bitterly back at what is lost? That is the question ever lodged in the mind of William Welch. The answer to this question is the key that will determine if William can ever regain his respect for his father, a man whose fervent preaching has displaced his once tranquil family, now to start anew across the sea in the lands of the west, Puritan Boston.

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