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Kids Activities:30+ Technology-free Activities for Kids-How We did it in Our Days

by Laura Ashley Ann

30+ Technology-free Activities for Kids 30

Get ready to dive into some family time with over 30+ technology-free activities that you can do with your children. Designed for families that want to get back to the basics, when it comes to quality time with the family, you can choose from several different projects with

varying ranges of preparation and clean-up time. This awesome activity book even accommodates different age groups for children.

Learn how to make the most of those precious times with your child from water balloons and charades all the way to bead making, and paper mache` . Treasure these crafts as

keepsakes. Make memories that last a lifetime!

Here Is A Preview Of What You’ll Learn…

  • Getting back to basic with fun and games and the importance
  • New ideas for Outdoor and Indoor activities
  • How to use basic equipment in your household to create adventures for kids
  • About games that can stimulate your child mind and memory

    And much more!

    The book is divided into chapters by topic and each topic contains tips to help you having a

    great bonding time with child but to cut down some of the time on technology so that you

    child can have a great development.

    Ready to grab your copy of 30+ Technology-free Activities for Kids-How We did it in Our Days

  • Unbreakable Bond

    by Adam Sibley

    I spent four years caring for my mum when she developed dementia and I promised her that I would write a book about our experiences to help others going through the same thing. This book is about my journey with my mum, what we learnt, what we experienced, our ups & downs and how it made us feel. In the book I candidly share my thoughts, my opinions and my advice for anyone out there who is dealing with caring for a loved one. My mum lost her battle but I hope this book in someway will play a part in helping us win the war on defeating this terrible illness.

    JUST MARRY ME!: Romantic Intrigue & Murder at Green Lake


    Two blood sisters yet so opposite of one another. Meli and Tasha were once the cute little baby girls of Vicky and Art Downs. Automaker GM’s hefty settlements were not enough to bring back lives nor happiness to anyone. Homeless continued to be homeless and drift into trouble. Veteran lawyers never appreciate those who challenge Last Will of Testament that they craft for their clients and Sam Chen was one of them. Everyday in the Courts there are jurors who search to deliver justice but sometimes the evil lurks and hides from their eyes. Then there is Lori, aka Goth Girl is the one who hears voices that order her to do evil things. Is Ron whose fiancee died a week before their marriage considered a lawful spouse in the eyes of the law and the Truestee? How tragic is it that two men who would have been brothers-in-law will only meet after death takes away both their brides? Now years later Chance and Ron find themselves in a stronger bond of deep grief. Although life goes on for all somehow. The old log seat on the shores of Seattle’s Green Lake is the witness to it all.

    The Quick and Easy Parent’s Guide to College

    by Ryan McRae

    This guide, by Ryan McRae, will help you navigate and understand how to get your student ready for college. Higher education is a huge investment and this guide is written to protect that investment. It covers topics such as “Finding the Best Roommate”, “The Secrets of Surviving Move-In” and “The Skills EVERY College Student Must Have”. Ryan McRae has seen thousands of college students rise to excellence or fail to graduate. This guide contains the secrets to not only surviving college, but thriving.

    Difficult People: The 10 Most Difficult People You Will Meet and How to Handle Them with Grace, Poise and Determination (Dealing with Difficult People, … Difficult People, Difficult People at Work)

    by Sally Bennett

    Imagine how it would feel to be in complete control of the situation every time you interact with a difficult person.

    In this delightful book, Sally Bennett offers a remarkably thoughtful, friendly, and practical guide to handling difficult people with grace, poise, and determination.

    You will learn how to handle:

    – The know-it-all

    – The captain of the debate team

    – The empty chair

    – The neighborhood diva

    – The blamer

    – The waffler

    – The trouble maker

    – The anchor

    – The control freak

    – The critic

    Demonstrate your grace, poise, and determination and take complete control of the situation next time you meet one of these difficult people. Today is the day to stop imagining and start doing. Download this book now!

    Keeping Foster Children: The joy of giving and receiving love

    by Cynthia Jones

    Thinking about keeping foster children? A new world is about to open up to you. Learn about the process, the requirements, and the inner rewards of giving and receiving love. Keeping Foster Children is an adventure of the heart, mind, and soul and this book will help you prepare for an amazing journey.

    Baby Choices – Tips & Choices For Parents

    by Theresa Holmes

    A little example from the book:

    If you’ve decided on formula as the decision for feeding your baby, you may be a bit

    confused about all the decisions. There are lots of options to help you find the kind

    that will greatest suit your baby’s needs and your life-style. Whenever you are in the

    hospital, in case your baby is getting formula, it’s going to likely be pre-mixed in one

    serving disposable bottles, and will be a name brand, milk based formula. This may just

    be what your pediatrician recommends and will work well for most babies. You might be

    capable to use this for the whole first year, with no issues…

    This is what we will talk about in this book:

    Table Of Contents:

    Caring For Baby’s Clothes

    Breastfeeding My Baby – Where Do I Start?

    Changing Diapers

    Checklist For Baby Shower Supplies

    Choose A Great Baby Shower Theme

    Choosing A Formula

    Choosing A Middle Name For Your Baby

    Choosing Your Baby’s Bedding

    Baby Tips – For Parents With Newborn Babies

    by Jane Nichols

    A little example from the book:

    Presenting your infant to solid foods is exciting and rewarding – but it could be

    challenging to know precisely how and when to get started. Your baby needs to

    be four months of age at the quite least – before this, his immature digestive

    system will find it challenging to cope with solid food. Most medical professionals,

    nonetheless, will advise waiting until your baby is at the least six months of age,

    to decrease the risk of food allergies. Your baby’s age is not the only consideration

    and there are other factors to take into account when determining whether or not the

    time is right for baby’s first foods…Learn more about this a nd a lot more in this book

    about babies and parenting.

    Table Of Contents:

    Baby Clothing For Your Little Ones

    Baby’s First Foods

    Baby’s Room On A Budget

    Baby Shower Decorations

    Best Baby Shower Games

    Baby War On Plaque Attack (Teeth)

    Bathing A Newborn Baby

    Benefits Of Baby Slings

    Bottle Feeding – Benefits For Mom And Baby

    Baby World – Babies, Infants And Parenting

    by Clara Sutton

    Here’s a little example from the book:

    Every moment is a potential opportunity for learning. When it’s play time, there are

    unlimited possibilities for you to help your baby enrich his mind with toys and games

    that will hone a number of skills. But even though it’s just down time or you’re engaged

    in an additional activity, let’s say, like taking a bath, it still holds vast opportunities for

    his mind to be stimulated…Read more about this and a lot more in this book.

    This is what we will talk about:

    Table Of Contents:

    Healthy Eating For Your Baby

    Enrich Your Baby’s Mind During Bath

    Essential Supplies For Your New Baby

    Good Sleep Habits For Newborn Babies

    Extra-Cute Baby Outfits

    Fabric Softener For Baby Clothing

    Finding A Pediatrician For Your Newborn

    Finding An Unique Baby Shower Gift

    Finding The Right Child Care For Your Baby

    Essential Facts & Tips For New Parents – Choices You Have To Make For Your Baby

    by Kelly Andrews

    A Little taste from the book:

    Throughout the last couple months of your pregnancy, you ought to start looking

    for a pediatrician. Finding the right physician is quite essential. You ought to feel

    comfy and know they will answer any questions you might have without making

    you feel like an idiot for asking. Don’t delay until the last minute to talk to

    potential doctors. I had made an appointment with somebody that came

    highly suggested. I had my son the day before the interview. Obviously, when

    the hospital asked me who our pediatrician was, I had to use the physician I was

    supposed to interview. I did like him, but my husband was not too happy with him.

    We changed to a different medical doctor in the same office after my son was one

    year old. You could select to use a family practitioner or a pediatrician. The distinction

    between the two is a pediatrician specializes in children’s medicine; a family practitioner

    does not. Either one would be an outstanding decision, so it’s more with whom you feel

    most comfy. Obviously, you could call friends, family or the hospital to get their recommendations.

    Speaking with somebody you trust may help the procedure go a bit smoother…

    This is what we will talk about in this book:

    Table Of Contents:

    Choosing Your Baby’s Doctor

    Choosing A Baby Monitor

    Choosing A Baby Name They Can Be Proud Of

    Choosing The Right Baby Gates For Your Home

    Unique Baby Shower Gift Ideas

    Cozy And Warm Baby Blankets

    Create A Green Baby Nursery

    Simple Ways To Keep Your Kids Allergy Free

    How to Be a Happy Couple: Towards Building a Pleasing Relationship & Everlasting Love

    by Meenakshi Narang

    Book will give you some tips on how to better understand your partner.

    Truly, love makes the world go around. But to some people, love can make your head spin and your heart aching, especially if it is falling apart. So here we are with this book that will guide you towards a happy and fulfilling relationship with your partner.

    It is best if you could read this book with your loved one. So they too will learn and apply the suggestions covered in this book. Always remember that a loving relationship is to be nurtured with understanding, patience and perseverance.

    The recommendations listed in this book is to be followed as you see fit, depends on your personality and the kind of situation that you are in.

    Happy Reading!

    50+ Games And Activities To Keep Your Family Active – How To Have A Healthier Family (Child Health, Family Games, Indoor And Outdoor Fun)

    by Jesse Donovan

    With more and more children becoming obese, it is about time that we as parents do something about it.

    Let’s get our children active.

    I have spend years studying children and the way they operate, think, and develop. Through my studies I found things for kids to do that were quick, easy, and active. In this book I show you many of those things so that you can show your child how to stay healthy through short spurts of daily exercise. It is so short they won’t even know they are doing it.

    Some of the things you will find in this book include;

    1. Fun Family Games

    2. Rainy Day Activities For Kids

    3. Kids Outdoor Games

    4. How To Get Your Child Away From The Television

    5. Tips To Reward Your Child With Activities As Opposed To Gifts

    6. Ways To Make Every Activity Fun And Enjoyable

    7. Much, Much More…

    I am not here to tell you what you need to be doing with your child, you are they only person that knows that. What I am here to tell you is how you can keep your child active and still make it fun for them.

    Children are all about having fun and as parents we do what we can to ensure that it happens.

    Don’t wait another day. Get your hands on this extremely valuable book TODAY and help change your child’s life for the better!

    All You Need To Know For Your Baby Shower – Tips & Tricks On Baby Showers

    by Carla Hodge

    Who doesn’t become excited whenever a baby is on its way? Apart from their caring

    mothers, everybody in the family gets that particular thrill. Welcoming yet an other

    being in this wonderful world comes with a specific joy. So how else could you celebrate

    a soon-to-be-child arrival? Have a great time with a baby shower party.

    Planning a baby shower could be truly fun. You could create your very own party as

    you wish. You could either go conventional or put a bit humor to your event. You could

    select whatever theme you want. Unleash your creativeness. The primary goal is purely

    to have your baby shower unforgettable and fun for everybody…

    This is what we will talk about in this book:

    Table Of Contents:

    Planning For A Baby Shower

    Baby Shower Cakes

    Baby Shower Centerpieces

    Cute Ideas For Baby Shower Favors

    Baby Shower Food – What And How To Serve

    Baby Shower Games

    Baby Shower Gift Basket

    Baby Shower Invitation Help – What To Write

    Parents & Babies – Great Tips For You And Your Baby

    by Lydia Shields

    A little example from the book:

    Prior to learning the art of speech, your baby has fantastic difficulty in communicating

    his needs to you. This could cause disappointment for you both – yet there is a solution.

    Baby sign language is quickly becoming well-liked as a means of identifying – and

    replying to – a young baby’s needs. Babies could be taught sign language from any

    age, but they truly begin to take note of the signs from around six months and might

    begin using them from as early as seven to eight months of age. As many parents will

    testify, babies comprehend an awful lot more than they are capable to communicate

    through speech at this stage…

    This is what we will talk about in this book:

    Table Of Contents:

    Baby Sign Language – Communication Before Speech

    Baby Sleep Tips – Create A Familiar Environment

    Baby Slings & Traditional Baby Carriers

    Baby Strollers Tips And Advice

    Baby Swimsuits

    Facts On Baby Toys

    Baby Video Monitors

    Baby Wraps – Comfort, Fun, And Fashion In One

    Tips For Parents – Babies, Toddlers & Parenting

    by Thomas Harrington And Sally Harrington

    A little example from the book:

    There are many different types of high chairs such as the quite practical ones like

    the on-the-go booster seat, the euro highchair two, the transition highchair, the

    chicco polly high chair, the sit ‘n secure, bumbo baby sitter, and much more.

    You ought to do a high chair review to find the greatest baby high chair for your child…

    – Read more about this and a lot more things in this book.

    Table Of Contents:

    Baby Information And Baby Names

    Baby Gift Baskets

    Baby High Chair Guide

    Baby Jewelry

    Baby Monitors Explained

    Baby Needs A New Pair Of Shoes

    Baby Photography

    Baby Safety Tips

    Baby Shopping Around The Holidays

    World Of Babies – Tips For Parents With Babies!

    by Julia Bradley

    How boring this world would be if we had no babies to tend! Picture the monotony of

    noises without their contagious giggles, pitiful cries, and puzzling babbles. Oh how terrible

    it would be without their incredible innocence or their lovely naughtiness, without their

    ways that could open a whole new world of viewpoint for us adults. However whether

    babies are powerful tiny individuals or cherubs sent from above for you, there is a lot

    of things to learn about these little humans…

    This is what we will talk about in this book:

    Table Of Contents:

    Discovering The World Of Babies

    Right Bedding For Your Baby

    What To Do When Your Baby Cries?

    Dealing With Colic

    Decorating A Baby Nursery

    Developmental Stages – Is Your Baby On Track?

    How To Fold And Use Cloth Diapers

    Difference Between A Bassinet And A Cradle

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