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by KiaZ

“Girls were abducted and made slaves.

Terrorist still die with a hundred on their side for a peaceful life with virgins for wives in paradise!

ISIS making another crisis, making money determined what the price of life is!

Greed started off by trying to be enticing.

In life we have to open our eyes to truth and â??right thing’ so that through death we might liveâ?¦

Don’t smoke the American air, it may cause your cardiovascular flare to disappear, and don’t poke the Russian bear, or the subterranean beer!

The cold war drove us all to an ice age!”


by KiaZ

“How come our beliefs are so distant, yet we submit to an identical truth.

We read the same Word yet we recite different voices by how we live our lives.

The more we search for the subject of objectivity, we found the secrets plainly concealed.

The evil masked as goodness in a pretty package, the apathy dressed as baggage.

I found out that a lie is a fraction of the truth practiced backwards!

At last, I asked if He can first straighten out my path.

I heard there was never a need to ask, all that I can think of is what I already had, I only need to actâ?¦”


by KiaZ

“Well, the sound of my voice has turned to torture in your ears, has made your face contort to the sight of my smile.

We lost the love we found.

We hold what’s left of it, like a handful of mist and wind.

Love should never end,

Never pretend,

Nor even relent in any event!”

EONS Vol 8 – KiaZ


by KiaZ

“The goodness of mankind has turned him into prey, hunted by the same kind, who bite snake-like until their jaws are strong enough to consume the weak.

The heart is the tastiest.

The blood is the flavor.

The eyes are desert.

The teeth are all that remain in a living, breathing yet eviscerated child in the wild parts on the Nile.

The pyramids were made in the past age, the seas were parted, and we made it to the Promised Land, yet we are still slaves.

Thirsty for the blood but we disregard The Lamb slain so we can live again within the pain but not in vain.

The stomping boots of soldiers outside the doors.

The regiments are more intelligent, while children are more than ignorant, lacking diligence.

All that we need is within us already!

We are living in chains.”

Pages of my Mind I

After a horrific car accident, a trip to hell and Heaven, then resurrected…I was sent back to earth. There is no power that can hold you down…not even gravity!

Poetry From a Strange Mind: 25 Emotional Poems

by Jesus Fernando Ochoa

Twenty-five poems featuring their own small narratives. Ranging from emotions like love, hate, loneliness, death, happiness, the feelings that the words they convey resonate through the minds of those with similar experiences, thoughts, ideas, emotions. There’s a poem for everyone to relate!

Wild Thoughts: Peculiar Poems: An anthology

by C. A. Broadribb

A collection of odd poems. Includes the award-winning mirror image poem ‘The Nun and The AssassinThe Assassin and the Nun’.

Frustrated Expressions

by N Walker

A collection of stories and poetry written during bouts of writer’s block.

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