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I’m Not Complaining, I’m Just Sayin’: Memoirs of the Good and Bad in the Education System

by Derrick Terry

For years many teachers, students, principals/assistant principals, and parents have complained about various issues in our current secondary education system such as over-crowded classrooms, obvious disparity in school resources, school violence, low graduation rates, and bullying to name a few. Specifically, teachers and principals/assistant principals are reluctant to voice their opinion(s) due to the risk of getting fired or blackballed for exercising their constitutional right. Hence, the main purpose the Memoirs is to create open and real dialogue about the many issues arising in our education system that go unheard. The diverse and passionate collection of memoirs offers a look into the minds of teachers, students, principals/assistant principals, and parents. To some this might be a black-eye on our education system but it is an “eye-opener” to the good and bad associated with it.

My First Knock Knock Jokes: Full Color Illustrations

by Ella Dahl

This book ie the follow up to the best selling ( My First Joke Book )

Fully illustrated in color, with easy to read jokes that encourage children

to read aloud.

Raising Innovative Children: 10 Secrets to Raising Innovative Children

by Stephen Di Biase

Raising innovative children is the greatest gift a parent can give their children because innovators know how to solve problems, leading to a better life.

As a parent, I find it exhilarating when our children deal with life’s problems on their own, and better than I would have done. The reason I wrote “10 Secrets to Raising Innovative Children” is to help parents, especially moms, be more effective in teaching their children to become problem-solvers.

This is an easy, fun-to-read, useful treatment on the topic. It contains insights, web links, and most of all good common-sense advice, which is often not so common.

Picking up English Words Visually ( Fruits and Vegetables )

by MP Academy

Picking up English Words Visually is a learning material that helps children to efficiently pick up English words.

This edition includes about 50 pictures of fruits and vegetables.

The Quick and Easy Guide to Getting the Resident Advisor Position

by Ryan McRae

This book will walk you through how to succeed getting the Resident Advisor position at your college! There are tips, tricks and a great list of example interview questions. Having the Resident Advisor job helps you gain valuable leadership experience and this guide will help you get the position.

Ryan McRae has interview hundreds of potential Resident Advisors and this guide contains what it takes to be get the job and be an outstanding leader on your campus.

Decision Making: How to Become Decisive and Quickly Move Forward In Life by Making the Correct Decisions

by Brian Ledger

Decision Making

Decisions always make or break the situation that you are in. Manage how you decide on every situation you are faced with in order to quickly move forward in life. You can avoid having any regrets when you start making the correct decisions with the help of this book.

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Decisions are not always easy. You can either stay stuck at a crossroads in your life without deciding, or you can move forward with your life by being in control and making sure you make the right decisions. It’s a good thing there are techniques on how to become more decisive and make the correct decisions.

Here Is a Preview of What You’ll Learn…

  • What Is Keeping Us From Making Good Decisions?
  • Where Must Our Decisions Come From?
  • Points to Consider When Making a Decision
  • Analyze the Situation
  • Tell Someone
  • Creating Pros and Cons
  • Determine Risk vs. Reward Ratio
  • Is it the Right Thing to Do?
  • Make the Decision
  • Have a Back Up Plan
  • Decision Making Tips

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Bestseller In Career Section

Best Career Options is an complete guide to new career opportunities.

Recession Proof Careers for Youngsters,




Opportunities and more..

Author: Joby P John (Leading Career Expert)

An Education Foundation From Scratch

by Sarah Childers

This is a basic guide on how to start an education foundation for your school district. This information is from first hand experience and can be utilized by teachers or administrators. If you have additional questions, you can contact me at

Intersections Illustrated: Safe Driving Guide: Stop Signs Edition

by Carmen Cohoe

For new drivers, student drivers, or as a refresher for any driver, this is a basic and practical ‘how-to’ guide about intersections with stop signs. It covers how to safely and properly handle 2-way stops and 4-way stops, including detailed and illustrated information on right-of-way (which vehicle or road user should yield in different situations), vehicle positioning on different roads, proper pedestrian etiquette, and general rules about basic intersections that every new driver should know. How can you safely do a right turn? Who do you have to yield to when turning left? Can you turn left if the oncoming vehicle is also turning left? Where do you stop for pedestrians? Why do we yield to the right? Why do we scan intersections from left to right? Who goes first at a 4-way stop? Where do you stop your vehicle when waiting for pedestrians? When should you shoulder check before a right turn? All of these questions answered (and more). Written by an experienced, ICBC-licensed GLP (Graduated Licensing Program) driving instructor in British Columbia, Canada. Information may also be relevant in other provinces, states, or cities.


It can be confusing as a new driver, especially when other drivers do not always follow the rules or set a good example. This ebook aims to show new drivers some common situations they may encounter. New drivers must learn basic driving rules; but also recognize when another road user is about to do something wrong. In order to stay safe, one must never mind their own business while driving. Predicting the actions of others – seeing things from the other drivers’ point of view – and reacting proactively, is a necessity. Humans are prone to error and those who are driving are no exception. Therefore, we must always allow for errors when driving and assume nothing. Driving can be a disheartening necessity, a delightful, joyous freedom, or even a passion; but a solid foundation is important in any case. Hopefully this ebook will help new drivers, if even a little.

About the Author

Ever since Carmen was 16, she wanted to go driving, teach her friends how to drive, and create a driving book for new drivers. After 5 years of driving, she became an ICBC-licensed GLP driving instructor in North Vancouver, BC, Canada at the age of 22; and taught a vast array of drivers for many years. This included teaching brand new drivers, refresher courses for experienced drivers, seniors, drivers from other countries, manual transmission lessons, defensive driving courses, and teaching a classroom theory course. She has completed training to obtain her BC Class 4 drivers license and has also taken collision avoidance courses with Driving Unlimited. She currently lives in Vancouver.

Learn Visually, Flashcards ( Countries )ã??â?¡

by MP Academy

Learn Visually, Flashcards ( Countries ) a learning material that helps your child learn shape and location of 130 countries and regions in the world in all. This edition covers one-third of them.

The shape of a certain country, its national flag, and where it is located in the world are shown as a clue; see if you can answer which country those clues are about.

Memorial Day Activities

by Debra Haagen

When many people think of Memorial Day, they think of a day off work, sales, picnics, and maybe a parade. Memorial Day, however, started out as a solemn holiday to remember those who died fighting in wars and to decorate their graves with flowers or flags. Learn more about the true meaning of Memorial Day and complete these activities as you celebrate and learn!

My Little Angel

by Paul George

A short story of two young parents raising their baby. They experience parenthood with a lot of fun.

Richard Dawkins still has time to believe in God but if he dies then he has to live with the consequences… (words 7312)

by Mohammed Raj Abdullah

Richard Dawkins still has time to believe in God but if he dies then he has to live with the consequencesâ?¦ (words 7312)

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