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Wicca: The Essential Guide for Beginners in Wicca & Witchcraft: Learn 10 Powerful Spells and Rituals for Wealth and Power (Wicca & Witchcraft: Beliefs, Magick, Spells and Rituals Book 4)

by Ray Wesker

10 Easy, Fast and Effective Spells to Improve Your Wealth and Power

Curious about the Wiccan religion and the practice of Witchcraft?

Looking for an alternative way to improve your wealth and power?

If you’re reading this guide, maybe you’re already involved with witchcraft, or you’re thinking of paying a witch to cast a wealth spell for you. The first piece of advice we’d offer is this – cast the spell yourself. Nobody knows you better than you know yourself, and the magick is more powerful when you perform it for yourself, rather than a third party.

This detailed guide has been made to be fast, effective and beginner friendly, so all the spells listed in this guide have easy to find ingredients and tools, whilst also not requiring any complex advanced techniques to implement them.

What will I learn?

  • Learn how to correctly cast spells
  • Spell to remove debt from your life
  • Money gambling spell
  • The full moon money spell
  • Money protection spell
  • Money charming spell
  • Success spell
  • Self-esteem spell
  • Fortune spinning spell
  • The weekly power spell
  • Power necklace spell

Master these fast and effective spells and change your wealth and power today!

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Thunder’s Shadow (In the Shadow of the Cedar Book 3)

by Sheila Hollinghead

Sarah Jane Hunter had a blissful life planned–to move back home, to the farm that held precious memories and the promise of new life. The bombing of Pearl Harbor shatters her dreams. Michael’s former girlfriend, Sylvia, threatens to plunge her into misery. Will her insidious assaults destroy all Sarah Jane holds dear? Or will Sarah Jane find the grit she needs to withstand, not only the turmoil of war, but also the threat to her family’s security? As always, she must seek… in the shadow of the cedar.

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