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ALMOST HEAVEN (House of Fallen Angels Book 1)

by Hailey Matthews

On a cold rainy night, Cynthia finds herself bruised and broken, running from the world she has known for the past five years, and running for her life. Just when she thinks all is lost, she is rescued by a handsome stranger who can give her what she’s always longed for…

Welcome to Fallen Angels, a refuge for abused women on the run from the men who were supposed to love them. It is a place where these desperate women are given chance to rebuild their shattered lives. Here Cynthia will find love, passion, friendship, and a strength she never thought she possessed. But this seemingly peaceful sanctuary holds a dark secretâ?¦

Nadine, a moody street-wise Latina, knows the secret; but she’s not telling. With a crazed gang member ex hunting for her, she has problems of her ownâ?¦

Janelle, the upbeat survivor of an abusive father, knows the secret; but she knows better than to tell. She has learned to block out the evil as she embarks on her own secret romanceâ?¦

Someone is sneaking into Fallen Angels under cover of the night. He brutally rapes his terrified victims before slipping out as quietly as a ghost. But nobody will speak out against him. Cynthia has to figure out what hold this wicked man has over the women of Fallen Angels. And if no one will help her, she will learn to fight for herself. But she doesn’t have much time because she may be his next victim.


The second (and last) book can be found here –>

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