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Photoshop: The beginners guide to Photoshop, Editing Photos, Photo Editing Tips, and How to Improve your Photography with Photoshop!

by Nigel Pinkman


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Photoshop is an incredible computer program that allows you to edit and improve photos.

For the complete beginner, Photoshop can be a confusing and frustrating program.

This book simplifies the program, and takes you through all of the basic tools and features that Photoshop includes.

As a photographer, you try and take the best photos possible. Unfortunately not everything goes perfectly all of the time, and some photos need editing to make them as good as they can possibly be.

This book shows you how to take your photos to the next level, and will have you expertly editing your photos in no time!

Here Is A Preview Of What You’ll Learn About…

  • Photoshop Toolbar
  • The Layers Palette
  • How To Color Correct Images
  • Performing Photo Enhancements
  • Editing Landscape Photos
  • How To Use The Pen Tool
  • Much, Much More!

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Five Magical Piano Practice Techniques

by Bernie Sirelson

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Here are five piano practice techniques that yield immediate and unexpected results.

These simple yet powerful techniques are a valuable resource for every aspiring pianist. They are easy to follow and are useful in many of the situations that you may come across while studying the piano.

Ideal for late beginner, intermediate and advanced players.

Photography Lighting: Amazing Guide on How to Understand the Fundamentals of Lighting (Photography Lighting, Photography Lighting books, Photography)

by Orlando Daniels

Photography Lighting (FREE Bonus Included)

Amazing Guide on How to Understand the Fundamentals of Lighting

Photography light is an important factor of this profession because without appropriate lighting, you can’t get crispy and brighter images. The Photography Lighting: Amazing Guide on How to Understand the Fundamentals of Lighting is designed to serve as an ultimate guide to learn the fundamentals of light. The book explains all fundamentals of light, important elements, tools, techniques and setup required for the photography lighting. The sun is the biggest source of the natural light, but it is important to learn how to control this source.

You can learn to make the light soft and hard according to the situation. After reading Photography Lighting: Amazing Guide on How to Understand the Fundamentals of Lighting, you will be able to polish your skills to become a professional photographer. The basic purpose of the book is to enable you to learn the importance of lights and you will be able to arrange all important tools. The book explains all important techniques of lighting to enhance your photographs.

Learn the basics of the lighting and implement them in the practical field. You will also get an opportunity to read about the different styles of photography and the use of light in each style to bring perfection in your work.

Contents of the Book:

  • Chapter 01: Photography and Photography Lighting
  • Chapter 02: Different Types of Lighting Setups, and How to Choose the Best One for Photos?
  • Chapter 03: Photographic Lighting Tools and Techniques for Studio
  • Chapter 04: Various Style of Photography
  • Chapter 05: Top Photography Lighting Facts you should know

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Feel the Beat

by Sid Salmo

“Feel the beat.

Welcome to the rhythm.

Wake up all your senses to the treats that you can give ’em!”

Rhythm. It’s not just in music. Take a look around you and notice all the different ways that rhythm shows itself. You might find it in some unexpected places.

Written in fun and engaging rhyme, this book highlights some of the many forms that rhythm can be found in our everyday world and how important it is.

Doodling Your Way to Enlightenment: Using Cartoons, Calligraphy & Mandalas (Channeling Ezekiel: A Daily Guide to Inner Beauty, Wisdom & Balance Book 3)

by Tammy Carpenter

Doodling Your Way to Enlightenment is the first in a series of doodling sketchbooks with a spiritual perspective to lead you on a personal journey of growth and understanding through simple guided sketchbook exercises. Using cartoons, calligraphy and mandalas as a fun playful way to express the self, this book contains 182 days of doodling prompts sure to entertain and lead to greater spiritual awareness.

A Story Worth Telling (The follow-up)


If you want excitement, then read this book! This story is a rollercoaster ride of unbelievable, and sometimes terrifying events that makes your hair stand up on the back of your neck. The characters are colorful, and some are even crazy! It’s hard to believe, but this is a real life story. It is filled with sheer amazement and awe. So, hold on to your seat as the story begins. It starts out with a scary encounter. This Black couple, minding their own business, is suddenly being robbed by two skinheads, or so they thought. Out of nowhere, they found themselves being thrown against their car while getting gas in this Black-free town on Long Island, New York. They were petrified! They thought surely their lives would be wiped out because these radicals had guns! But they surviveâ?¦.only to end up in police custody; instead of the gun-toting thugs who accosted them. Once at the precinct, the couple is taken in two separate rooms to be interrogated to get to the bottom of what really happened. The cops wanted to know what they were doing in this town, at night, getting gas, as though it was actually illegal. The woman doesn’t realize it, but her boyfriend is in the other room spilling his guts to the cops about a crime not in question. Why would he do this? What was his motive? Unbeknownst to her, he wants her to be thrown in jail because he, himself, would certainly be kept at the precinct that night because he had an outstanding warrant for his arrest. However, her life will be changed from this day forward for the rest of her life! After being questioned; and their stories differed, they both are arrested! Could this be a dream, she thought? All of this fear mounted up inside of her as they were fingerprinted and mug-shot. The woman is thinking to herself, “How did I end up in this position?” I was only getting gas! In the long run, the boyfriend ends up dead. Was it karma being played out for the way he betrayed her?

Sometime later, AIDS became a factor in all of this. Did the boyfriend know he was infected with HIV and didn’t tell her? Was there a dark side of him she had not detected? Once incarcerated, she ponders all these things. That’s when she knew she needed to be tested to find out. She feels confident though, that her test result will be Negative! But there was the possibility of a different outcome. What if the result came back Positive? Was AIDS the real reason why her boyfriend’s life ended so soon? The hands of the clock ticked slowly as she waitedâ?¦.then the doctor entered the room with her test results. This is her story! “A Story Worth Telling”â?¦â?¦â?¦â?¦â?¦..

Windy Mills: Surrealist photographs of Norfolk and Suffolk windmills (surrealism Book 8)

by electrobleme

The photos in this book are 100% genuine:

NO image editing (like Photoshop)

NO filters

NO camera effect apps

Just new and unique surreal photography techniques discovered in the large photo ebooks Drive By Shooting and Is this for surreal?

Surrealist photographs of Norfolk windmills and Suffolk windmills

20 surrealist style phtographs – includes windpumps and watermills and Norfolk landscape photography and Suffolk landscape photography.

The MonoChrome 35mm Film Camera: How The Professional Photographer Used B&W Film

by Ian Timothy

It is a publication written from the knowledge and wisdom of a full time professional photographer who made an exceptional living from using film cameras. Within this publication is the information needed for any photographer who wishes to use film and be able to achieve a high standard of work.

The professional has little interest in anything other than profit and he/she fails if there is an inability to succeed. This is not the world of the self sacrificing â??Arty’ photographer. This is the world of profit and loss. Therefore the methods used have to work. Because if they fail the photographer has no clients. The client pays the bills and if the photographer cannot fulfil the assignment there will be no more contracts given.

Therefore the process and methods use HAVE to work and work EVERY time. You are about to discover the how’s and the why’s.

There is so much non-sense written about film work that I decided to write of how the working professional works. If the reader is looking to buy a camera, lenses etc. It will be worth the price of this publication for the money which will be saved.

Yogi Jam: The Secret To Unlocking Your Potential On Guitar

by Blake Foster

Are you in a guitar slump? Having trouble advancing your skill level? Maybe you are just having trouble releasing your creativity. This short ebook is not an unreadable academic paper on guitar theory, but a look into the world of how the brain processes musical information during creative moments and improvisation through the eyes of a multi-instrumentalist who has been where you have been. The insight in this short, informal written lecture is meant to show you new ways to look at playing the guitar creatively and powerful new ways to improve the quality of your guitar practice. This book provides information based on research into more esoteric fields and is guaranteed to help the reader gain the skills it takes to become a more creative and skillful player. This ebook will help you to bring a more meditative approach to your guitar playing and allow your practice to speak directly to your creative side. Your guitar practice will have never been so powerful!

Homemade Beauty Products Box Set: Over 75 Amazing DIY Beauty Recipes for Your Body, Face and Hair! (All-Natural & Organic)

by Annette Marsh

Homemade Beauty Products Box Set (3 in 1)

Book One: DIY Lotion Making: 25 Homemade and Natural Body Lotion Recipes for Beautiful and Soft Skin

Making Homemade lotions does not have to be difficult.

Right now, many people are purchasing their own lotions at the store, being stuck with whatever is available and not realizing the harm that they could be causing to their skin. Most of these people have never taken the time to look at the label on the back of the lotion; if they did, they might be horrified to find some of the ingredients that are there. Store bought lotions will often have harmful and toxic ingredients simply for the fact that these are cheap and make more money for the company.

When you take the time to make your own lotions at home, you ensure that you get exactly what you want and that the product does not have any harmful chemicals inside. This guidebook will show you how easy it can be!

In this guidebook you will learn:

– How to get started on making your own homemade lotions including what materials and ingredients to get.

– The benefits of making your own lotions compared to purchasing at the store

– 25 easy recipes to make at home in no time

– Tips for making your skin look as healthy and vibrant as you feel.

Book Two: DIY Body Scrubs and Facial Masks: Over 25 Organic Recipes to Nourish, Exfoliate and Hydrate Your Skin

Do you suffer from dry, oily, or acne-prone facial or body skin?

Are you looking for an all-natural alternatives to the commercially available, chemical products?

Then you may have found the right book! Enjoy an awakening scrub in the morning using lemon peel and grapefruit seed extract or oil in order to rid your body of acne and blemishes, or use a chocolate scrub or mask in the evening in order to relax and feel like you’re spending the day at a spa!

No matter what type of mask or body scrub you desire, I guarantee that you will find it in this book!

Just take a look at the different types of recipes you’ll find in here:

– Facial Masks for Dry or Oily Skin

– Facial Masks for Normal to Sensitive Skin

– Facial Masks to Eradicate Breakouts

– Body Scrubs for Dry or Oily Skin

– Body Scrubs for Normal to Sensitive Skin

Book Three: DIY Hair Masks: 25 Natural Recipes for All Types of Hair to Make Them Strong and Shiny

Are you tired of using store bought hair masks that are expensive and don’t seem to do much for your hair?

Would you like to take a look at some alternative, homemade hair masks that are excellent for your hair and scalp?

Do you want to increase hair growth and have shinier, healthier looking hair every day?

Then you need to take a look at this eBook on homemade, do it yourself hair mask for oily, dry, damaged, frizzy, and normal hair types! You’ll find information pertaining how to prepare ingredients in these recipes, as well as what ingredients are best for different hair types and what they will do for your hair. You’ll also find valuable information pertaining to where to find ingredients that may be rare or hard to find at the grocery store, and how to prepare the ingredients in order to use them in the hair mask recipes.

In this book, you will find the following information:

– DIY Hair Masks for Dry Hair

– DIY Hair Masks for Oily Hair

– DIY Hair Masks for Frizzy Hair

– DIY Hair Masks for Severely Damaged Hair

– DIY Hair Masks for Normal Hair

Jewelry Making Guide Book: Easy Instructions on How to Make DIY Jewelry – Jewelry Making For Beginners with Unique Jewelry Patterns for Beautiful Homemade Necklaces, Bracelets, Earrings Pendants

by Dina Galvin

Step by step guide to unique handmade beaded Jewelry making for beginners

Jewelry making is a combination of precision science and creative art. Jewelry making can also be breathtakingly expensive, especially when you are dealing with the big- three of jewelry: gold, pearl and diamonds. But, fortunately, most of the jewelry that is actually used on a day to day basis is not the expensive type but the normal fashion jewelry. That is the array of every day jewelry – necklaces, earrings, bracelets and pendants – that you can match with just about any dressing complete with color variations, size and styles.

That is what this jewelry making guide book is about. It is a book on jewelry making for beginners with easy, step by step instructions on how to make fashion jewelry. Whatever your preference, from beautiful pendants to handmade beaded jewelry, this easy guide to making jewelry has all the instructions and tips that you need.

Easy guide to handmade beaded Jewelry making for beginners

But why make, rather than buy, your won jewelry? Because DIY jewelry making is cheaper and allows you to make your own designer jewelry that reflects your own taste and personality. This DIY jewelry making guide book makes all that possible by systematically explaining the process of creating original and unique jewelry with just about any jewelry pattern you can think of. And that includes step by step instructions on making handmade beaded jewelry, an increasingly popular and creative type of fashion jewelry that is particularly good at expressing unique personality.

Plus, of course, you could take matters a step higher and start your own line of jewelry brands. The book’s easy instructions on how to make DIY jewelry are specifically designed to give jewelry making beginners all the grounding and perspectives to create their own brands of unique and original jewelry. In fact, you could make unique and original necklaces, earrings, bracelets and pendants as gifts for friends and family on special occasions like birthdays, weddings or holidays like Christmas.

Topics covered by this Jewelry Making Guide Book:

– The materials and tools of fashion jewelry making

– Techniques of making homemade necklaces, bracelets, earrings and pendants

– Tips on creating unique and original jewelry pattern

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