Free fiction Kindle books for 20 May 15

Club Nova Vol. 1 (Brad Grayson)

by Elizabeth Nelson

Victoria Strong is thrilled with her promotion to Brad’s personal assistant. It gets her out of the club and into a more secure working environment. Not to mention, closer to Brad Grayson. Of all of his dozens of attractive female employees, he picked her. So at the end of a long week, she’s less than surprised to feel so much sexual tension in the air. What surprises her is the sting of rejection when he doesn’t act on it.

Victoria spends days worrying about their professional relationshipâ??is he interested in her beyond being his secretary? Why didn’t he cross the employer-employee line when they both so clearly wanted to? Was it something she did? The sexual tension only grows between them, threatening to tear her apart, despite her feeble attempts to tone it down.

So when Victoria reads between the lines after a high powered client leaves Brad’s office looking disheveled, her heart breaks. She knows she’s been lusting after sinful desires, but they can’t be ignored. Brad is a temptation she can’t get out of her system.

Until an intimidating phone call threatens to ruin it all.

== > Club Nova Vol. 1 is approx. 180 pages and is volume 1 in the Brad Grayson series. This story is planned to unfold over four volumes.

**Due to adult situations this book is for 18 and older only.**

Langston’s Daughters (The Lockwood Legacy Book 1)

by Juliette Harper

Kate, Jenny, and Mandy. Langston Lockwood’s daughters. His tyranny drove them away. His suicide draws them home. They inherit his land, his millions, and his mysteries. Meet the women of the Rocking L and the men who come into their lives. Together, they begin the journey to discover the truth about The Lockwood Legacy. From the pain of the past they find the strength to build a dynasty.

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