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The Assassin

by William Roach

She looked and acted like a meek little scatterbrained debutante but in reality she was as deadly as a cobra.

That is what drew Lord Dumont to her. She could come up with never ended conversations that would burn Chris’s ears. But it was all cover she used. In reality she was cunning. She was the best Assassin the British SS had ever trained.

Upon Destiny’s Song

by Mike Ericksen

“Upon Destiny’s Song” is a remarkable story about sacrifice, courage and love. Ane Marie Madsen was only ten-years-old when she immigrated to Utah with her family. She was numbered in the ill-fated Willie Handcart Company of 1856, which saw the deaths of almost a third of the company when winter storms hit Wyoming. After settling in Utah, Ane Marie’s faith is tested once again as her path moves through the misadventures of colonizing a new territory ridden with danger and disease. Over 150 years later, descendent Mike Ericksen retells this epic journey and discovers lessons for his own modern sojourn.

Ericksen has previously told the story of his ancestors harrowing trek through song and speaking engagements held across the country. Now the amazing story and its beautiful message is finally available in “Upon Destiny’s Song.”

(The kindle version of this book does not come with a CD).

The Troubled Crab

by Karl Alberti

This is an English translation of the old Japanese fairy tale, “The Troubled Crab” – in it, a crab and a monkey quarrel over who is the rightful owner of a persimmon tree, with disastrous consequences.

The Wire Monkey: Life, changes, wars, and politics, and sex, of the 1960’s. Spiritual and philosophical.

Two of the most gifted statesmen of the 20th Century were both assasinated within a two year period in the early part of the 1960’s. Dag Hammarskjold, the 2nd Secretary General of the United Nations was killed on September 18, 1961, while on a mission to negotiate peace in the Congo. John Fitzgerald Kennedy, 35th President of the United States,was assasinated on November 22, 1963. Both were reourceful, innovative men. Both clever in dipolomacy and advocated peaceful solutions to conflict. Imagine history without the Vietnam War. Peace would have prevailed in the Congo if the Russian backed Simbca Rebels had not shot down Dag Hammarskold’s plane. A Tennessee hillbilly airman was in San Antonio on November 21st when President Kennedy came through on his way to Dallas. A day he would never forget. He was involved in combat in the Congo rebellion of August 1964, wherein the same Simbca rebels executed women and children hostages. He decided against re-enlisting in the air force after a CIA station chief that he had become friends with warned him about what had actually caused the Vietnam conflict. His discharge in San Francisco led him into becoming a hippie in the Height Ashbury District. After being consumed by the free love, sex, and war protesters, he moved to Fresno to attend school and get a fresh start. His plans went astray after a talented, persuasive, old cowboy convinced him to participate in an illegal gambling game. Some mobsters took over the game and forced him into becoming a financial front man for them in Miami. They stole his beautiful girlfriend and he was apt to become fish food in the Atlantic. He escaped with half million dollars of their money and was successful at hiding out in the desert in Texas until he fell in love with a beautiful Mexican woman, a Texas inmate. A deal with the mod led to a successful prison break and a new life in Cuernavaca, Mexico. He did an Ayahuasca spiritual cleansing ceremony with a jungle shaman in the Amazon Rain Forest Jungle near Iquitos, Peru. He was able to communicate with his deceased mother and bring closure to the revinge he sought againt a Catholic Priest

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by S. Wellshauna


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She couldn’t afford to be fired from this job. It was hard enough to find good jobs when certain types of managers looked down on her for her size. She was what the rest of society would call obese, what her doctor called someone with an, “unhealthy weight,” and to top it off, her passion was clothing and design, so of course everyone she worked with was superficial and didn’t hesitate to hurt her feelings.


Cindy Hewes arrived at work, tugging at her snugly fitting business dress. It was time for another day of the same old thing. She sighed, and laboriously trudged to her cubicle. It was the furthest workspace from the door, so she had to move past almost everyone on her floor before arriving at her desk. This wouldn’t be a big deal for most people, but Cindy was a big girl who happened to be very well-endowed, and walking through narrow rows of chairs and people got pretty awkward sometimes.


Voluptuous, fiery redhead Lara Wilks runs the local floral shop. Everyday, she sees men come in begging for her advice with their wives and girlfriends. She mends relationships with her floral arrangements. She kindles romance. But when will it be her turn?


Stephen Hart checked his watch. He didn’t have to be home for another fifteen minutes, which was good because he wasn’t done with his jog yet. He turned down the side street that was the closest to home and began his descent down the road. He loved exercising in the morning. These jogs were always so refreshing and calming. The peaceful world was just what he needed to start his day out right and make sure he had the boost he needed to get things done.


Sandra Ernest flipped through the pages in her book, curious to see what would happen next.

The protagonist of this story was always coming up with innovative and creative solutions to the wild situations she got herself into, and this time she had been caught spying on the person she had a crush on and was going to have to come up with something to make herself seem like she was a lot more noble than she had appeared to be through her stalking.

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Tags: BBW Romance, BBW, BBW Romance And Alpha Males, BBW BWWM, BBW Paranormal Book

– WARNING DISCLAIMER : Adults 18+ Only . All Characters depicted are of the age of 18+. Story line Is Purely Fiction And For Entertainment Purposes . Contains MATURE Explicit Content!

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