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K is for Klutz (A-Z of Horror Book 11)

by Iain Rob Wright

Iain Rob Wright blows me away – J.A. Konrath

Fireman, Mark Gunn, is a hero. That’s what sends him racing into a burning building to save an old man.

But it might have been better if Mark had left the old man to his fate, because people have a strange way of dying whenever he is around.

A Short Story by Bestselling Author, Iain Rob Wright.

Dark Tales from the Den

by Dona Fox

Find within seventeen unsettling tales that will ooze under your skin, cozy little tales that twist slowly strange and violent-delightfully dark. There’s a mean doll, a box full of bones-and newspaper clippings, a bank robbery gone horribly wrong-for almost everyone. Daddy’s last train, and the train Uncle Frank catches again and again, a haunted carousel that sparks up the night, an alien abduction, a meeting with the evil Lilith. Foxes. A girl you wouldn’t want to meet in a bar-if you value your ink, a drug of the future with certain finality about it. Many graves dug, barns to die in, and ghosts and more ghosts. Seep into this book.

The Vampires of Ebbets Field

by Mark Mitchell

John Connor, Brooklyn native and Dodgers fan since childhood, is bitten by a beast and left for dead in the forests of Eastern Europe during the last months of World War II. Instead of surrendering to the “bloodlust” that the bite of the beast engenders in its victims, he is saved by a Muslim physician,

Dr. Tirgu, who builds him a revolutionary new blood transfusion machine. Back in Brooklyn he takes a job as a night reporter for a local paper, spending his days alone in his apartment and his early evenings at a bar across the street from Ebbets Field. Every two months he must visit Dr. Tirgu’s brother for another transfusion. The beast, determined to bring Connor “back into the fold,” kills and mutilates several women in and around Ebbets Field, hoping to force Connor to join him. Meanwhile, Connor, who had faced the likelihood that he would always be alone, meets a woman, Mary, whose life is as hopeless as his, and they are immediately attracted to each other.

When the beast tries to take Mary from him, Connor enlists the help of a wealthy German businessman, who also suffers “the disease of the blood,” to keep Mary safe. Along the way he also encounters three ex-priests who either want to save his life, destroy his life or save his soul. What happens to Mary becomes the key to Connor’s future, to the future of the beast and his disciples, and ultimately to the future salvation of mankind.

What happens when science, religion and the supernatural collide?

Most of the action takes place in Brooklyn in the late 1940s-early 1950s, then in Germany and finally in the present-day Pacific Northwest.

Maimed by the Alpha (Death is the Stalker Book 1)

by L.B. Barrows

A spine-tingling, cliff-hanging, spell-binding roller coast ride of horror. You’ll want to keep the lights on after reading.

When Paige Carter hears the sounds of howls in the woods, she thinks they’re just wolves. But that doesn’t make them any less frightening. She and her boyfriend, Jake, sneak off to a little cabin at the edge of her parent’s property, but something doesn’t feel right. Whatever is in the woods is following her, stalking her. Little does she realize that the pair of eyes she glimpses hides a feral intelligence and a dark plan for her future.

This is a serial series, approximately 12,000 words per part in soap opera style.

Book 1: Maimed by the Alpha

Book 2: Chased by the Alpha ~ Dec 15 or earlier

Book 3: TBA

Book 4: TBA

Book 5: ?

Death is the Stalker Alpha Series will either close on Book 4 or Book 5. TBD.

White Oblivion

by Amirah Bellamy

Netty wakes up to a world very different from the one that she has known. She looks in the mirror and has no idea who is staring back at her. All that she knew as familiar now only leads to questions. She starts to wonder what is truly real. Are we truly who we think we are? Has the truth about us been purposefully hidden?

As answers transform into power in a world that is changing before their very eyes Netty and the others must decide between using this power to create their own utopia or come into their own Being. Difficult decisions must be made when predators becomes prey and prey evolve into an unstoppable parasitic force that is the key to life as we know it. What would you do?

White Oblivion is a thought-provoking, introspective sci-fi drama that challenges the depths of our humanity, explores the limits of our savagery and awakens the soul within. It forces us to examine issues such as police brutality, the oppression of blacks and the issues that keep us divided.

Nine Lives

by James Classi

In James Classi’s first collection of short fiction you will encounter ghosts, madmen and things that go bump in the night. Be sure to lock your doors and turn the lights way up, and oh yeah, don’t forget to check under your bed. You just never know what might be lurking there.

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