Free parenting and families Kindle books for 20 May 15

63 Ways to Spell Jasmine

by Jazmine Myers

Do you want to name your baby “Jasmine” but don’t want to settle for the normal spelling? This book collects 63 unique spellings of the name.

New Parents – Facts & Tips On Babies & Toddlers

by Erica Clayton

A little taste from the book:

If the baby is really little, then it is accepted that he will get up many times at night.

But in case of older babies, it is not accepted. It is quite frustrating for the mother if

the baby goes to sleep after a good deal of effort and then keeps waking up again

and again. It is a big achievement for the mother if the baby sleeps uninterrupted

through the night. Nevertheless, if the baby is not sleeping well then you must start

thinking about his day time activities and how these are affecting his sleeping pattern…

This is what we will talk about in this book:

Table Of Contents:

Basic Baby Care Tips

Babies And Bedtime Fussiness

Introduction To Baby Car Seats

Introducing Solid Foods

Choosing The Right Baby Carrier

Choosing The Right Baby Carrier

Perfect Baby Shower Gift?

Essential Baby Clothes You Cannot Do Without

Baby Crib Advice And Tips

Baby Cot – And Good Parenting

Baby Formula Types And Benefits

DIVORCE: WHICH JAIL DO YOU WANT?: The Little-Known Escape Clause Your Lawyer Won’t–Can’t- Tell You About (Divorce can be such Sweet Sorrow)

by Pete Geissler

I am not a lawyer; I am survivor of a divorce that to a great extent was resolved amicably because my lawyer/partner and I adhered to the principles and rules I put forth in this book.

I derived the principles and rules from my experience, conversations with my lawyer/partner, observations of several friends as they meandered and muddled through their divorce proceedings, and from written cases that were similar to mine, all of which I found to be instructive, some of which I found to be bizarre as well.

All of that doesn’t detract one bit from the validity of the principles and rules I so fearlessly put forth, and I hope that you and your spouse heed themâ??with the consent of your lawyers, of course.

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