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by KiaZ

“Peace was called to be cure for the common cold.

The way that the wise reign made the sin refrain from spreading in the land.

The truth was a way to shame the lies and the words were used to build knowledge in schools.

There was no room left to hate and no way to retaliate because all that came was great.

We all seemed to escape the grave and all that pure water seemed to taste like grapes.

The apes swung from the trees and the bees ate all the peas.

Living in a broken world and to me peace was so strange only if my mind remained the same because I tend to wonder and my mind tends to ponder of days of old.

The death untold and the rush for gold…”

Heaven: A poetry travel to darkness, pain and light

by Milza Lopez

Poems that have fallen from Heaven will describe you an amazing travel along despair, pain, darkness and the light of the verses from the Author.

Ï?ο αιÏ?νιο κλοÏ?βί: Ï?οίηÏ?η Ï?Ï?ν αÏ?λÏ?ν καθημερινÏ?ν λέξεÏ?ν

by Î?νÏ?νÏ?μοÏ? Î?Ï?Ï?νÏ?μοÏ?

Î?ια μικρή Ï?ροÏ?Ï?άθεια να Ï?ληÏ?ιάÏ?οÏ?με Ï?α Ï?ράγμαÏ?α.Î?Ï?ι αÏ?Ï? Ï?ην άλλη,Ï?ην δήθεν αθέαÏ?η Ï?λεÏ?ρά.

Î?εν Ï?Ï?άρÏ?ει αθέαÏ?η Ï?λεÏ?ρά.Î?εν Ï?Ï?άρÏ?ει Ï?ίÏ?οÏ?α Ï?Ï?ην ΧÏ?ρα Ï?ηÏ? Î?Ï?Ï?οÏ?ίαÏ?.

Poor Man’s Imaginary Friend: Poems by Jarod Powell

by Jarod Powell

With a passionate, sometimes deviant perception, “Poor Man’s Imaginary Friend” explores life’s gutters, as well as its cozy corners: teenage sex, moral ambiguity, black magick, family, and the occasional unexpected moment of clarity. Whether looking to the human experience with war and self-destruction on its mind, commentary on war itself, the psychological impact of selling sex, a play-by-play experience with meth use, or the simple but deep agony of living in a small town, these poems combine to form a biting, hateful, love note to the author’s place of birth, Southern Missouri.

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