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Truth Evolves

by Dustin Arand

Truth, knowledge, and ethics are far from the concrete absolutes people often see them as. Rather, truth and morality are relative concepts, caught in a continuous cycle of trial and error. In short, truth continually evolves.

Dustin Arand explores the implications of ever-adapting ethics in Truth Evolves. Basing his arguments on evolutionary theory, philosophy of language, and philosophy of mind, Arand explains how adaptive truth applies to moral duty, religion, and living a meaningful life.

At the center of Arand’s worldview is the virtue of corrigibility, or the ability to correct and adjust one’s thoughts and beliefs. Corrigibility lies at the heart of intellectual honesty and integrity, allowing for the correction of the beliefs that govern our daily lives and the institutions that govern our society.

Using accessible, easy-to-understand language, Arand applies corrigibility to major philosophical questions on the nature of knowledge, the relationship between beauty and truth, and the difficult, contentious debate over whoâ??or whatâ??counts as a person. A fascinating exploration into the ephemeral nature of knowledge and ethics, Truth Evolves invites you to consider these deeply personal, deeply human issues.

How to Stop Being Jealous: Discover How to Overcome Jealousy Issues and Feel Secure in Your Relationship

by Reena Summers

If you’re ready to improve your relationship by learning how to overcome jealousy, then this book is for you!

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Let’s face it: Occasionally there may be a valid reason for you to feel jealous and resentful because of something that your partner did (or failed to do). Unfortunately, this jealousy in turn affects and strains your relationship. But even worse are situations when the jealousy actually stems from your own feelings of inadequacy or insecurity. Too often, an otherwise healthy relationship is completely wrecked by too many suspicions and failing trust or faith in the other partner. All because of baseless and unfounded fits of jealousy. Thus, the focus of this book is to discuss (and eliminate) the latter scenario where we operate on the premise that there is nothing to be jealous about and these pangs of jealousy are only unfounded suspicions that need to be shed and swept away once and for all. Based on the assumption that the relationship is otherwise secure, stable, and healthy, the jealous partner (most likely you, since you’re reading this) must learn to be able to contain any raging feelings of jealousy in order to make the relationship survive, thrive, and prosper for a full, secure, and happy life together. In this book you will find the help you’re looking for, including assistance in developing the skills needed to help you understand the reality of your situation through a new perspective; tactics to help you rebuild your relationship and put it on the right path; guidelines for letting go of jealousy once and for all; and tips for sustaining a healthy relationship to ensure future success. So if you’re finally ready to kick the green monster out of your life for good, then let’s get started!

Here Is A Preview Of What You’ll Learn…

  • Understanding Your Situation
  • How to Rebuild Your Relationship
  • Letting Go of Jealousy
  • Sustaining a Healthy Relationship
  • How to Ensure Success
  • Much, much more!

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Build a Survival Safe Home Box Set: Over 40 Tips on How to Construct a Protected Shelter and Defend Yourself from Natural Catastrophes & The Proven Preppers … Safe Home Box Set, disaster relief)

by Kimberly Lee

Build a Survival Safe Home Box Set (FREE Bonus Included)

BOOK #1: Build a Survival Safe Home: Over 40 Helpful Tips on How to Construct a Protected Shelter and Defend Yourself and your Family from Natural Catastrophes

It was once said that your home is your castle. Though this may not be the case anymore it is still the place that many will choose to batten down the hatches when things go wrong. This can be a double edged sword as either being your best or worst solution. Defending your home may be no easy task, if you have a home to return to in many cases.

Shelter is one of the three most important survival needs, without it we would be vulnerable to the elements, human predators, natural disasters and animals. We often take our homes for granted, they are our sanctuary in many ways and we always expect them to be there when we return. It’s often the idea of the home being a sacred fortress that leads people to get killed because they don’t realize how vulnerable their home is or plan what to do if it was gone.

Here is what you will learn after reading this book:

  • Your homes Weakest Points
  • Home Advantage
  • Firearms for home safety
  • If you can’t go home
  • Extreme weatherproofing your home

BOOK #2: Home in Disaster: Prepare Your Home and Protect Your Property Before the Disaster Knocks on Your Door

Are you prepared for an emergency? In Home in Disaster, you will learn the essentials everyone needs to survive a series of emergencies, both naturally occurring and man-made, how to protect your home and family and most of all, how to have the will to live, in the best and worst of instances.

Disaster preparation is an important skill to learn in our challenging and often dangerous world. Learning this skill is not as simple as spending some time at a survivalist store and talking with people on a message board. It requires a degree of planning and forethought.

With that in mind, this book lays out specific scenarios to get you thinking about how you could handle a disaster before it arrives. Some of the situations that you’ll read about include:

  • Earthquake preparation – what to do before the ground starts shaking and why you need to think ahead.
  • Contagious disease outbreaks – what happens when the illness is not contained and you can’t seek out help for your regular first aid needs.
  • Blizzard conditions – what makes blizzards so terrifying and why it isn’t just enough to run out before the storm hits to get milk and bread from the store.
  • Terror alerts and attacks – what to do when to combat weapons of mass destruction.

BOOK #3: Preppers Blueprint: The Proven Preppers Guide to Get Yourself Ready for Any Disaster

Much can be said about preparing for disasters. Government and state websites outline a myriad of ways to prepare, survivalist companies advertise their specialty products and supplies, neighbors have their own ideas, but do you have an emergency plan? What would you do if you were ordered to leave your home right now? What would you take? What would you do if a nuclear power plant emitted radioactive substances? The question is – are you ready?

Since Hurricane Katrina, 9/11 disaster, and massive outbreaks of tornadoes, this world has seen an uptick in all sorts of disasters: earthquakes, hurricanes, tornadoes, tsunamis, massive fires, floods; isolated civil unrest riots and protests; and, each news day features frightening details of disasters in the making. The Preppers Blueprint: The Proven Preppers Guide to Get Yourself Ready for Any Disaster provides a basic blueprint by examining the areas of preparation in devising a disaster survival plan.

These are the secrets of preparation that we will discuss: