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The T.E.A. Formula: A Sentence-by-Sentence Guide to Writing an A+ Essay Every Time

by Sharon Woodill

The topic, evidence, and analysis are the building blocks of great essay writing, and this book is the instruction manual. This book skips all the writing jargon typical of most writing guides and shows sentence by sentence how to quickly and easily write an A+ essay. The T.E.A. Formula provides a technical foundation for academic essay writing in most any discipline.

Communication Skills: How To Improve Your Communication Skills, Be An Effective Speaker And Influence People (communication skills, improve communication … effective speaker, influence people)

by Andrew Young

Communication Skills – How To Improve Your Communication Skills, Be An Effective Speaker And Influence People

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Do you have trouble getting your idea across to people? Are you not a confident speaker but wish to influence people? Well lucky for you, as we have put together this guide that will make turn you into a confident and enthusiastic speaker that everybody will want to hear what you say! Public speaking is an incredibly difficult thing to do, being able to put yourself out there. However once you are able to get over that fear, you will speak with no hesitation and be an influencer. And to do that there are certain skills you need to develop which are right here in this book!

Human beings are social animals. The fundamental activity of every human is to engage in communication with another. With every interaction, whether active or passive, we find ourselves communicating with other people. Even our silence connotes some intention, which others may interpret at their discretion.

In This Book, Here Is A Preview Of What You’ll Learnâ?¦

  • Communication-Our Fundamental Instinct
  • If You Don’t Study,You Shall NOT Pass
  • Transform into a Juice Stage Persona
  • It’s NOT WHAT you say, but HOW you say it
  • Reflect and Emerge Confident

Take action right away to be an effective speaker and influence people today by downloading this book, â??Communication Skills – How To Improve Your Communication Skills, Be An Effective Speaker And Influence People’, for a limited time discount!

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Vision’s of a king: Poetry ,Thoughts, & Words

by By. DT Hargrove

This book is a mind twister that will have the reader to review their thoughts on life

Medical Language: Easy to Learn (1)

by Jerry Chandler

There are a lot of words to learn in medical language. With a little time spent learning a few words and how to break them down, and also build new medical words from word parts, you will be speaking the medical terminology before you know it. Medical language, prefixes, suffixes, combining vowels, word parts, explained and put in catagories of the body systems, to help make it easier to learn the medical language. Learn how to break down a medical word so you understand what it means. You will learn how to build new medical words from all the different word parts.

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