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How To Read Tarot Cards Like A Pro: A Power-Packed Little Guide To Easily Read Tarot Cards

by Katie Karma


I’ve added more information to this book, including symbols and colors in the Tarot cards and five sample layouts along with interpretations. I initially wanted to keep the book very basic and to not get real complicated. However, I realize there are some readers that want to become more immersed in the Tarot cards, so I felt I should provide more in depth details.

Now you will find chapters on colors and symbols in Tarot cards. I personally don’t use them in my readings, but maybe many of you will want to!

I also listened to the readers who were kind enough to write reviews, and it seemed as though some were disappointed because there were no “examples” of layouts in the book. So I took some pictures of five layouts and explained them the best I could. Please remember I’m not a professional photographer so they might look amateurish. That’s because they are!


(Original Description) Are you confused, frustrated and/or fed up with so many tarot card books that have long explanations and meanings and then, on top of them, reversed meanings as you are attempting to learn how to read your tarot cards? So was I way back in 1975 when I first delved into the world of tarot cards.

Then in 1983 I went to a reader and was fascinated and impressed by her interpretations of the cards. They were different from all the meanings I had seen in other books. I attended her exclusive invitation-only class and learned HER way! I decided to take those lessons and gather them together.

The result is this little book that is power packed with information…no fluff, no illustrations, and no long-winded explanations. (See update) It’s a unique blend of esoteric tarot meanings combined with astrology and numerology. I’ve included a few “lessons” on astrology in case you aren’t familiar with the zodiac. The included numerology explanation is straight-out simple.


Making Sense Of Life Eternal

by Sharon Butz

In 2004, I attended an open session here in Sedona, Arizona featuring trance medium, Summer Bacon channeling Dr. James Martin Peebles. Dr. James Martin Peebles died in 1922 at the age of 99.9 years old. He was a writer, a naturopath, a medical doctor, a minister, and a mystic. He traveled the world five times and spent his life healing, counseling, and tending to the masses. I continued to follow Dr. Peebles throughout the years, and had several private sessions with him. In 2012, I approached Summer with the idea of scheduling sessions so that I could ask him questions to include in a book. This book represents my journey talking to Heaven and Dr. Peebles answers from the spiritual point of view.

Star Song (Soul Journey With the Real Jesus Book 1)

by Katheryn Maddox Haddad

Come meet the people who met Jesus. You are one of them. Probably you are several of them. Go ahead and struggle with them as they did. Laugh. Cry. Do mental battle with him. Emotional battle too. Fight for your faith as they fought. Pause to listen for what you’ve never heard before. Then touch Jesus.

This is the story of faith in the impossible. Hope in the inconceivable. Love for the invincible. It is the dreams of youth, the desperaions of infirmity, the hopes of age, and the song of eternity.

Follow the suspense as each person in Jesus’ life comes to terms with who they are, and who Jesus is. Jesus accepts the as they are. But can they accept themselves as they are? More than that, can they accept Jesus as he is? Both God and man? Both Creator and created? Both King and servant?

It is the story of doubts explained away, animosities melted away, misunderstandings cleared away. It is your story and mine. For deep within each of us is everyone who ever met and struggled with Jesus.


Mary was too young, Elizabeth too old, Joseph too gullible, the shepherds too smelly, Anna too senile, Simeon too idealistic, Salome too flippant. The wise men should have minded their own business, Zechariah should have accepted he’d never have children. King Herod dared control God, the Bible scholars dared interpret God.

Get all books in this series on 100 people who met and struggled with Jesus:

Book 1: Star Song

Book 2: Dream Maker

Book 3: Hearts Afire

Book 4: Folk Hero

Book 5: Flood Gates

Book 6: Promise Keeper

Book 7: Shadow of Death

Book 8: Come Fly With Me

Welcome, now, to the story of Jesus through the eyes of 100 people who met and struggled with him.

From Grief to Joy: A Journey Back to Life & Living

by Donna Miesbach

My Heart is Like an Open Field…

Donna’s story is an elegant illustration of how to recognize that, despite how it may seem, the world around you is not coming apart; it is just the turbulence that is necessary to project you into the next level of life. Do not be afraid of what this life brings you. Use it, and know that in the realm of uncertainty, your destiny is found. Donna walks this path. She has experienced it first hand, and her message is a powerful communication inspired by practice. Upon finishing this book, you will know more than you imagined possible about the power of life, faith, love and compassion.
– From the Foreword by Dr. David Morehouse, Founder of Remote Viewing Technologies, and author of Psychic Warrior

Donna Miesbach has been on a spiritual path all her life, which led her to extensive study with some of today’s premier teachers of spirituality. She has studied with Dr. Deepak Chopra for over fifteen years and is one of the Chopra Center’s certified meditation and yoga instructors. She has achieved the level of Quantum Explorer in Remote Viewing after training with Dr. David Morehouse, and has studied with Roger Gabriel both in the United States and in India. Donna has also completed the advanced level of intensive training in Sound Healing with Jonathan Goldman and is a member of the Sound Healers Association.

Dan Millman: Dan Millman Greatest Life Lessons and Best Quotes (The Peaceful Warrior)

by Karen Harris

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Dan Millman is a former Trampoline World Champion, a spiritual coach and an author. He is well-known for his best-seller “The Way of the peaceful Warrior”, which was adapted to a film, “Peaceful Warrior”

His first and most popular book, “The way of the peaceful warrior”, is based on his own life. This book shows his thoughts, acts and lessons when he was going through one of his most life-changing experiences.

In this book I have tried to sum up some of his most important life lessons and philosophies of life, in an attempt to gather the wisdom he is already spreading with his life, books and seminars.

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  • The Peaceful Warrior and Happiness
  • The Peaceful Warrior and Passion
  • The Peaceful Warrior and Failure
  • The Peaceful Warrior and Purpose
  • The Pattern of the Peaceful Warrior
  • Dan Millman Best Quotes
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Through the Mind’s Eye (Rosicrucian Order AMORC Kindle Editions)

by Ralph M. Lewis

This collection of nineteen essays covers a wide range of philosophical concepts. As you will discover, truth is elusive as it varies from one person to another; and it is never static as it changes even within the individual’s life though the expansion of consciousness and knowledge.

Auras: Human Aura, Chakras, Thought Forms and Astral Colors, Reading Ability Development Guide

by Faye Bridges

Welcome to the Realm of Human Aura!

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Do you have a fascination with the supernatural?

Have you ever wondered about people who have a special glow?

Are you interested in seeing your aura?

Would you like to be able to see the auras of other people?

If you can say “yes” to even one of these questions, then this is the book for you.

In this book, you will learn the basics of auras, including what they are, what they mean and why people today are fascinated with them.

The aura is a type of energy field that surrounds the entire body, from head to toe, and then interacts with forces that are within the environment. The aura is one of the ways that the body uses to regulate the energy in our system.

In the past, not everyone could read or even see auras. Learning about auras was a task meant for fortune tellers. However, with modern times this has changed, and more regular people are enjoying the benefits of auras.

In this book, you will learn about how the aura manifests itself. The aura can be seen in a variety of colours, and this book will help you to understand the meaning of the different colours, and how they affect a person’s physical and emotional wellbeing.

If you have always wanted to understand how seeing an aura can help you improve your health, as well as your understanding of other people, you will find information in this book on the different ways that the aura is accessed, as well as the ways that people are described based on their colours and behaviour.

Auras and their use with chakras is also addressed in this book. The book explains in detail why these methods need to be used together, especially because auras manifest on the outside and chakras manifest on the inside.

The seven auric layers are also discussed. These layers explain exactly what you are seeing when you look at someone’s aura. It has been ascertained that beginners who are learning how to observe auras are likely to see multi-colours, instead of seeing just one colour. The colour of an aura increased in intensity the further a layer is from the body.

Auras can be found in a 2-3 foot radius of each person, and when someone comes into your personal space, they are effectively taking energy away from your aura. This book addresses how we all have our auras but are not yet fully aware of how we can understand them so that they can be put to better use.

If you are looking at discerning the emotional, physical and spiritual well-being of a person, then you should consider learning how to read auras. This type of search for information would be non-intrusive.

If you want to forge those improved relationships, or maybe you are just curious about conquering something that seems to be supernatural, then this is the book for you.

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