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Minecraft: Minecraft Secrets Handbook with Cheat Codes (Tips, Secrets and Cheat Codes)

by Gaming Studios

The Ultimate Minecraft Secrets Handbook with Cheat Codes

Over 250 Minecraft Tricks, Secrets and Cheat Codes for Minecraft Fans

Here is a Preview of What You Will Learn In Minecraft Secrets Handbook and Cheat Codes

  • Easy to Read Follow Along Tips and secrets
  • Become a Pro in Minecraft!
  • Fun and Entertaining to Read
  • Survival Techniques & Tips
  • Minecraft’s Game Modes and Themes
  • Tricks to Help You Master The Game
  • Outstanding House Ideas and Building Secrets.
  • Explore the Minecraft world features you never knew about!
  • Master the World of Minecraft with simple secrets and tricks
  • Build those amazing creation you’ve seen on minecraft videos!
  • Much, much more!

Dominate your friends and Unlock Amazing Minecraft Secrets


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Kim – Can it get any worse? Of course!

by Mona Lida

Actually, she only wanted to have a million euros – but then two Mr. Rights were lying at her feet.
Kim Ritter is a successful marketing assistant at a Stuttgart energy company and one thing she knows for sure: she wants to become rich as fast as possible. But then a Mr. Right would also be nothing to be scoffed at. When she meets Marlon Braun, CEO of a Stuttgart bank, her wish seems to come trueâ?¦but then all hell breaks loose in her life and a dead body in her living room is the smallest of her problemsâ?¦.

Pet Humor! (Cartoons by Gaspirtz Book 2)

by Oliver Gaspirtz

The perfect gift for pet lovers!

Hilarious cartoons about dogs, cats, birds and more.

Touching and cute true stories about amazing pets.

Pet trivia and weird, bizarre and unusual facts.

Funny Top Ten lists about pets and pet lovers.

Lots and lots of really funny pet jokes.

“Gaspirtz’s cartoons are purrfect!”

-Joan Cannata-Fox, National Enquirer

“With both wit and wisdom, Oliver Gaspirtz has a knack for capturing the joys and idiosyncrasis of pet ownership.”

-Donna L. Marcel, Dog World

“Oliver Gaspirtz is funnier than my dog.”

-Ray Lesser, Funny Times

Snakes, Rats, Spiders, and Bats: A Creepy-Crawly Movie Compendium

by Mr. Satanism

Do creepy-crawly critters cause you to cringe? What about alliteration? Either way, if you like movies with the inherent “ick” factor these varmints elicit, film critic Mr. Satanism has you covered. With spiders. And if 50+ movies featuring nature’s least wanted aren’t enough, he also takes a look at a handful of thematically-similar novels that could have been movies but, tragically, weren’t. An Amazon exclusive, offered for a ridiculously low price. Fumigation not included.




Doonsey’s Beach Adventure: the Great Rescue (#1)

by Rhonda Paglia

Doonsey is a happy, friendly little crab who lives on the ocean floor. One morning he wakes up with a tickle in his tummy! He knows what that means! It’s an Exploring Day! Doonsey is so excited! Where will he go? What will he do? What will he see? Doonsey decides to explore the beach, but what he doesn’t know is that his peaceful Exploring Day will suddenly become a very busy Great Rescue Day! Along the way, Doonsey becomes a hero and also makes some very unusual, but very special new friends.

Lunar Tears

by Omar Allen

Blayne Wilder has always struggled with his relationships ever since his first girlfriend in high school. He’s tried everything to find love and even resorted to online dating websites where he met and fell deeply in love with Rose but after years of bouncing from one dead end relationship to another he met his breaking point and was ready to call it quits. This was especially true after his break up with Rose or at least he thought so until he had his first dream about Estelle, the girl of his dreams (literally). After weeks of having these vivid dreams of her Blayne found Estelle to be perfect in every single way and slowly began to fall madly in love with her, but he would soon come to find out that love and sanity is a hard concept to define. While he found absolute perfection in his dreams with Estelle things became skewed once Rose made her way back into Blayne’s life by manipulating his best friend Noe which brought up old feelings that Blayne didn’t know he had anymore. Juggling two women was a lot harder than Blayne could have ever imagined even if one of them technically didn’t exist, with his heart torn between an old flame that he could actually have a life with and a girl who everyone is convinced is a hallucination Blayne could only choose one.

MEWOW (Magical Cool Cats series Book 11)

by Mary Matthews

The cats are in charge! If you’ve been reading the Magical Cool Cats Mystery Series, you know who is the boss. Meow.

Another caper begins with Grace and Jack enjoying Prohibition cocktails at a fashion show, where the House of Cats’ fashion line designer mysteriously dies. Magical cool cats, Tatania and Zeus, lead the way to 1920s Hollywood and unravel a killer’s façade as adeptly as a ball of yarn. Solving mysteries is like catnip to Tatania and Zeus. MEWOW!

The Magical Cool Cats Mystery Series can be read in any order. If you’d like to know the chronological order of the series, here it is for you:

**Splendid Summer

**Emeralds, Diamonds, and Amethysts

**Cher Ami

**Available exclusively in Grace, Jack & Magical Cats Boxed Set Vol i

Meow Baby

Cupcake Kitty

Meow or Never

Catty Corner

Cat Dance

9 Lives to Live


Meow Now Brown Cow

Subtle Differences: A Short Story

by Tamara Merrill

A short story for your enjoyment – humor, love, decision making.


by James Boss

Some funny anecdotes about real life events. Excellent entertainment value for groups, family friends. See the funny side of news ‘episodes’.

Tongan Humor: including explanations

by James Boss

Some humorous jokes/anecdotes from the South Pacific Kingdom of Tonga, a collection.Also includes original jokes by the author.

The McLuckys: The first sip of comedy

by Nick English

The McLuckys is a sunday comic strip style joke book. It’s about an irishman named Seamus McLucky and his wife Rosemary and their dog Dublin. If you like to read the sunday news paper comics than book is for you.

PACIFIC HUMOR 2: Constable Kevalle

by James Boss

Humorous comments, jokes, anecdotes from around the Pacific and explanations on their points of humor…

Shit My Facebook Friends Say

by Montez DeCarlo

Shit My Facebook Friends Say is a compilation of amusing, uplifting, and inspirational quotes that were posted and shared on Facebook by the author’s colorful Facebook friends, most of which who are his real friends and family members. The format of the book is similar to Facebook’s online format, which allows the reader to like or unlike a quote or write a comment. Its primary objective is to entertain the reader, uplift the reader’s spirit, and to provide daily inspiration.

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