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Peripheral Visions: and other Poetic Perceptions

by Bruce Newman

This is not your typical poetry book. Yes, it uses rhyming and non-rhyming forms. Yes, as poetry does, it sharpens the focus of important things we’ve allowed to be absorbed in background noise. But these “poems” are semantic Judo wrestlers that engage their subject and wrestle it to the ground for your inspection. Despite this you’ll pleasantly find that no violence is done to the subject. In fact it’s more like a scratch n’ sniff reading experience. All you need to do is open it.

Jessica’s Journal: A THERAPY Book of Poetry

by Kathryn Perez

While Jessica endured the torment of bullying and the painful isolation of depression, she used self-harm as a form of control in her very out-of-control world. But that wasn’t her only form of release. Her journal was another form of escape, the one place she could always be herself.

While reading Jessica’s poetry you can follow her journey down the path of pain, sadness, love, loss, THERAPY, and, ultimately, healing.

*This is a book of poetry, not a novel, and includes THERAPY Extras. Readers of the novel THERAPY are sure to love this companion.

Rejoice: – A Journey Of Self Realization

by Rajan Thapaliya

The idea behind the book is that once you understand the basic rules of life and only then can you progress to higher understandings. You can even achieve the impossible. Mr.Thapaliya believes that we should not run from the struggle because a way to success is through struggle and struggle leads to victory. The struggle is what makes life worth living and it makes the victory all the better. Examining my own life, I found that in many areas I wasn’t living my life the way I expected to. This forced me to check upon my values, morals and my day to day activities because that’s what makes me who I am, and ultimately by the means of law of attraction, I attract just what I am. Fortunately, I wasn’t too late before making few corrections that otherwise could have huge repercussions in my career and legacy. The whole purpose of my book is thus to force the readers to examine the life they are living and make necessary changes to reach the destination of their choice

Talking to Myself: Linda Stitt Poetry on Life, Love and Laughter

by Linda Stitt

This compilation of the best of Linda Stitt’s heart moving, heart warming poetry delivers laughs, warmth and a saucy vision of the world through her philosophical wisdom, garnered by eight decades of living.

Fossil Dreams

by Jasper Burns

A NEW illustrated collection of musings about fossils and fossil collecting from the author of “Fossil Collecting in the Mid-Atlantic States” (Johns Hopkins University Press, 1991), “Exploring Fossils” (Virginia Museum of Natural History, 1998), “Trilobites: Common Trilobites of North America” (NatureGuide Books, 1999), and the illustrator of “Discovering Fossils” by Frank A. Garcia and Donald S. Miller (Stackpole Books, 1998). “Fossil Dreams” includes numerous black and white drawings and photographs of fossils to illustrate the author’s anecdotes and reflections about fossils and fossil collecting.

Selected Lives

by Jasper Burns

An illustrated journey through time, from 1 billion years ago to the present and beyond.

Imagine the Hindus, Buddhists, Pythagoreans, Orphics, Theosophists, Essenes, Gnostics, Bantus, Jains, and Platonists are right. Imagine that an individual soul inhabits many bodies, lives many lives, experiences many roles and places and times. What would the autobiography of a soul be like?



A myriad collection of poetry with various themes and genres..

INSPIRATIONS (Life Journey Series Book 3)

by John R Johnson

A collection of poem to inspire the reader to greater height and dimensions in life.

casanova boy

by nepric hargam

This book is an anthology of 40 poems which tells a story about an womanizer how he deals with his cunning mission with the different sweet hearts

round and round he went with his craft and smart mouth,taking advantage of these ladies until he was caught and the table turns………………

Come and enjoy the pain he felt until he and his daring love regroup again.With another 20 addition poems to satisfy your taste budget.

Come and enjoy!!!!!!!

The Quarter Life Crisis Poet: A Collection of Poems on Pain, Heartbreak and Defiance by a Twenty-Something who has been through it all.

by Catherine Vaughan

Catherine Vaughan’s first collection of poems is a glimpse into a soul who has been through it all. A moving act of triumph over one too many heartbreaks and traumas before the age of 25. Written between 2010-2014 this collection captures the quest for knowledge, individuality and a defiant stance against adversity to come out the other side with radiance and a strong will to make every Dream Come True. People may hurt you but your Dreams will sustain you and lift you back from the dead. Know this and live this; it will save you from the Quarter Life Crisis.


by John R Johnson

An assorted collection of poetry expressing on the subjects of love, marriage, lusty youth, passion and lost.


by josef earnest

a quick one i put together after suppressing myself for a little while.

Stories Through Poetry

by By Phillip Stafford

Short poems that have the power and emotion of a novel.

Peripheral Visions: and other Poetic Perceptions

by Bruce Newman

All of us have perceptions we use to evaluate the intangibles of life. These perceptions tend to get shoved to the background, sometimes even disdained in our restless and quick results oriented world. But when we do get a chance to relax and get away from the relentless and often pointless demands on us we perceive the undercurrent of things that is always there. Sooner or later we come to realize how important these perceptions, poetic perceptions, are to maintaining our identities as human beings and not just “consumers”. Poetic perceptions are not a luxury. They are not rare qualities of an artistic few. They are the way every person sees when they haven’t reduced their vision to strict dependence on the eye.

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