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How to Channel Your Dissertation: Get a PhD or Masters Degree in Record Time While Being Deeply Inspired! (2nd Edition)

by Marcus T Anthony

If you have always wanted to embark upon the adventure of a higher degree but didn’t believe it could be a passionate and enjoyable experience, this is the book that will show you just how possible that is!

This practical and succinct book tells you everything you need to know about how to write your dream dissertation by tapping into your natural intuitive intelligence – and being deeply inspired!

Marcus T Anthony shares with you the five intuitive tools he used to complete a PhD dissertation, publish a dozen journal articles and write an academic book all within four years – while working full-time as a teacher and educational administrator!

In “How to Channel your Dissertation: Get a PhD or Masters Degree in Record Time While Being Deeply Inspired!” you will learn:

  • How to choose a thesis topic you are genuinely passionate about.
  • How to develop the skill of Free-Form Writing and produce 100 000 words in the first year of your enrolment (just as the author did).
  • How to develop your natural intuitive intelligence.
  • How to trust your gut feelings when choosing your research topic, locating information, and gaining insight into your subject matter.
  • How to turn intuitive insights into key points in your thesis.
  • The most common pitfalls of creative and intuitive researchers, and how to turn these into strengths.
  • Most researchers and postgrad students are already very proficient at essential research skills and left-brained thinking. In “How to Channel your Dissertation” you will learn how to complement these with right-brained and intuitive thinking skills. This includes developing the capacity for stream-of-consciousness writing, a skill that will massively increase your writing output from the day that your enrol.

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    Topics covered in “How to Channel your Dissertation:”

  • How to get a phd.
  • How to write a PhD thesis.
  • Writing a PhD thesis.
  • How do you get a PhD?
  • How to write a dissertation.
  • Stream of consciousness writing.

  • Prison Articles Part I – Food for Thought

    by Carl ToersBijns

    A collections of prison articles written on various topics and concerns inside prisons and large jails. Many are self-help or training awareness topics and others are inferences, observations, suggestions or recommendations on how to handle various scenarios inside the penitentiary.

    Building a predictive model for trending hashtags on the social media platform Twitter

    This project looks to mine data from Twitter using Python coding in order understand the algorithm used to establish trending topics, specifically those of a hashtag form in order to build a predictive model to understand how hashtags can become trending topics for marketing purposes.

    Basic Shapes For Kids: A little kids first shapes book (A Kids Discovery Book Series)

    by Steven Lioy

    In these pages young children will learn important skills such as naming shapes and how to recognize shapes. This is more than an educational shapes flashcard book. “Shapes” will introduce two cartoon shapes at a time. “Shapes” then asks simple and engaging questions to reinforce early geometric concepts. The cartoon shapes will make the learning experience fun for any young child.

    Other books by Steve Lioy:

    – An Owl Year Months And Seasons

    – Springtime

    – Fish of the Sea

    – A Kids’ Journey Through The Solar System

    – A Day With Jack

    – Police Officers

    – What Color Is Your Easter Egg?

    – Fun Sports

    Teacher Masterclass – Working with Parents: How to understand what parents want

    by Richard Barnes

    Parents – being a successful teacher involves working well with parents.

    This ebook will show you how to create a strong partnership, deal with conflict, know what parents want and need and give you tips to have parents who are engaged with the school, the class and you.

    If you are a student teacher, a newly qualified teacher or in the early part of your career and need some advice or want better relationships with parents then an experienced advanced skills teacher and deputy headteacher will share their years of experience with you.

    This masterclass includes:

    – Everything you need to know about working successfully with parents

    – How to cope with difficult conversations and conflict

    – How to get parents involved in their child’s learning

    – How to keep the stress out of meeting with parents

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    Understanding Risk Management and Compliance, What Is Different After Monday, May 18, 2015

    by George Lekatis

    I must confess I like blondes, but I’ve always liked brunettes, and redheads are awesome too. So I don’t like blonde jokes, and this is not purely out of principle.

    ENISA (the European Union Agency for Network and Information Security, a superb EU organization) looks unsure when blondes create passwords and store them.

    On the positive side, ENISA has developed some great information security awareness posters.

    Perhaps ENISA is using blonde-haired ladies to maximize exposure.

    Read more (about security awareness, not blondes) at Number 2 below.

    There are some blonde-haired ladies I do admire and I always read whatever they say. For example, today we can read a really interesting speech from Carolyn Wilkins that represents the Bank of Canada on the Financial Stability Board (FSB) Plenary and is a member of the FSB’s Standing Committee on Assessment of Vulnerabilities.

    She was elected Chair of the FSB’s Regional Consultative Group for the Americas for a two-year term, effective 1 July 2015.

    She previously represented Canada on the Basel Committee on Banking Supervision (BCBS) and chaired the BCBS Working Group on Liquidity.

    She said: “We learned from the crisis that liquidity can be a fickle friend, and its absence can amplify financial distress.”

    I know what she is talking about. I have a couple of fickle friends, but fortunately their absence cannot amplify financial distress.

    Read more at Number 5 below. Welcome to the Top 10 list.

    Unit PASS guide for the Award in Education and Training (AET): Understanding and Using Inclusive Teaching and Learning Approaches in Education and Training

    by Nabeel Zaidi


    This textbook provides you with the tools and techniques to ensure your answers align to awarding organisation assessment criteria requirements.

    While the unit textbook Award in Education and Training: Understanding and Using Inclusive Teaching and Learning Approaches in Education and Training provides the information needed to ensure you pass that unit of the qualification, this textbook seeks to ensure you fully understand how to apply that information effectively to your assessment(s). This will reduce the risk of you misunderstanding, over-answering or under-answering a question or task and provide you with a better understanding of what each element / assessment criteria of the unit requires.

    It also includes practical suggestions related to practice in the sector, what to focus on in your response, how to structure the response and further sources of information or guidance to consult or reference in order to support your answer. This textbook will provide you with the tools and, together with the above unit textbook, the information needed to pass each assessment first time. This textbook can also be used alongside the qualification textbook Achieving your Award in Education and Training: The Comprehensive Course Companion

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    GMAT Maths Flashcards: All Math tips & formulas you need for GMAT!

    by John Wesley

    Your GMAT Maths Flashcards! Based on the tips of ALL the Quantitative (Maths) exercises in the Official GMAT book:

    – Useful to start preparing for GMAT

    – No rocket science stuff: just what you need to know

    – In just 20 slides: don’t trust long books (other than the official) or long and expensive lessons

    – Ordered by topics

    – Prepared by a successful GMAT and MBA student in a top school

    After understanding these tips and formulasâ?¦ you can start doing exercises and exams! I hope this is as useful as it was for meâ?¦ and good luck with the exam.

    John M Wesley (MBA)

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