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Pioneer Missions: Meet the Challenges, Share the Blessings

by Forrest McPhail

In this book the author seeks to help God’s people understand and wrestle through some of the difficult issues that missionaries face in modern missions. He does this by going to the Scriptures and using his experiences of fourteen years in pioneer missionary work in Cambodia to illustrate his message. Forrest seeks to help pastors and other other church leaders back home better understand the blessings and challenges of pioneer missions, in hopes of encouraging greater biblical discernment in their support of missions. The author also intends to encourage and prepare those considering the pursuit of cross-cultural pioneer missions by showing them those areas of theology that are immediately relevant to the task. It is his hope that this book will assist fellow missionaries by helping them understand their role in the midst of these changing times.


“Forrest McPhail is a first-rate pioneer missionary who has written a compelling work that comprises what he has learned, lived, and taught others. The book unpacks complex cross-cultural issues with clarity and time-earned wisdom, and demonstrates how to interact intentionally with culture in order to be both relevant and faithful to the gospel. Although set in the context of Southeast Asia, this boots-on-the-ground work is a must read for pastors and missionaries everywhere.”

Kevin Oberlin

Kevin is Associate Professor Theology and Cross-Cultural Studies, Bob Jones University and Seminary

“Pastors, read Forrest McPhail’s book, and then read it again! Future missionaries, memorize it! For this old missionary, Forrest’s book was written about 20 years too late. But even old dogs can, by God’s grace, learn new tricks, and I’ve profited greatly from the humble wisdom, practical insight, and gentle rebukes of a man that I consider one of the finest missionaries I know.”

J.D. Crowley

J.D. grew up in Japan and Hawaii. He pastored in Hawaii for 12 years before leaving for Cambodia in 1994. He has served there under EMU International doing linguistic work and training pastors among the indigenous minorities of NE Cambodia. He is the author of The Tampuan/Khmer/English Dictionary and Khmer commentaries on Matthew and Romans. J.D. has also co-authored the book Gospel Meditations for Missions

“Missionaries, pastors, and all believers will benefit immensely from your work. Why? It will give Pastors a great understanding of the minefields of ministry in third world nations. It will give greater focus to churches that take short term mission trips. It will be useful in helping missionaries lay a foundation for their ministries that will be able to stand the test of trial. The writing is bold and filled with principles rooted in Scripture. This book reflects a wrestling with the issues both written in the Word and those experienced in the villages and marketplace. This will help many now and in the future if they would take your counsel to heart!”

Matthew Recker

Matt has served Christ in church planting ministry in New York City since 1984. The Lord has used his family to establish churches in Brooklyn, Queens, and Manhattan. Matt has published three books, including Behold the City! and Living on the Edge of Eternity.

Holly’s Wish (My Amish Home Book 4)

by Diana Morgan

Holly Graber has spent most of her adult life watching friend after friend marry and start families of their own. Will it ever be her turn?

An unexpected move to Daviess County opens up a whole new world. Will she find love among the rolling hills of southern Indiana? Or will she be forced to spend the rest of her life heartbroken and alone.

Superhuman’s Guide to Life-Work Balance and Burnout Prevention: When Your Lifestyle Demands More Than What’s Humanly Possible

by Coach Allison CHC

This quick read is a lifestyle coaching and guide book for people who have too much on their plate, due to needs, wants, or expectations – therefore, setting aside their human needs to get things done. Humans who are running faster than they have strength, with their superhuman effortsâ?¦ SuperWorkers, SuperMoms, SuperExecsâ?¦ you know who you are. You cut corners in your basic human needs (sleep, nutrition, and social support) in order to get things doneâ?¦ because there are only 24 hours in a day. How do you prevent burnouts and manage life-work balance when your lifestyle demands more than what’s humanly possible?

“Work” in life-work balance is not necessarily a career or work for pay. If you don’t have a life, or time for self-care, because of your long list of things that need to get done, your balance is off. This book will help you.

Superhuman Lifestyle and Its Challenges

If this lifestyle sounds familiar, take a short break from your busy day and read this first volume of the Superhuman’s Guide â?¢ book series. Reflect on the why and the how of your lifestyle. What drives you to work so hard? Goals, ambitions, expectations, perfectionism, boundary issues, and responsibilities are common motives that quickly and repeatedly become overwhelming. You must prioritize and practice self-care in order to overcome the overwhelm. Break free from burnouts. Reclaim your life by making healthy choices. Diet and fitness is only a small part of it. You must heal from inside out.

Personal and Professional Transformation

You deserve to be happy! Implement Coach Allison’s recommendations in this book and:

– Gain self-awareness of your superhuman tendencies and subsequent burnouts

– Take back control of your life

– Unplugâ?¦ yes, it’s possible!

– Develop constant mental clarity

– Improve your time management skills and start getting more done in less time

– Find relief in self-care

– Reduce stress and anxiety

– Uncomplicate and simplify your relationships – with yourself, other people, and things

– Manage your boundaries and commitments

– Reinvent yourself – enjoy your freedom and inner peace

– Live the life you want to live

Life-Work Balance and Burnout Prevention

Track your improvement in health and happiness as you fulfill your basic human needs in nutrition, rest, and uplifting interactions with others. Strive for balance first, then strive for excellence. You will find that burnouts are pretty much impossible in that scenario. Productivity will be at its prime. As you make your transition for better balance, you will find greater love for your career and passion for your life.

Remember, it’s life-work, not work-life.

Meditation: Meditation For Beginners – Learn How To Meditate To Relieve Stress And Be Happy (relieve stress, how to meditate, success habits, meditation … positive psychology, mindfulness Book 1)

by Kalilia Bina

Learn How to Live Happier, Curb Your Anxiety, and Reduce Stress with the Power of Meditation!

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Are your thoughts always racing? Do you remember simpler days, but just can’t seem to achieve peace? Do you need mindfulness, relaxation, and inspiration to get you through your busy workweek?

If so, then Meditation: Meditation for Beginners: Learn How to Meditate to Relieve Stress and Be Happy is the book for you!

Meditation is available for Download Now.

You will learn the techniques of:

  • Primordial Sound Meditation
  • Mindfulness Meditation
  • Zen Meditation
  • Transcendental Meditation

This helpful book teaches you to think of nothing at all, relax your body and mind, and let go of your concerns. You will also learn to choose locations and postures for your solo meditation. Meditation also provides helpful tips and suggestions to make your meditation practice easier and more fulfilling!

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Stop living a frustrated, busy life. Create peace, confidence, and tranquility in yourself and your daily activities.

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Happy reading!

Positive Thinking: Use Your Mind, Subconscious, Law Of Attraction & Get What You Want (law of attraction, Manifest, attract love, visualization, Subconscious, the secret, Positive Thinking)

by Zac Dixon

Positive Thinking- Use Your Mind, Subconscious, Law Of Attraction & Get What You Want


The majority of the worlds thinking is mostly 80% negative. So by me finding the statistic it shocked me because it tells me that the world is living not in abundance but fear. I have been obsessed the last 5 years on helping someone go from depressive to positive by just giving them the easiest tools to do so. It shouldn’t be that hard to change your mindset and think positively and I am going to show you how to focus your brain and use it the right way.

I will teach you how to use the power of your subconscious mind to attract anything you want in your life by visualizing and manifesting greatness into your life. Everything in your outside world started in your inside world, so lets change you life today and move forward by feeling happy. Go ahead and purchase this book and become the person you always wanted to be with simple tools.

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SOUL FOOD: 40 day devotional for the soul (1)

by Clyde P. Bain

The Word of God is described in scripture as water, honey, milk, meat, and bread. In so doing, God is describing to us the versatility and necessity of his Word in the lives of his believers. Jesus Christ is the Word of God and He emphasized this point by stating “I am the bread of life”and if any man eats of this bread, they shall never die” Here Christ underscores the fact that the Word of God is the true bread from heaven unto eternal life, and that it is the food that is the vitamin A for the soul.

Every person that comes to the knowledge of Jesus Christ at some time in their walk realize that the Word of God is the the most important meal of any spiritual diet.Jesus described it as “spirit, and life” Soul food was written with intent to provide the reader with essential daily spiritual food through this devotional so that they are equipped with the food of champions.

True Ghost Stories: Haunted Buildings, Creepy Forests, Spooky Tales And Eerie True Ghost Stories From The Scariest Places On Earth (True Ghost Stories … Books, Haunted Cemeteries, Paranormal,)

by Jason Keeler

Haunted Buildings, Creepy Forests, Spooky Tales And Eerie True Ghost Stories From The Scariest Places On Earth!

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Are you a self-confessed horror freak? Are there few things you love better than a good horror story to tell around a campfire or at parties? Let’s face it, ghost stories make for great conversation topics. A little macabre, sure, but entertaining nevertheless.

It is often difficult to explain what lives in the beyond, why certain paranormal activities take place the way they do, cold spots, mysterious happenings and the likes. It does not matter if you think ghosts are real or just a figment of someone’s imagination. Everyone believes in a good horror story if it is spooky enough.

Strange happenings have occurred across the globe that there is no possible explanation for, things that are outside the reach of scientific clauses and reasoning. Apparitions, noises and EVP readings are things that point to the unknown, telling us it exists, yet science cannot provide a reasonable explanation as to why it might be true.

Make sure you check for monsters under your bed, say a silent prayer before you go to bed and be wary of what lays in the dark, for this book compiles the spookiest, most eerie true horror stories of all time!

Here Is A Preview Of What You’ll Learn…

  • True Ghost Stories – Waverly Hills Sanatorium
  • True Ghost Stories – The Story of Lemp Mansion
  • True Ghost Stories – Island of the Dolls – Xochimilco, Mexico
  • True Ghost Stories – The Tale of Aokigahara Forest
  • True Ghost Stories – The Terror of Epping Forest
  • True Ghost Stories – The Dyatlov Pass Incident
  • True Ghost Stories – Telly Savalas and the Good Samaritan
  • True Ghost Stories – The Legend of Octavia Hatcher
  • Much, much more!

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Destination Unknown: What Happens to Us When We Die? People from Around the World Weigh in On Humanity’s Greatest Unsolved Mystery

by John H. Clark III

Do You Know Your Life’s Purpose?

Are you looking for more meaning in your life? Are you tired of just getting through each day instead of feeling a sense of purpose and direction? Sometimes the answer to a question is best explored in reverse. In order to find more purpose in life, perhaps we need to go to the endâ??deathâ??and work backwards from there. Is it possible that contemplating death can lead to more meaning in life?

Is There Such a Thing as Life After Death?

What happens to us after we die? Do we see our loved ones who have passed? Do we enter a white tunnel of life? Do we go straight to Heaven or Hell? Or is there simply blackness? Since the dawn of time, human beings have been asking these very questions. The subjects of life, death, and purpose are arguably the most important we will ever encounter.

Questions of Death, Answers for Life

John Clark has tackled the weighty subject of life after death in his newest book, Destination Unknown. Through interviews with people all over the globeâ??Buddhists, atheists, Christians; men and women; young and old; school teachers, IT professionals, and military personnelâ??he has compiled a tapestry of views on death that are as diverse as the people themselves. Some believe in ghosts, spirits, and other dimensions. Some are sure they will meet God, be judged, and sent to Heaven or Hell. Some have had near death experiences. But no matter what the beliefs, there is a sense that contemplating the great unknownâ??what happens when we dieâ??creates more meaning to the days we have left on this earth.

Down Right Good

by Karen Kelly Boyce

On an unseasonably warm February day, ten-year-old Angie delivers the town tabloid with natural wisdom and confidence. The characters she meets along her way have varied adult troubles and lives. Born with Down syndrome and an ability to see angels, Angie’s simple knowledge and common sense transform those who line her route. Based on the third joyful mystery of the Rosary – the birth of Christ, Angie’s story emphasizes that God often speaks to us through others. He delights in using the weakest to reach the strongest. Christ humbled himself to come as a babe, so his wisdom comes to us through those considered the least by society. Karen’s third, highly anticipated novel continues the spiritual journey her readers have come to expect.

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