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The Hostile Operations Team Military Romance Boxed Set (1-3)

by Lynn Raye Harris


An Amazon Bestseller! 600+ pages of exciting reading!


Collect the first three stories in the Hostile Operations Team military romance series!


Featuring stories that have been in the Top 100 bestsellers on Amazon, B&N, iBooks, and the USA Today list.




Evie Baker’s luck just ran out. A trained chef, she’s now working in her mother’s salon as a shampoo girl after a disastrous affair with an embezzling accountant cost her her business. Her luck can’t possibly get any worse…


Or can it? Her baby sister is suddenly missing, someone is shooting at her, and the only man big enough and bad enough to help is the high school heartthrob who stole her heart–and her virginity–before he joined the military and left her to pick up the pieces of her life. 


Special Operations Captain Matt “Richie Rich” Girard can’t afford to get involved. He’s on the verge of a court-martial after a Top Secret military operation gone wrong, and he’s been ordered to stay out of trouble while he’s home for his sister’s wedding. 


But when Evie’s ex-partner turns up dead, staying out of trouble is the last thing on Matt’s mind. If he’s going to protect her from a ruthless killer and find her sister before time runs out, he’ll have to risk his entire future–and both their lives–to do it. 




English professor Dr. Georgeanne Hayes has a problem. Her star pupil, an Army sergeant who works in a Top Secret government program, is missingâ??and someone tried to push her in front of a train last night.


Sam “Knight Rider” McKnight is used to looking out for Georgie. When they were kids, she was just his best friend’s baby sister. But Georgie’s not a baby anymore and Sam is getting some very maleâ??and very dirtyâ??thoughts about the girl he knows he can never have.


When someone threatens Georgie’s life again, Sam will do anything necessary to keep her safe. Even if it means spending the next few days locked up in a remote house on Maryland’s Eastern Shore with her.


Sam might be used to denying himself what he wants, but he’s about to find out that being cooped up with Georgie will push him to the limit. And maybe beyond.




When public relations expert Olivia Reese stumbles onto evidence of a dangerous conspiracy right before Christmas, there’s only one man she can call for help. Billy “The Kid” Blake is a member of an elite military unitâ??the Hostile Operations Teamâ??and he’s Olivia’s former lover.


Billy never forgot the sexy woman who rocked his worldâ??and his bedâ??before she walked out on him. Now that she needs his help, he’ll do anything he can to keep her safe. But as time runs out and the snow piles up, can Billy and Olivia work together to thwart a lethal plot against the Pentagon without getting involved again?




“I am so adding LRH to my auto buy list!!” — Just Plain Sassy


“I highly recommend this series to readers who love romance […] with a military theme.” — Romance Book Haven


“…fast paced romantic suspense that will pull you in quickly and keep you there!” — Harlequin Junkie


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Forever Charmed (The Halloween LaVeau Series Book 1)

by Rose Pressey

Halloween LaVeau is descended from a long line of witches. Yes, her name is Halloween. The cosmic universe is definitely playing some kind of sick joke on her. She’s the ultimate witch cliché, complete with a black cat and spooky house. Thank heavens she’s missing the warts and flying broom.

From bestselling author, Rose Pressey, comes Forever Charmed, the first book in an all new series!

When Halloween inherits her great-aunt’s manor, she decides to put the house to good use as a bed-and-breakfast. Her first guest is the sinfully good-looking Nicolas Marcos, but he’s not here for the continental breakfast. Halloween discovers a ratty old book in the attic. It’s written in an unfamiliar language.

Halloween soon learns this is not an ordinary spellbook. The tome brings her a new talent, but her new skills come with a catch. When a rival witch comes after the book, Halloween doesn’t know who to trust-the sexy vampire who says he wants to save the day, or the warlock who says he can destroy the book once and for all.

Books available by Rose Pressey:

Halloween LaVeau Series:

Book 1: Forever Charmed (Coming March 23, 2013)

Larue Donavan Series:

Book 1: Me and My Ghoulfriends

Book 2: Ghouls Night Out

Book 3: The Ghoul Next Door

Rylie Cruz Series:

Book 1: How to Date a Werewolf

Book 2: How to Date a Vampire

Book 3: How to Date a Demon

Mystic Cafe Series:

Book 1: No Shoes, No Shirt, No Spells

Book 2: Pies and Potions

Veronica Mason Series:

Book 1: Rock ‘n’ Roll is Undead

Trash to Treasure Crafting Mystery Series:

Book 1: Murder at Honeysuckle Hotel

Haunted Renovation Mystery Series:

Book 1: Flip That Haunted House

Book 2: The Haunted Fixer-Upper

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MC: Knight: Book One

by L. Ann Marie

Knight is VP of the MC. He finally meets a girl that catches his interest but she doesn’t want to have anything to do with him outside of work. Asking every week for six months she finally agrees to a date. He can’t believe his eyes when he sees her out of her business suit for the first time. He unshakeable demeanor and honesty have him hooked from the beginning. Taking her to the club for a drink is the worst thing he could have done. Now he has to keep her safe from men who live with no rules. He struggles with being a soldier in the MC and how his life affects Jess’. She shows her strength daily but never more so than when he needs it most.

Accepting the MC lifestyle, Jess is happy to work just to be happy. She makes an impact with the members of the MC and gains their respect. Over the years she proves that respect is not given in error. She tries to hide her condition from the MC but ends up with more of their respect because of the secret that never really was.

Sparks fly in the as they heat up the bedroom, desk, shower or wherever and however Knight wants it. Jess is the perfect sub for his dominant personality.

The Games We Play Vol. 1 (The Games We Play Series)

by Elizabeth Nelson

Allison Ford is living an uncomplicated life, and she’s perfectly happy with that. Until high school sweetheart, Pat Johnson, breaks up with her because he met someone else since they parted ways for college. Suddenly, Ali’s simple life seems to spin off track and she doesn’t know how to fix it.

Riley Grayson goes after what he wants. Or rather, what he wants usually comes looking for him. And what he wants is mind blowing sex any night of the week.

So when their paths cross on New Year’s Eve at the hottest party of the year, it seems like their two personalities will mix as well as oil and water. But something about Ali catches Riley’s attentionâ??the thrill of the chase, perhapsâ??and he can’t let her go home alone.

Will Riley be just the solution Ali’s been looking for to get over Pat? Or is he leading her down a path that is best avoided?

== > The Games We Play 1 is approx. 150 pages and is volume 1 in the Riley Grayson series. This story is planned to unfold over five volumes.

**Due to adult situations this book is for 18 and older only.**

Capturing the Pirate’s Heart (The Emerald Quest Book 1)

by Annie Seaton

When Madeleine Bellerose sets out from her English manor on her quest to recover a priceless family heirloom in New Orleans, the last thing she expects is to be held captive by the infamous pirate, Sebastien Le Clerc.

Will Sebastien mend his wicked ways and help Madeleine in her quest?

Can love overcome the lack of trust and the web of lies that is spun in the race to find the emerald necklace?

The Billionaire Saved My Life (BWWM Billionaire Love Story Book 1)

by Sherie Keys

Get This Brilliant BWWM Billionaire Romance For 99c Today!

Tanya Herman had always believed in fate. Ever since she was a little girl she always felt that one day she would meet Mr Right in the most unexpected of circumstances.

However, she never expected anything like this…..

It was a routine drive home on a rainy night but it was the night that changed her life forever. After being involved in a crash she was pulled from the burning car by a passerby. Tanya was moments from death but that man saved her life.

The man who saved her life is Billionaire Kurtis Reed. Young, handsome and able to have any woman he wants, yet he is sure he now wants her and only her.

Kurtis believes it was fate that made him save her life that night and for the first time in her life, Tanya is lovestruck.

But, the fact remains, she knows nothing about this man. Is her knight in shining armor really all he seems? Or is there much more to this situation than meets the eye?


This is the first book in a 3 part series of novellas. All entries are free with Kindle Unlimited.

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