Free science fiction Kindle books for 21 May 15

Thrown Away 2 (Into the Junklands) (Thrown Away Saga)

by Glynn James

A post-apocalyptic saga.

This isn’t a Young Adult Dystopian tale. It’s not romance. It’s not cuddly.

Jack made the choice that few make and now he is left wondering if he has thrown his life away or given himself a chance to make up for the past.

But as always, it isn’t just Jack that has been affected by his actions.

Point of View

by PJ LaRue

Five historical short stories with a pinch of parody and conspiracy theory twists.

Who is the “real” D. B. Cooper? You’ll be intrigued by the identity of his parents.

Learn the undisclosed reason for the Titanic’s loss.

Can FBI Agent Susan Kane save the world from a repeat terrorist attack?

How are Imelda Marcos, shoes and a shortage of chocolate responsible for the end of the world?

You’ve read the “relationship theories” between Presidents Lincoln and Kennedy. This short story explores the “relationship” between John Wilkes Booth and Lee Harvey Oswald.

Sneak Peeks of P. J. LaRue’s other books are included as a bonus.

Dawn of Defiance

by Albert Dempsey

This story is about resistance and survival in a system that will eventually enslave all within its grasp. For within the distant future the world as we know it has changed. Surveillance systems will monitor all citizens enforcing them to comply by the rules of the United World of Nations.

Within South Africa a group of radical extremists form their own survival communities. This is seen as a breeding ground for extremists and as a threat to the rule of government. Operation Clean Sweep descends upon a Christian Kibbutz in the Cederberg. This is their story of survival against a world of the future.

This is not science fiction, but a logical conclusion that will eventually lead to the establishment of a New World Order.

The year is 2028.

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