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Strength Training Over 50 (Health, Fitness, and Nutrition Academy)

by Dr. Andrew

Written specifically for people over 50, this eBook is a simple and concise guide to strength training. It offers comprehensive and easy to understand description of all the basic components of strength training that is suitable for seniors with varying fitness levels. We have focused on your health and safety and all directions mentioned in this eBook are simple enough to be followed even if you’re trying out an exercise after years of inactivity. Studies show that strength training leads to a healthier lifestyle. Read on to know more about this innovative concept and how it can help you.

Book owners would have the possibility to ask the authors their questions, as well as have an option to subscribe to regular updates on principles of strength training, health and fitness specially customized to your needs, as well as video/photo exercise demonstrations.

Table of Contents includes:

Preface – Strength Training for People Over 50 – What, Why and How?
Chapter One: The Power of Strength Training
What Do Studies Say about Strength Training
Getting Answers to Some Commonly Asked Questions
Is this Program for You?
Chapter Two: Getting Started
Time to Get Motivated!
Exercise Safety Tips
Selecting Exercise Equipment
Assessing Your Needs – Which Muscle Groups to Exercise
Designing Your Program
Performing Exercises Correctly
Other Important Activities – Improving Cardio Performance
So Are You Ready to Start Exercising?
Chapter Three: Your Journey Begins
The Exercises
Warming up
Stretching and Endurance Training
Core Strengthening Explained – Strengthening Your Back, Abs and Waist
Abdominal Crunch
Segmental Rotation
Abdominal Press – Single Leg
Abdominal Press – Double Leg
Side Plank
Quadruped – Arm and Leg Extension
Modified Front Planks
Squat with a Fitness/Medicine Ball
Abdominal Raise with Fitness Ball
Best Side Exercise
Alternate Leg -Arm Extension with Fitness Ball
Advanced Plank
Lower Body Programs
Leg Extensions
Knee Curls
Upper Body Workout
Standing Pushups
Biceps Curl
Overhead Press
Cool Down Stretch
Chapter Four: Specialized Strength Training Programs
Back Pain
Chapter Five: Yoga for Added Gains
Chapter Six: The Final Word
About the Authors

RUN! Running for Dummies!: Ultimate Running Guide with Motivation Tips

by Chase Kennedy

Discover a world of running and healthy living!

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This is a quick-read book that offers you some vital tips and pointers to start running to help lose some excess weight you want to be rid of. With the nice weather and you wanting to get out and enjoy it what better way to do it, and lose some weight at the same time!

Why You Should Download this Book? If you are someone who is truly looking for a way that you can lose weight and enhance your health then you should download this book. You can follow the advice in this book to help you to prepare to run yourself towards a healthier lifestyle. This is all about making some serious changes in your life that are going to bring peace and contentment to you. You deserve to have a life that you are happy with. This is the first step in making your way down the road to a better life for yourself.

Here Is A Preview Of What You’ll Learn…

  • set up daily exercises for yourself
  • build up your stamina
  • follow a training schedule and how it will help you stick to your goals
  • eat healthy which in turn will help you to run better
  • run so that you are getting the most benefit from your run

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Calisthenics: Get the body of a Greek God without ever leaving your house; calisthenics and bodyweight training

by Macho Marcel

Get The Body Of A Greek God Without Ever Leaving Your House

This Is More Than Just An Athletic Title. It’s A Way To Live Life To The Fullest And Beyond As A Man

I used to be real skinny and real tall; 6’2 @ 155 lbs. The height is great, but it doesn’t cope with a skinny body. I made a good basketball player but shit I looked like a walking Twix. So after months of searching for a way to get ripped without the sacrifices and commitments I found nothing out there. Through trial and error I created my own way and it’s beyond great. Most of the time I workout twice a week for an hour only to maintain this body you see. I’m now 6’4 @ 185 lbs. I party occasionally, mostly eat what I want, and I’m below 10% body fat.

There Are No Sacrifices

You can have everything without losing anything. Athletics is a way to enhance your life and live a higher quality life. It’s not a way to sacrifice a lot of things in return of looking great. The typical workout takes from 30 minutes to an hour, 4 times to a week. And to maintain your body you only need to workout twice a week!! You can eat whatever you want, you can go out whenever you want, you can party whenever you want, you don’t have to give up anything!!

You Can Workout Anywhere And Everywhere

With calisthenics you can work out anywhere, anytime. You don’t need a gym or any weights. You’ll never be fat doing calisthenics because it’s impossible. A fat person can’t do calisthenics and someone who can do calisthenics can’t be fat.

This Book Has Everything

0. Pictures of myself demonstrating every exercise

1. How to get the body of a Greek God without leaving your house

2. How calisthenics is superior to weight lifting

3. How to not depend on anything in life

4. How to get everything without sacrificing anything

5. How to eat whatever you want and still have a Greek God body

6. How to cope working out with your lifestyle

7. How to become a universal athlete and aesthetic athlete

8. How to get athletic abilities and aesthetics in your body

9. How to make athletics part of your life and not your life

10. How to live a life of choice

11. How to get crazy high testosterone levels like primitive humans

12. How to avoid decreasing your testosterone levels

13. How to develop a deep masculine voice

14. How to get comfortable with discomfort

15. How to maintain your Greek God body working out twice a week only

16. Full routine for beginners

17. Full routine for practitioners or the intermediate

18. Full routine for veterans


“This has been one of the best and worthwhile workouts I’ve accomplished in my entire life. Especially since I was able to workout anywhere and everywhere I wanted. I’ve improved my current daily workout routine to a “Veteran”. This has enabled me to do a higher intensive workout training, that I was never able to do before. So far, the Calisthenics Book has been quite challenging, but certainly rewarding in terms of my body shape.”

How to Gain Muscle Mass: An Essential Diet and Exercise Guide to Building Muscle Mass Fast for Greater Strength and a Better Body

by Kirk Bentley

If you’re motivated to build muscle mass for improved strength and a better-looking body, then this book is for you!

Read on your PC, Mac, smart phone, tablet, or Kindle device.

Once you’ve made the decision and commitment to start the appropriate exercise regime for building muscle mass, you actually have a great chance of succeeding. While the health benefits of maintaining a good physical training routine are essentially what you should be aiming for, the truth is many people are motivated more by how their training affects their appearance rather than how it makes them feel. The good news is that – no matter the motivating factor – once you’ve managed to build and chisel out your ideal body, the associated health benefits will kick in as an inevitable part of the process. You will feel as great as you look.

Whatever body type you have and whatever your reasons for seeking to gain muscle mass, this goal is considerably more achievable than most other health-and-fitness goals. For example, it’s much easier to build muscle mass than it would be to shed pounds of fat, or to build up the stamina required to run a marathon or even compete in team sports like football or basketball. The key to building muscle mass is all about being armed with the right information and going about your muscle-building regimen with the right approach. This book is designed to provide you with exactly what you need to feed your muscles to stimulate growth and what effective exercises you need to include in your routine to produce results quickly.

Here Is A Preview Of What You’ll Learn…

  • The Fundamentals of Building Muscle Mass – Fast
  • Determining Your Body-Type
  • Nutritional Requirements and Recommendations
  • Workout Plans for Gaining Muscle Mass
  • Reaching Absolute Muscle Failure
  • Supplementing Resistance Training with Cardio Exercises
  • Much, much more!

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RV Camping Guide BOX SET 3 IN 1: 50 Mistakes You Should Avoid + 89 RV Living Hacks And Suprising Secrets. (How to live in a car, travel on a budget, RV … beginners, how to live in a car, van or RV)

by Lacy Johnson

RV Camping Guide BOX SET 3 IN 1: 50 Mistakes You Should Avoid + 89 RV Living Hacks and Surprising Secrets.

BOOK #1: RV Camping Guide: 50+ Simple RV Living Hacks & Tips For Beginners. All You Have To Know & Some Surprising Secrets!

Do you enjoy camping but don’t like all of the heat, bugs, and smoke in your eyes? Worse yet, are you worried about all of the wildlife that becomes active at night and might disrupt your peaceful night sleep?

Do you want a way to travel the roads any time of the year and not have to worry about bus tickets or finding a hotel every night?

Are you feeling overwhelmed at the thought of buying or renting an RV? After all, they are big and cumbersome and what on earth are you to do with everything inside? Let your fear disappear!

BOOK #2: RV Living Full Time: 50+ Mistakes You Should Avoid For The Perfect RV Living

Everyone wants to tell you how to do something when in a RVing situation.

This helpful guide is to show not just the probabilities, but show the variables that could go wrong on an if not hourly, but daily scenario.

Learn the secrets to successful RVing and why the wrong things become very, very wrong.

BOOK #3: RV Camping: 39 Mistakes You Should Avoid for Your Perfect RV Camping!

“RV Camping: 39 Mistakes You Should Avoid for Your Perfect RV Camping” is the ideal first book for newbie campers. In fact, it is so thorough that even the experienced camper can learn something new. The book is a long list of common mistakes new RV campers tend to make. Some of the mistakes listed are fairly harmless, like wearing the same shoes inside and outside your RV. Other mistakes, like forgetting to retract your slide-out section, can cost you your RV. By following the advice in this book, you can avoid all these mistakes and live a better life wherever you go on your trip.

Inside, you can find out about simple mistakes and more serious ones.

Download your E book “RV Camping Guide BOX SET 3 IN 1” by scrolling up and clicking “Buy Now with 1-Click” button!

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African Ocean Blues: Tales of landscapes and winds, of islands and people. On a sailing boat, from the Red Sea to the Indian Ocean.

by Carlo Auriemma

A man, a woman, and a sailboat, lost in infinitely faraway places. A journey along the Red Sea and the Indian Ocean on a quest to find unknown islands, people, and places. From shark hunters in Yemen to remote camps in the Sudanese desert and the dead city of Suakin. Then comes the island of Socotra which nobody knows and which once was a base for pirates; the Chagos atolls, the Maldives islands that are out of bounds for tourists; the perilous East African coastline, and the currents and cyclones of the Mozambique Channel. They’re on a journey of discovery, following nothing but their instincts and their thirst for adventure, far beyond all known routes, searching for the last hidden corners of our planet.

nature’s lessons

Reflections dictated by the observation of nature in one of the oldest Parks of Italy. The main characters are: a fox, a caterpillar, ahawk, a skunk, a sheepdog, a wolf …

The whole work secretly guide the reader to discover the Park and the emblematic figures, plants and animals, which always characterize it.

Homeopathic doses of wisdom pervade the reading without any presumption of teaching.

Veiled mention of the key places of the park, beauty embedded and forget …

Next to tales of childhood it is completed quickly the path of the reader with the promise of a new future journey to discover other DREAMS AND STORIES OF NATURE.

Prepper Hacks Handbook: Survival Hacks, Tips and Tricks

by Steve Rayder

Prepper Hacks Handbook – Survival Hacks, Tips and Tricks

This fantastic guide to Prepper Hacks is written by the author of The Preppers Apocalypse Survival Guide book series, Steve Rayder. Steve’s books have been quickly growing in popularity in the prepping community. With thousands of copies being read by preppers around the world within months of the release of the very first book.

This latest offering is full of clever little survival hacks that we can use to show off our knowledge to our family and friends! This information isn’t just very useful, but it could also really help you out if you were ever in a survival situation. This is a must read for anyone interested in survival and preparedness, with tips that will be new to even experienced preppers.

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