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Budget Travel: Home is Wherever I’m Waking up Tomorrow: Long-Term Luxury Living on $50 Dollars a Day

by Katarina Green

Budget Travel: Home is Wherever I’m Waking Up Tomorrow: Chic and Luxurious Travel Living on $50 Dollars a Day

Do you want to spend months out on the road, exploring the world?

Do you want to take a backpacking trip without killing your savings?

Do you want budget travel without the dirty hostels and strangers’ couches?

Do you want to learn how to keep energy up and make the most of every day as a budget backpacker on the road?

This book is perfect for you. You will learn how to prepare yourself and stay engaged for a long term trip on the road. Building on local living tips from “How to Succeed in Europe without Really Trying,” ( this backpacking guide covers everything you need to know to plan a successful, chic, and inexpensive trip abroad. From embracing the joy of being on the road to specific tips on what to pack and where to go, this is the perfect support material for those gearing up for your grand backpacking adventure.

Home is Wherever I’m Waking Up Tomorrow: Chic and Luxurious Travel Living on $50 Dollars a Day

This book will help you plan a meaningful long-term trip with a remarkably low price tag, without compromising on basic luxuries.

In this book, you’ll discover:

  • How to decide if long-term travel is right for you.
  • How to save big before you take off.
  • How to research your trip and destinations.
  • How to plan without over planning.
  • How to keep life on the road exciting without it being exhausting.
  • How to pack for any season.What you shouldn’t waste room in your bag on.
  • How to book transportation and lodging smartly.
  • How to maximize your money through your itinerary.
  • How to address common problems that arise on the road.
  • How to know when it’s time to take a break.
  • How to do it all for $50 a day!

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New York Travel 101. New York City’s Must Have Backpacking Guide Book. Essential NYC Tourism Guide, New York Travel Guide from Queens to Manhattan to Haarlem, … (New York City Travel Tourism Guide)

by Viola Laser

Are You Ready for An Adventure? NYC Is Waiting for You!

Have you ever watched Wolf of Wallstreet? heck yes! its in NYC!

NYC is such a wild city! you wont have enough of it! but how so if you have not enough time to browse google one by one, or read or even get lost without a guide, not just guide
Well, if you are here…

Are you planning to travel to NYC soon, or would you like to someday?

In that case, you’ve come to the right place! It’s such a good idea to prepare yourself before leaving. Aren’t you excited? Most likely than not, you are! Maybe you have already formed a vague idea of what the travel experience will imply, and maybe it feels a bit overwhelming. You see, when it comes to travelling we are ALL in the same game, and yet most people don’t realize it. Most people don’t even take the time to prepare themselves in advance, and just wish for the best once they have arrived! Most people aren’t aware of some of the most amazing places London can offer… And it’d be such a pity to miss them! That’s precisely why we desperately need the RIGHT travel guide first.

My goal is simple. I will help you prepare your trip to New York City, transforming it into absolutely amazing experience. I will help you simplify your path, showing you exactly where the best places are. Sounds too difficult? It’s not. I will show you how. I will take you through a step by step guide where you simply can’t get lost! Together, we will go to the roots of London and you will end up LOVING every bit of it!

  • I wrote this book specifically thinking in you: the tourist, the traveller, the free spirit who dares to go beyond the limits of their own country. I wrote this book to show you how you can have an absolutely amazing experience while you are in NYC. I will tell you where you should go, eat, sleep, and of course, party! You see, I may not know you, but I know something about you: both you and me are alike. We like to prepare ourselves. We like to incorporate solid knowledge before we dive in. And I know you won’t just settle for average travel guides! I know you are looking for something better; something that will truly help you down the road: a book with real life tips, recommendations, useful travel hacks and data… everything you may need in your trip. You’ve just found what you were looking for!
  • Table of Contents
  • Important Phone Numbers and Embassy
  • History of NYC
  • Sneak Peak
  • Backpacking Tips
  • Health and Safety in NYC
  • Parking Guide
  • NYC Neighborhoods
  • Arriving and Departing
  • Facts about Super Shuttle
  • Newbie’s Guie to NYC SUBWAY
  • How Vacation Rental in NYC is not a Good Idea
  • Live Jazz in NYC
  • New Amsterdam and Lower Manhattan
  • Taxi and Rental Cars
  • Museums
  • Nightlife
  • Highly Recommended Restaurant
  • Gay Bars in NYC
  • Swimming Pools

Hey, I’m not saying this will be an absolute walk in the park. You’ve got to trust me throughout the pages. With these tips, rest assured that you’ll have a blast in London! I’m a modern person. I’m aware of the world we live in, and I don’t want to waste your time. So, don’t worry! I’ve got you covered. We’ll go through almost EVERYTHING you need to know for your trip, and we will APPLY all this knowledge using down to earth guidelines. Because that’s what’s all about, isn’t it? It’s about living life like practical people. Going straight for the good part, providing practical tips, never losing the focus on what’s really important and useful.

BUY NOW at 2.99! normally with these lengths and time put into this book, I would increase the price to 9.99$, grab it now before price goes up…

The Solo Travel Guide – How To Travel Across The World Alone And Find Yourself

by Sofia Stark

The Solo Travel Guide – How To Travel Across The World Alone And Find Yourself

Today only, get this Kindle Book for just $0.99. Regularly priced

at $4.99. Read on your PC, Mac, smart phone, tablet or Kindle device.

This book contains proven steps and strategies to help you better understand what it takes to travel the world alone, how to do it without breaking the bank, what you need to do to overcome your initial apprehensions and fears about the idea, and how to use your travels all over the world as a means to rediscover yourself and find inner peace.

The idea of traveling all over the world is admittedly something that many people dream of doing. After all, who wants to spend their entire lifetime stuck in the office, doing the same mind-numbing tasks day in and day out? In this sense, traveling is seen as synonymous with freedom.

Despite its inherent appeal, however, traveling is something that puts people aback. Many associate it with prohibitive airline tickets and expensive hotel accommodations, scammers and culture shock. These fears are amplified even further when one speaks of traveling the world alone. However, while these fears are valid, it is precisely in the uncertain where the thrill lies.

The fact of the matter is that traveling is a great opportunity to experience the world first-hand without having to concern yourself with the whims and caprices of a companion. You are alone with your thoughts and realizations, such that you get a pure and an unadulterated exploration of your inner thoughts and feelings.

The fact that you have to hop across new destinations alone and deal with the attendant challenges by yourself also reinforces your capacity for independence. When you factor in the different people you meet along the way, the things you have to try for the first time and the experiences that you will cherish for a long time, you know that your newly discovered inner happiness along with all these lifelong memories are actually well worth the inconveniences you have had to endure.

Delhi – Mini Guide – Your guide to Delhi for a short visit

by S Kumar

If you’ve got three or four days to spend in the magnificent city of Delhi then this guide is written for you.

This mini guide is the best for useful information on the best and main attractions in the city along with my personal recommendations.

– Covers important information such as how you get from the airport to the city and what the travel options are within the city.

– Talks through a four day plan with suggestions around things to do in the morning, afternoon and evening.

– You get a list of some of the ‘hidden gems’ in Delhi including attractions, bars and restaurants which are normally not mentioned in any of the other guides. Having lived in Delhi for a long time, I know some of the best places around.

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