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Typing In The Cash: Revealing Dozens of Lucrative Online Jobs and Ideas So Anyone Can Make Money Working From Home

by Ashton Bazer

*** Amazon #1 Best-Seller ***

Typing In The Cash is an informative book by the number one bestselling author Ashton Bazer. He gives practical and easy to follow tips and ideas about making money online using different methods which have been tested and proven. These dozens of ideas can help you if you are out of a job, don’t want to have a job/boss, or need extra income. Some of the ideas can be one time jobs that guarantee payment while others have been known to create massive income. There are options for all skill levels and for nearly all ages.

This book is perfect for:

* Seniors who want to supplement their retirement income

* Teens who want to earn good money without having to flip burgers

* Entrepreneurial people who could do a few of the ideas and create a reasonable (or even lucrative) income by being their own boss

* Adults who could use an easy few hundred (or thousand) dollars each month to supplement their income

* College students who would like to make enough money to pay their tuition and more

This book is not good for:

* Those hoping for a no-work get-rich-quick scheme

* Lazy/unmotivated people (although some jobs don’t require much time)

* People who are scared of working for themselves

* Those who are not comfortable using their computer or internet

21 Business and Marketing Lessons From A Prostitute: Seductive Street Secrets From The Worlds Oldest Profession To Improve Your Results In Any Business

by Leon Jay

21 Business and marketing lessons is inspired by the streets of Pattaya, one of the world’s largest red light districts.

People are either fascinated, excited or repulsed by the concept of prostitution, especially when it comes to extreme places like Pattaya. Once you get passed any initial judgement or emotional reaction there is actually a lot to learn.

As an international author and speaker on the topic of business, Leon was invited to speak at an event held in this notorious red-light area. Most people are shocked or amazed by this city. As a business man, and a lifetime student of business, Leon however became obsessed by one question…

‘How does the world’s oldest profession compete in the world’s most competitive environment?’

(Supply way outstrips demand in Pattaya.)

Throughout this book Leon will take you on a journey that is fascinating, educational and humorous. Never has learning the principles of business been quite so intriguing.

Pattaya may not at first sight appear like a business university. But ask the right questions, invest the time to listen, and it has a lot to teach anyone willing to learn.

This book not only gives a fresh look at business and marketing in a fun way, but also delivers practical ideas that any business can implement.

Each chapter uses stories and examples to give a clear idea of age old business principles that many people ignore. The girls from Pattaya have learned these strategies and street smarts from the need to survive. As a business owner these should be our first priority.

Read this book and benefit from the concise, practical information for every business owner. Discover how to increase results without spending a fortune. (Remember these girls have almost nothing to invest – and you don’t need too either.)

Put judgement aside and explore a hidden world with perhaps the most unique take on the subjects of both prostitution and business.

NB: No actual services were engaged in, nor any immoral or illegal acts where undertaken in researching this book. By reading this book you will be in no way supporting prostitution directly or indirectly.

The author suspends any judgement or personal opinion to uncover the lessons to be learned. Take the time to do the same and you will be rewarded

Realtor Meet Wholesaler: Guide on How To Close One More Deal A Week…

Attn: Realtors and Wholesalers Do you want to close one more deal a week? If so, read this quick guide on how to successfully work on the same team with each other closing more real estate deals. In this business its all about leveraging each others time, network and resources.


by Mr. C

This is a quick collection of ways to fix your credit

Most people will think some of the advice as TOO BASIC. But what they don’t realize is that those are the things that’s going to fix their bad credit.

Interview Skills: Ideal Answers, Avoiding Interviewer Tricks & Portraying Confidence

by Louise Palmer

This book is adapted from a UK training course. It will help you prepare for recruitment interviews. With many candidates receiving training for interviews, those candidates failing to educate themselves can be at a real disadvantage. This book will teach you how to create a great first impression and how to answer interview questions effectively.

The book is different to other books that list 100 interview questions and answers for you to memorise, instead it highlights the common underlying themes. This makes it far easier for you to recall and ensures that you are able to work out your own answer to any interview question. Interviewers prefer real-life answers. If you provide them with a cliché answer that they know candidates are trained to say, they can lose confidence that they are seeing the real you. This can act as an obstacle for the recruiter and can affect recruitment decisions. Far better to answer the question uniquely and build the interviewer’s trust.

The course content includes:

– What to expect from assessment centres, group tasks/interviews, work sample tests and psychometric tests.

– Understanding how interviewers score you against other candidates.

– Creating a great first impression.

– Portraying confidence even if you are feeling nervous.

– Answering interview questions effectively.

– Demonstrating your skills/knowledge/experience in an evidence based manner.

– Showcasing attributes that recruiters value.

– Providing the recruiter with confidence of your capabilities.

– Avoiding a negative mind-set during the interview.

– Anticipatory problem solving and hypothetical questions

– Managing interviewer tricks such as leading questions and intentional pauses.

– Overcoming employer reservations

– Identifying which elements of the organisation to research and how to incorporate your research into the answers you provide.

About the Author

Louise Palmer is a Business Psychologist. Having worked in the psychology field for over 10 years, she has successfully counselled and trained individuals to create great first impressions, portray confidence, present effectively, avoid negative mind-sets and answer difficult questions. She specialises in training individuals to understand others’ thinking patterns and biases. This provides interview candidates with a real insight into the interviewers’ thought processes and how they can subsequently portray themselves in the best light.

Strategic Empathy: How To Get What We All Want, Together!

by John Shea

Empathy plays an important role in our interactions with others. Office dynamics, family relationships, and community outreach can be improved by taking a closer look at empathy. In Strategic Empathy, I offer strategies, tactics, philosophies, and diagrams useful in better understanding how empathy can benefit everyone. I argue that strategic empathy allows us to accomplish our goals while helping those around us. If we can connect with others more empathetically, we can all succeed in our goals together.

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