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Prelude to The Loyal Nine (The Boston Brahmin Conspiracy Series Book 0)

by Steven Konkoly

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Best-selling thriller authors Bobby Akart and Steven Konkoly (The Perseid Collapse and Black Flagged series) combine political suspense, black-ops action and dystopian chaos in….

The Loyal Nine (Book One in The Boston Brahmin Series):

1764–Weary of burdensome taxes and unfair treatment, a secret cabal of NINE extraordinary Bostonians plots against the British Empire–planting the seed of rebellion. In 1775, their seeds blossom into the Revolutionary War, paving the way for a new Republic. America is born, and the LOYAL NINE fade into history.

250 Years Later, America teeters on the edge of an economic and societal collapse. With riots sweeping the country, Europe on the brink of war with the Russians, and the U.S. dollar under siege by the Chinese–the LOYAL NINE return.

Groomed from birth by a secretive collection of powerful benefactors, a second group of NINE has been assembled to protect America from “enemies foreign and domestic.”

Led by Henry Winthrop Sargent IV “Sarge,” an unassuming Harvard professor, and his brother Steven, a former Navy SEAL turned mercenary; the LOYAL NINE shape national policy and protect interests abroad for their mysterious benefactors–THE BOSTON BRAHMIN.

Fans of Brad Thor (Scot Harvath series), Matthew Mather (Cyberstorm), A. G. Riddle (Atlantis Mystery) and Dan Brown (DaVince Code) will revel in this epic saga.

Mustang Eyes (The Tales of the Nez Percé Book 1)

by Emma Rose Lee

Leanne, a rancher’s daughter, is accustomed to a normal everyday life until one day while riding in the woods; she falls off her horse, which leads her to meet an Indian by the name of Mustang Eyes.

She learns from her father of his arranged marriage plans for her to a stuck-up British boy, which she has no interest in whatsoever. In a heat of rage and confusion she sets off to tell one of her friends, landing her in a situation she doesn’t see coming.

This allows her to discover that not all Indians are as cruel as she was brought up to believe. Will the Indian win her heart? Is she entrapped in her father’s wedding arrangement? Or is there another?

London Bombings (World War 2 Historical Fiction): 57 Consecutive Nights of Fire on London’s Sussex Street (World War 2 Journals)

by Jay Cobins


Relive the nights of bombing on London’s Sussex Street.

First-hand narrative accounts take you back into the heart of action on September 7, 1940.

The bombings of London would continue for 57 consecutive nights and all seemed lost, but as a result of the Luftwaffe tactical error, the RAF was able to repair their airfields and train new pilots giving them opportunity to once more take the skies and strike down the Luftwaffe pilots without mercy.

Hitler’s thought had been to demoralize the British people with the bombing of London, but despite all the damage suffered, the people themselves didn’t seem to crack. Many civilians would be injured or killed, yet Winston Churchill had succeeded in rallying the people convincing them that they could actually win this war. He said, â??We will defend our island whatever the cost may beâ?¦.We will never surrender.’ Many had a very defiant attitude toward Hitler and his bombs and carried on their daily habits and routines as much as they were able. â??Business as Usual’ was the sign on many business windows.


“Come along, we must hurry,” Father said firmly. “Lead the way, Philip.”

“Where’s Evolyn?” I said but then spotted her hurrying through the rubble to her house. “Evolyn! Come back.” I followed her and quickly caught up on the corner where I fully saw what I had feared. The entire row of joined Sussex Street houses from number 7 to 14 had all been completely bombed out. Words couldn’t even describe it, but I didn’t waste any time before taking Evolyn firmly by the hand and heading off down Alderney Street toward the river.

I could barely think straight as I walked stiffly along keeping an eye on the houses in front of me. Were all these to be bombed out as well? My heart fluttered about in my chest. Where was I leading them? Why had I even opened my mouth if I didn’t know where to go? I squeezed my hand in my pocket trying to clear my head. Only a few hours before, I had returned from the shops completely happy and confident in myself, but nowâ?¦I eyed the large building up ahead.

What if that house blew up just as we reached it? What if the structure fell on us all? I couldn’t think about it. I heard Mother panting heavily behind me and Father’s calm low tones. Evolyn clung to my arm, but she continued to look back along the road as if she expected her Mother to come running after us calling her name begging us to stop. The thought chilled my heart. What if she hadn’t found a shelter? What if she was stranded along a road somewhere with no place to go?

I pressed on until we got to Lupus Street then turned left. The street was quiet. All other people were in their houses hiding under their stairs like they had been told. Why were we even out? Mother would never see reason. Why had I even suggested we leave? I hurried on pulling my young charge by the arm.

“How much further?” Father’s voice came from behind me. “Where are we going?” Both questions I barely knew how to answer clearly. My mind raced for what seemed like ages before I finally spoke.

“About ten minutes,” I said. “Pimlico station.”

“Pimlico station,” said Father rather warmly. I turned to look at his disapproving face. “The public aren’t allowed to use the underground for shelters, didn’t you know that?”

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The Strange Case of Madeleine Seguin

by William Rose

It is Paris in the 1880s and the century is in its final throes as it moves through the cultural period of decadence and towards the fin de siècle. At the massive institution of the Salpêtrière Hospital there are housed hundreds of female patients classified as â??hysterics’.

Many of these are treated by hypnosis under the regime of the celebrated and charismatic Professor J-M Charcot. This is the history of one such patient, Madeleine Seguin, a young woman who intrigues all who have contact with her through the strangeness of her being and the mystery of her past. It is not only the hospital doctors who will be involved in Madeleine’s story, but also a young Symbolist artist, a tormented catholic priest, and most dangerously, those practising the darkest aspects of the occult.

The Poison Pen

by Amy F. Anderson

This is a civil war romance. How is it that independent Bethany finds herself caught between two men? Living in the north with southern roots and loyalty, she carefully guards this secret. However someone finds this out and uses her alliance to get her to perform a dangerous mission for the south. To get her full cooperation she is poisoned and her life is endangered. Will the treachery in the story cause Bethany to rethink her loyalty to the south.? Will one of the men she loves be a traitor?

*As there are some steamy love scenes in this book it is only suitable for an adult reader.

Captured by Vikings (An MMF Bisexual Threesome)

by Roxie Noir

Surrounded by two big, rough viking warriors, Alva blushed.

Maiden Alva is serving her master, the cruel Lord Duncan, one night when Vikings attack the compound. She hides in the pantry, armed only with a kitchen knife, but it’s no good – the two Viking warriors who find her take her as their own.

After she’s lived with them for a while, she wakes late one night to hear the two of them having rough sex – and the next day, they seduce her, wanting her to join in.

Will Alva give her maidenhead to two Vikings at once, or will be it too much?

MENAGE: Beyond Everything We Knew It Turned Out To Be Spectacular MENAGE MMF ROMANCE Short Story (Menage, Menage Romance, Menage MMF, MMF, MM)

by Rebekah Dennishire



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Parker Knightly and his friend Aldin Christopher drove down the highway, excited to be on their first ever road trip together. Aldin had just broken up with his girlfriend and Parker was excited to be able to do something to help get his friend’s mind off of heartbreak. It was too sad to see his best friend of twenty years suffering, and he thought he had better do whatever he could in order to alleviate the suffering and get his friend back in the game.

That’s when he came up with the idea of a road trip. It would be a fun and exciting way to get to where they wanted to go, and not only that, but they would get to see scenery they had never seen before and some things they might have never expected to see at all. It was the perfect plan to heal his friend’s broken heart and to catch up with him about life.

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Tags: Menage, Menage Romance, Menage MMF, MMF, MM

– WARNING DISCLAIMER : Adults 18+ Only . All Characters depicted are of the age of 18+. Story line Is Purely Fiction And For Entertainment Purposes . Contains Sexually Explicit Content!

– Please Make Sure This E-book Is Stored Somewhere That It Cannot Be Accessed By under aged 18 readers. THIS E-BOOK IS FOR SALE TO ADULTS 18+ ONLY!

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