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People Like Us.: The Light Side.

by Remi Moore

People Like Us is a collection of poetry written to inspire, entertain, and provoke thought in all who read it. Author Remi Moore introduces his readers to a different style of poetry that allows the readers to learn and undercover aspects of their own personality. See why critics are raving! People Like Us The Light Side is Moore’s first installment in a two part series. Get it today!

The Visions of Dawn (Moments of Self Book 5)

by N.L. Riviezzo

They cannot hide from
Blue eyes deep and insightful
Dress up the truths in
Frilly gowns but the darkness
Always stains for me to
View and exploit if I
Wish it so

No One like You: Love Poems

by Debashish Sengupta

This book is a creation of love that I have deeply felt, experienced and lived for the last ten years and continue to do so with my companion, soul mate, friend and my wife Vandana. I have never met another person like her – “truly there is No One like You”. Each poem is a reflection of what I have felt in love. If you ever have been in love, then you will feel every word of this book.

Lighting Up The Dark Corners. A short collection of poetry detailing the journey through emotions and experience from guilt, passion and love to marriage, desire and temptation.

by A. Lias

To me, works of poetry tend to fall into three different categories. Firstly, the simply humorous. Attempts at comedic banality and observational witticism. Secondly, those that are more of an academic exercise, a cerebral workout to make you re-assess and re-evaluate. And finally, the purely emotional, whether it be joyous or tragic, dazzlingly optimistic or gnawingly depressing. However these few lines I’ve put together don’t entirely fit my self-imposed classifications, so I’m at a loss for how to introduce them. They are not intentionally funny and they certainly won’t be the basis of much academic analysis. What I’ve tried to convey is an outpouring of the internal, be it the dark little corners of our heart and mind that we hide from the world or the explosive feeling that we simply can’t hide no matter how we try. Whether or not I have succeeded will have to be left to the judgement of you, the reader, either way I hope you enjoy my efforts.

Thanks for reading

A. Lias


by Julio Extra

A poem about love. Lives up to the title.

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The Journeys of Life In Poetry: Inspirational Poetry for Transformation on Life’s Journey

by Miranda Adams

Poetry on the journeys of life, from fear to love and all in between.

Includes 50 poems to inspire and encourage you,

Poetry on Life’s lessons, Truth and Purpose, Love and Beauty and Faith.

This is a book to delve in to in any moment of need for inspiration or motivation, to inspire you with the innate wisdom that it is possible to transform anything.

Choose to see the world differently and see all the possibilities, This book of inspirational poems will change the way you look at things and inspire you to change your life for the better.

Life, Myself & the Universe

by Kayleigh Croft

Life, Myself & the Universe is intended to showcase the whimsy, insanity, depression and hope through poems written over many years by the author Kayleigh Croft.

Aurora and Asphyxia

by Milza Lopez

Poems, letters and reflections written in prose about love, grief of separation, learning and improvement. Choking Aurora and represents the two extreme sides of human emotions: passion and pain, mixed in a single poetic plot. A book easy to read and with profound assimilation, which you undoubtedly will enjoy and spend reading time with those persons that inspire your journey through life.

Guilty as Charged

by Paul Loebig

26 selected poems, with photographs by the author.

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