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The Bargain: A Port Elizabeth Regency Tale: Episode 1

by Vanessa Riley

Coming to London has given Precious Jewell a taste of freedom, and she will do anything, bear anything, to keep it. Defying her master is at the top of her mind, and she won’t let his unnerving charm sway her. Yet, will her restored courage lead her to forsake a debt owed to the grave and a child who is as dear to her as her own flesh?

Gareth Conroy, the third Baron Welling, can neither abandon his upcoming duty to lead the fledgling colony of Port Elizabeth, South Africa nor find the strength to be a good father to his heir. Every look at the boy reminds him of the loss of his wife. Guilt over her death plagues his sleep, particularly when he returns to London. Perhaps the spirit and fine eyes of her lady’s maid, Precious Jewell, might offer the beleaguered baron a new reason to dream.

The Bargain is a serialized story or soap opera told in episodes. Each episode averages from three to eight chapters, about 15,000 to 30,000 words. Each episode resolves one issue. Emotional cliffhangers may be offered, but the plot, the action of the episode, will be complete in resolving the main issue.

My promise to you is that the action will be compelling, and I will tell you in the forward the length of the episode. This episode, Episode I, is three chapters long, 15,000 words. Enjoy these Regency Tales set in South Africa.–VR

The Bargain is the first Port Elizabeth Regency Tale. Episode 1: A Bargain to Be Free

Subconscious: Improve Your Life and Achieve Your Goals With the Best Methods to Train and Use the Power of the Subconscious Mind (Subconscious, subconscious mind, subconscious mind programming)

by Wendy Larson

Subconscious (FREE Bonus Included)

Improve Your Life and Achieve Your Goals With the Best Methods to Train and Use the Power of the Subconscious Mind

The Subconscious is a book for everyone who wants to improve their life and achieve their goals using tried and true methods to train and use the power of the subconscious mind. It is a vast field that requires a discussion of many topics including the anatomy or structure of the brain and its normal, automatic functioning. The relationship between the conscious and unconscious is suggested as are ways for these realms to work in tandem together. Furthermore, one can come to understand the roots of one’s belief system and explore its depths. The goal is personal discovery, to find happiness and health by knowing yourself better and curbing negative vibes and habits.

Here is what you will learn after reading this book:

  • Meditation as a means to the subconscious
  • Hypnosis and therapy as answers
  • Subliminal suggestions to the brain
  • Why tap into the subconscious
  • How the subconscious works
  • Basic anatomy
  • Programming the brain
  • Enriching the emotional life of the subconscious
  • The source of thought, reason and logic
  • Uncovering the rules or principles of the subconscious
  • The hippie legacy: drugs, supplements, counter culture cures
  • The role of affirmations and suggestions
  • The power of memory and its source in the subconscious

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Amish Rejection (Amish Romance) (Amish Young Spring Love Short Stories Series – Book Three)

by Hannah Schrock

A young Amish woman is overcome with grief when her beloved leaves her for another. The years drag on…will she trust enough to love again or will she take another path?

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All Hannah Schrock’s books are sweet clean Amish Romances

Sarah King’s young world was left destroyed when Jacob Troyer, her true love, left her.

After two years she still is no closer to coming to terms with her grief. A change encounter leaves her rock bottom.

David Gingerich is returning to the Amish community after leaving in the English world since he was child. However, his aunt falls ill and he and Sarah have to act quickly to save her.

Will Sarah learn to love again or will she leave for something new?

Blood Oath, Blood River (The Downwinders Book 1)

by Michael Richan

“One of the most exciting new series!”

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Downwind: the area of the United States that received the brunt of the fallout from nuclear testing. As a result, humans developed cancers and congenital malformationsâ?¦ and so did the creatures in the River, the place where people with “the gift” see things others cannot.

Twenty-year-old Deem is gifted, but she is on her own without her mentor, her late father. Deem’s family is tormented by a strange creature that climbs on their roof at night and infects the house with poison. With help from the charismatic Winn, Deem tries to stop the attacks, but this is only the beginning, with more ghosts, Callers, and mutated creatures to come.

Deem met Steven and Roy when she helped save their son from the ghosts at St. Thomas. She was impressed by Roy’s use of their ancestors’ journals to assist with their work. Deem is confident her father left behind a journal for her somewhere, but her dangerous search becomes riddled with menacing secrets and revelations, putting people’s lives at risk.

Deem and Winn are not alone; they are helped by Awan, a handsome Paiute who knows Native American tradition and can explain the strange forces targeting Deem. They also meet Carma, a friendly soul with a fantastic and valuable secret buried in her house.

Blood Oath, Blood River is the first book in The Downwinders series, a spinoff of The River series, in which Deem and Winn first appear in Book Six, Devil’s Throat. Blood Oath, Blood River is a stand-alone novel; no prior experience with The River series is necessary to enjoy it. Fans of The River series will be intrigued by this new exploration of the River, set in a place where downwind radiation has made the ghosts and creatures of the River strange and unpredictable.

Praise for The River Series from Amazon readers:

“Truly scary.”

“Finally found a book that got under my nerves!”

“Couldn’t put it down…wanted the story to go on and on.”

“Very few authors can pull me in immediately and make me feel as though I were reading about old friends. Stephen King always has, and I can now add Michael Richan to the list.”

“Awesome ghost story with wonderful characters and a great plot!”

“Some of the most delightful reading I have done in a long time.”

“This was a great horror book. I absolutely loved it, and I know you will too! Keep the lights on when reading!”

The Art of Falling: Taste of Texas (Hometown Romance)

by Julie Jarnagin

Heather Tornsten needs a manâ?¦a celebrity, more specifically, for a fundraising gala for the Dallas art museum, where she works. And what better headliner than bull rider Wyatt Lawrence? Although why people idolize grown men who make their living falling off animals, she’ll never understand.

When his mom was diagnosed with cancer, Wyatt determined to focus on doing what she wantsâ??like visiting some art museum. But when his mom teams up with Heather Tornsten to get him involved in a fundraiser, he knows he’s been set up. The more involved he gets with the pretty events coordinator, the more he realizes falling off a bull is far safer. Because falling for Heather-who has made it clear that she won’t risk her heart on any man who courts danger-might break a whole lot more than his bones.

Ghost Hoarder: Master Shaman Explains the Mysteries of Death, His Experiences in the Spirit World and Photographic Proof of Life After Death

by John Bekemenone

According to Jim Sutter, an investigative reporter, “Hang on tight – this book is unlike anything you’ve come across before and I doubt you ever will again.

If you have an interest in life after death or maybe the paranormal, you’ll finally read something with substance and proof to back it up from the only man on the planet that travels the back roads of America collecting the dead and taking them back home. He is a modern-day grave-robber – without the shovel. The images and words shared in this book are unforgettable.

Bekemenone’s photographs have a sense of authenticity, unlike most evidence of the paranormal you might find on the Internet. Being a former investigative reporter, my bullshit meter is rather sensitive. For me the proof is staring at us in his photographs and in his intriguing stories about the spirit world.

Of course, you can always visit his place and capture evidence yourself, using your own equipment. By the way, he guarantees your success and he and his guests have captured thousands of vivid photographs.

After reading this book, you’re automatically invited to his rural property at Toronto Lake, in the southeastern part of Kansas, where the land is not flat and full of wheat, but instead choked full and tight with mysticism and black oak woodlands, where you’ll feel a little uncomfortable when it starts to get dark. I should know – I’ve been there twice.”

Before becoming a world renowned gate-keeping shaman, John Bekemenone grew up with ghosts and demons drawn to his spiritual gifts of conjuring and counseling. His first memory is being surrounded by enlightened beings while his body lay in a coma for one hundred days at the age of three. When he was seventeen, the pressure of living in two worlds drove him to commit suicide, but the spirits miraculously intervened to redirect his life. He’s lived as hermit in the desert of Arizona, spent a decade in the mountains of Montana without electricity and running water, and now lives a very simple homesteader life deep in the woods of southeast Kansas with what he estimates to be thousands of spirits he has rescued from the maze of the spirit world, so they can repair themselves for the next stage of life.


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