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Weight Training For Weight Loss: How To Lose Weight And Build Muscle (Strength Training, Weight Loss, Diets, Fatloss, Fitness, Healthy, Muscles)

by John S. Edwards

Want To Know The Secret To Getting Rid Of Fat Once And For All?

Get Ready To Lose Weight And Build Muscle Now!


Losing weight can be a difficult and daunting process. So many people struggle with their weight. I know from first-hand experience it was one of the most difficult things I’ve had to overcome in my life. I wanted results and I wanted them NOW. I wasn’t going to give up and I knew SOMETHING had to change! You don’t have to settle and live your life in a miserable way and unhappy way. you can shed those extra pounds and start building muscle today!

There is great benefit to be taken from “Weight Training For Weight Loss” and I want to share them with you. As a now established fitness model I’ll show you all of the tools I used to get in shape, and not just in any shape, in GREAT shape.I will teach you how to quickly start seeing rapid gains in your progress.

Benefits To Learn From “Weight Training For Weight Loss”

  • Types Of Weight Training
  • The Benefits Of Weight Training
  • Components And Challenges of Weight Training
  • Creating a Plan For Success
  • Our BONUS content
  • And More!

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Lee Shore Blues: Sex, Drugs and Bluewater Sailing

by Peter M. Heiberg


“Peter, you’re a knucklehead.”

-Bob Perry, Naval Architect

“Peter, doesn’t â??peace of mind’ mean anything at all to you?”

– Dr. Hal Weinberg Ph.D., Psychologist, Professor Emeritus

“I could write a song about you, Peter, but let’s face it, there’s not much to say.”

-Jimmy Buffet

“Captain Heiberg has a penchant for filth.”

-Dr. Patrick Moore, Ph.D

“The only nautical book you’ll ever need (if you have trouble sleeping).”


“Don’t ever touch me there again!”


Lee Shore Blues is not your average sailing book. Peter Heiberg takes us on an irreverent charge through the highlights of his life at sea, from evading the homosexual advances of a 300-pound steward in mid-Pacific at 19 years of age, to rebuilding and sailing a thirty-ton engineless Bristol Channel pilot cutter from the UK to Canada’s west coast.

“This is a great read!! The author writes with a refreshing, open style and recounts his adventures with a delightful mix of wit, sarcasm, and profanity. So much more entertaining and educational (in ways that matter) than most “stuffed shirt” sailing stories, it gives an unvarnished insight into offshore sailing and gives newbie cruisers like me hope that we can overcome the various trials and tribulations that the sea and life present.”

-Dr. Kirk Patterson Ph.D, Professor Emeritus, former President Temple University Japan Campus, Single Handed Voyager and lecturer

After sailing tens of thousands of miles, commercial fishing in the Queen Charlotte Islands, skippering a tug boat on the Inside Passage, and even captaining a cruise ship in the Caribbean with a boatload of topless hookers, Peter Heiberg entertains readers with his ongoing sailing idiocies.

Peter raced to Hawaii in the Pacific Cup in 2010. He then entered the Single Handed Transpac in 2012 and again in 2014. In his last race, at age 66, Peter was surprised (and probably thrilled, although he wouldn’t admit it) to be awarded the Jack London Trophy for first to finish.

Not for those with delicate sensibilities, Lee Shore Blues is an entertaining – and often hilarious – book for lovers of great sailing stories who enjoy hearing it like it really was.

From Latitude 38 Magazine, December 2014

“One of the perks of sailing journalism is getting to meet new and interesting people. One of these was Peter Heiberg, who regular readers may remember competed in both the 2012 and 2014 Singlehanded TransPac races from San Francisco to Kauai. One of the lowlights of sailing journalism is that the time constraints of the job don’t allow us to get to know new people all that well. So we were at once surprised, delighted and a bit awed by Peter’s book, Lee Shore Blues, when it arrived on our doorstep. In a nutshell, we felt as if this guy we’d shared a few laughs with turned out to be the lead singer in some legendary rock band. Heiberg writes – and writes well â?? of a rollicking lifetime at sea; of boats, women and good times; and of taking his lumps as he (seemingly often) learned things the hard way. His engaging style is reminiscent of several popular cruising writers of the past 25 years – just with an ‘R’ rating.”


You Can Be Serious: How to keep cool and win more in tennis…

by Adrian Nicklin

Tennis is one of the loneliest sports in the world. When you step over that white line, the only person you can rely on is yourself.

All too often, though, we suffer a â??mental meltdown’â?¦ we let our concentration slip, miss a simple shot and, worst of all, lose our temper.

So wouldn’t it be great to have the knowledge and understanding to combat that inner voice that tells you you’re rubbish and avoid that double fault?

You can be Serious, provides players with an armoury of simple strategies that can enhance their tennis performance, enabling them to step onto the court ready to win. It takes the reader on a journey from the couch to the court in six simple chapters, packed with quotes, insights and anecdotes.

This book is a must if you feel you want to progress in tennis and allow yourself to play to your best.

Expert Race Strategy System For The Indianapolis 500

by Scott Thompson

Expert Race Strategy System for the Indianapolis 500 paper was developed in 1986 – 1987. The paper, research, and computer system, were developed through a partnership of Truesports Racing and a Purdue University Industrial Engineering 690 design project by Scott Thompson.

The computer system was later referred to as the Race Strategy Advisor and was used by numerous Indy Car race teams, Hendricks Motorsports IMSA GTP Corvette race team, and ESPN NASCAR telecasts beginning in 1987.

Please note: The print for this book is from 1987 dot matrix printer that was scanned in, therefore the print quality is not very good.

I am publishing this book as a first time author to help capture a time when computer technology was beginning to make an impact on motor racing and race strategy. Please email any questions to regarding this subject to [email protected]

World War of Basketball : State versus Country versus Country versus State For NBA Domination of the Known Sports Universe

by Shogun Young

Who is the best at basketball? Every state and every country that could form a basketball team with the stars of the past and present of the NBA took part in this tournament, and who was the very best came out on top.

Does Michael Jordan lead his state to victory? Can Larry Bird take a team of players born in Indiana to the title? Are the Italians the best in the world at basketball? Andrea Bargnani thinks so.

Maybe LeBron has a super team in Ohio, Michigan has a lot of Magic, California has a lot of superstars, and don’t forget about Senegal. The best in the world will be revealed. Actually, it isn’t Senegal.

Included are the rosters, box scores, news reports and results of what would have been the tournament of all basketball tournaments.

World War of Basketball : State versus Country versus Country versus State For NBA Domination of the Known Sports Universe by Shogun Young.

Success Factors: How to win consistent money from the horses

by Alex Daly

Do you want to win consistent profits from betting on the horses? In this insightful book racing punter Alex Daly shares with you the 8 success factors and 5 staking plans that help him make consistent profits from horse racing month after month. No expensive subscriptions or large betting banks are required to use these tips. Whether you are new to betting, an occasional punter who likes a flutter or a serial bettor you will enjoy the plain, honest, no nonsense way in which Alex gives you the information to help you make an informed decision when faced with a race card.

How to End Cheating in Junior Tennis: 21 Ways to Eat the Elephant

by Bill Patton

This book strives to create greater understanding about cheating in tennis. How are mistakes made and how are they interpreted? How have some been trained or allowed to call the ball poorly? Why are a small fraction of bad calls criminal in intent? How can players, parents and coaches address these issues and find gentle, positive and proactive responses to manage this problem? “I want to empower players to make their match as fair as possible, give those who make bad calls a chance to come to grips with that, and provide resources for parents and coaches to help teach great sportsmanship for the health of our great sport of tennis”, states author Bill Patton.

Part of the inspiration of this work is the collaboration of the USTA, USPTA, PTR who were brought together by the Tennis Industry Association at the Tennis Summit in March of 2015. All three organizations agreed that this problem must be addressed in order provide a brighter future in the sport for many great children who play it.

Peute Fly Tying Session BOOK 17°: English Version Translated by Armando Quazzo

by Massimo Clini

25 tying steps to tie one of the most famous flies in Europe. You will be able to catch fish everywhere: this fly has no rival. From the imitation of an emerger to a spent to a stillborn.

The Ultimate Swing – The Hidden Secrets of Expert Golfers

by Joatham Timothy

The volume that you are now reading was designed for beginning golfers who would like to maximize their time on the green. Golfing is an extremely enjoyable sport and everyone should feel free to try it, regardless of gender and age.

The Ultimate Swing – The Hidden Secrets of Expert Golfers aims to provide the reader a bird’s eye view of the different areas that can affect a person’s level of play. This volume is divided into two parts. The first part of the book provides an overview of the equipment and culture of golfing.

The second part provides exercises and skill-building techniques. For more information on golf balls, read the section “Golf Balls Galore”. There is also additional, related information that can be found in “Compression Levels” and “Standard Golf Balls”.

If you have never bought golf clubs before, you can refer to my special section on the purchasing process. The section is titled “Smart Tips for Buying Clubs for the First Time”.

For more information on the different kinds of golf clubs available commercially, refer to the section “Types of Golf Clubs”. To find out what affects your performance when you use certain kinds of clubs, please see “Club Play Factors”.

If you have signed up for golf lessons as of late, you will benefit from reading my take on golf lessons which can be found in “Maximizing the Benefits of Golf Lessons”. I have also prepared a special section that will teach you the basic etiquette when golfing. These guidelines can be found in “Navigating Golfing Culture”.

Part 2: Swinging Away focuses on skill-building and exercises that will help the novice golfer reach greater heights in this sport. For the toolbox of tips that will help you develop your very own version of the Ultimate Swing, check out the final section of Part 2.

For exercises that will help you develop a stronger back and a more flexible core, refer to the exercises outline in the first part of the second half of the book.

RV Living: The Ultimate Guide To RV Living For Beginners – How To Live In A Car, Van Or RV And Enjoy Motorhome Lifestyle (RV Living For Beginners, Motorhome Living, Financial Freedom)

by Robert Lawson

RV Living

The Ultimate Guide To RV Living For Beginners – How To Live In A Car, Van Or RV And Enjoy Motorhome Lifestyle

Living out of an RV or the back of a car can seem like a bit of a hazardous and inconvenient state of being, but thousands of RV and camper van owners, it is also a taste of the adventure and expression of freedom that the open road can bring.

However, it is a big change, and as such requires a degree of patience, affability, and of course preparation.

This book is designed as a simple guide to illustrate some of the essential items and preparatory steps involved in planning – and then enduring – an RV excursion, including such things as maps, types of food to bring, and hygiene.

The nomadic life is full of exciting new experiences, but more than that it is a valuable learning experience, one which can have transformative effects, both on the individual and in terms of an overall cultural gestalt.

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