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46 DIY Household Hacks. Natural & Homemade Organic Shampoo Recipes for Healthy Hair: DIY Shampoo, shampoo bar recipes, shampoo for hair, Clean Hair, natural … shampoo recipes, homemade shampoo Book 1)

by Pamela Arnold

40+ natural homemade organic hair recipes in this book are amazing! They are not going to damage your hair, they are going to restore and revive your chemically abused hair. It is time you started to treat your hair better and take good care of it!

You will see the difference in no time how great your hair will look when it isn’t loaded with chemicals and other man made products that strip it’s natural oils etc. It has been getting covered and soaked in artificial hair products for far too long. Not only will your hair look great but you will save a large amount of money making these healthier homemade hair remedies. You will have great looking hair that didn’t cost you a small fortune to achieve!

If you truly want to do something that will improve the health of your hair, then trying the recipes in this book are going to help you to get that healthy hair you really want in a totally natural way.

Why not treat yourself and your hair to some natural homemade organic hair products. Not only can you save your hair, but you can also save a ton of money by making your own hair products. You are going to get wonderful healthy results with your hair by using these natural hair shampoo recipes!

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Sauna in Finland: The Ultimate Sauna Guide for Travelers and Sauna Enthusiasts (Joko mennaan Book 2)

by Anna Maeda

There are five million people and three million saunas in Finland, which makes Finland the ultimate sauna nation of the world.

Finnish-Japanese sauna-crazy group nelikko wants you to know practically everything there is to know about sauna – in â??Sauna in Finland’, you will learn about sauna etiquette, sauna architecture, seasonal saunas, sauna traditions and beliefs, and how sauna has changed over the years. We will also explore how sauna has become such an indispensable part the everyday lives and celebrations of us Finns, and how important the social aspect of sauna really is.

nelikko visited (and tested!) three hidden sauna gems in the Finnish capital of Helsinki: the cultural Sauna Arla, the authentic Sauna Hermanni, and the atmospheric Kaurila Sauna.

â??Sauna in Finland’:

· Inspiring stories from a local Finn’s point of view

· Stunning color images throughout the book by Helsinki-based photographer Janne Lainea

· Exploring sauna from historical, cultural, social and architectural perspectives.

· Introducing three unique public saunas in Helsinki, each with their own distinct personalities (completed with detailed maps and how-to-get-there instructions).

Nyt löylyyn! – Let’s take a bath!

Famous Flowers And Butterflies: Beautiful Blossoms and Flowers for Kids

by Speedy Publishing

It is important to teach our children about the world that surrounds them. Sometimes, it can be difficult to find a method of learning children will enjoy. But if you combine the right elements, you can offer your child an exciting way to learn something new. If it is important to you to teach your children about the natural world, then using a famous flowers and butterflies picture book can be exceptionally useful. This picture book will be exciting to children because of the many colorful visions it offers of butterflies and flowers, and they can learn to identify many of them when using the book.

Coloring In The Garden

by Irina Velman

Create your own colorful garden with these 40 hand drawn floral designs. Meditative and therapeutic qualities of coloring are especially powerful when combined with the natural theme. If you love gardening or just love flowers, this book is for you. Give yourself silent time to enjoy and play with colors. Great book to give or to keep.

Based On a True Movie: Life Lessons to Take Off Screen

by J.E. Leigh

Movies and television receive a bad rap in our society, yet the best shows and movies have the power to weave themselves into the fabric of our lives. They do this because at their heart, they’re stories about us. This book takes a humorous and inspiring journey into the world of movies and television to see how the secrets they reveal can improve the stories of our lives.

Perfect for movie and TV buffs, fiction writers, screen writers, and anyone who loves stories and storytelling.

Soft: A photographic study

by B Hansen

This tender photo study is a celebration of the soft texture of the human belly. The collection of intimate, yet quietly discrete photographs take us on a journey across a wonderfully soft landscape.

HUGO. A screenplay about Hitler’s euthanasia program for children: Adapted from the novel Hugo. Der unwerte Schatz by Tino Hemmann

by Tino Hemmann

That is a screenplay! This film was never made.

A poignant story about the short life of Hugo, a highly gifted boy from Leipzig who was abused in early childhood and subsequently suffered a personality disorder. A professor at the Children’s Psychiatric Hospital in Leipzig hopes to obtain scientific knowledge from Hugo’s brain. To bring about his death during the National Socialist period of child euthanasia, he falsifies Hugo’s registration form to show that he is suffering from a hereditary disease.

A Country Boy’s Lyrics

by R. L. Harless

Lyrics written by an old country boy born in Appalachians now living in the Ozark Hills of Missouri. A mixture of upbeat and also some slow touching lyrics straight from the heart for Gospel, Country and Christmas Songs.

Get Dressed and Be Fab: Simple Tips to Help You Look Fit, Slim and Amazing in Your Clothes (Fashion & Style)

by Veronica Burke

They say first impressions last a lifetime. But even if it’s not that long, they still matter. Your appearance is the first thing people notice and the thing they remember about you. It may not always be fair, but you are judged based on the way you look – we all are. So it makes sense that the clothes you wear ultimately say something about you.

If you want to be seen in a good light from the minute someone lays eyes on you, you have to be mindful of the way you carry yourself; that includes posture, general demeanor, and clothing. The clothes you wear can make you appear slimmer, richer, and more put together – you just have to know how to choose the right ones.

Fortunately, styling yourself it’s not difficult, and this book can help you with your sartorial predicament. It was written especially for those who struggle with dressing themselves and looking great every day. Allow it to act as your guide to always looking – and feeling – amazing in your own body and in your clothes.

You no longer have to struggle with the mirror and your lack of suitable clothing choices every morning. This book can help you end the stressful and time-consuming battle that frustrates so many women, just as they start their day. You can always look good, if you know a couple of tricks and that is precisely what you can learn from this book.

Here is a preview of what you will learn from this book:

– How to make your clothes look amazing

– How to always look put together

– How to visually slim yourself with the use of clothing

– What are the best tips and tricks for dressing yourself to look fit

– How to edit your wardrobe

Don’t spend a minute more agonizing over your wardrobe choices; learn how to dress and become fabulous in the process.

Find out how you can look and feel amazing. Download This Book Now.

Ginger and Honey: An unusual free verse poetry collection

by Jasleen Kaur Gumber

A poetry collection which revolves around capturing the difficult to express emotions which are nevertheless the most common ones as well. These poems have a tone of universality yet uniqueness of words and analogies.

Two Plays for Two Men and Two Women: which comprise a full evening at the theater

by Dan Coffey

two plays concerning the same basic theme, people trying to find themselves, written for two female and two male characters. Each play has a running time of about forty-five minutes.

I have put them in one order, but they could just as easily be presented in the reverse order. They could share the same cast, or a total of eight actors could be employed. Together, with an intermission in between, they would comprise what is usually considered an evening’s entertainment in the theater. The plays are meant to be performed in an intimate setting, and would be especially effective on camera.

UK 1980’s Pop Quiz Book 2 (UK 1980’s Pop Quizzes)

by Sam Collyer

This is the second book in the series with 100 questions relating to pop music of the 1980’s

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