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How to Stop Living Paycheck to Paycheck: 16 Ways to Help you Get Through to the Next Paycheck. Smart Ideas for Handling Financial Challenges and Matching … money tips, saving money for dummies)

by Theodora Adkins

How to Stop Living Paycheck to Paycheck (FREE Bonus Included)

16 Ways to Help you Get Through to the Next Paycheck. Smart Ideas for Handling Financial Challenges and Matching Your Saving Plans

“How to Stop Living Paycheck to Paycheck” is all about learning control, for yourself, and for your family at whatever stage you are right now. It tackles the tough subject of living on less in order to save for the future. It stresses living within your means. Most people don’t plan for the future and suffer the consequences of their splurges today. Now you have no excuse. Within these pages, we will introduce readers to the concept of budgeting and assessing one’s financial net worth in order to get the big picture. We itemize typical expenditures on the red side of the ledger to compare to assets on the black side. This is the little picture. Then we pursue the topic in more detail to help you shave unnecessary outlays and stay healthy and financially intact. Personal and familiar welfare is at stake. It can be enhanced using sixteen tips to handle most financial challenges and match up needs with spending plans.

Among these topics, we include:

  • Credit card debt and credit scores
  • Credit considerations and choices
  • The importance of record keeping; appointing a “point person”
  • Cash flow management
  • Spending management
  • Investing savings for growth and retirement
  • Portfolio allocation and management

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How To Make Extra Money Identification Bundle (4): Create Multiple Income Streams & Get Out Of Debt

by Ria C. Newbold


(Book 1)

How To Make Extra Money: Identify and Create Multiple Income Streams

Are you living paycheck to paycheck? Are your bills piling up and you don’t know what to do? Are you frustrated and looking for answers on how to make extra money?

If you answered yes to any of these questions, then this book is for you! This book “How to Make Extra Money: Identify and Create Multiple Income Streams by Ria C. Newbold” will help you to begin the process in seeing that there are many different ways for you to make extra money. No, this is not a get rich quick scheme. However, if you take the tips and tools which are being provided in this book, you will be equipped with ways to make money from home.

Not only will you learn how to identify and create multiple income streams, but, you will also become aware of home-based business ideas that you can start now.

As you remain committed to the process and do what is required, you will begin to see things around you change and make extra money with money making ideas. As this passive income becomes consistent, you will be at a place of feeling satisfied and relieved of stress as you step into the life that you truly deserve:

Worry Free!

Stress Free!

Debt Free!

You now have an opportunity to be equipped and motivated in knowing how to make extra money. Do not delay. Get your copy today!

(Book 2)

How to Get Out of Debt: A Journey to Prosperous Living

Are you struggling every day in order to make ends meet financially? Are you dealing with a staggering amount of debt?

Despite the beliefs that are present in society, you do not have to be in debt.

Debt is something that you can live without and it is not necessary in order to make things work out or even to get the things that you want from life. Of course, by the time you are reading this book you probably already have some form of debt and you are looking for a way to get rid of it once and for all.

Congratulations on taking the first step to making your life so much better without that burden!

This guidebook is meant to provide you with all of the information that you need in order to get started. Everyone knows how it feels. There is food to buy and bills to pay. Debt can come in many different shapes such as student loans, mortgages, car payments, and credit card payments. With the consumerism that is found in different societies, it has become normal for many people to have a lot of debt and be stuck under the burden that this entails.

But what would it be like to get out from under this burden? What would it be like to be free from you debt and get to spend your money on the things that you want?

This is the exact idea that this book looks at. It discusses all of the benefits that you are going to be able to get just by understanding how to become debt free. Take the right steps in your life in order to be successful, stop paying someone else, and use your money in the way that you want. Now is the time for you to know how to get rid of debt.

The steps to financial freedom are simple and some of the steps that you should follow are in this book.

All of the work is up to you.

No one is able to tell you that you should be in debt or that you are doing things the wrong way. In fact, most of them are going to be jealous that you mastered how to get out of debt and spend it on better things such as your retirement, going on nice vacations, or doing other things that you want.

Simply knowing how to get started with a budget and learning how to manage your money better is going to be just the step that you need in order to get started on the right path today!

Scroll up to get your co

How To Make Money Online: Quickest Way to Earn Passive Income from Websites and Blogs

by Jessica Tanner

Hi, I am Jessica Tanner and in this book, I have gathered all the greatest information on how to make money online with passive income and how to start your own home-based online business. All the methods in this book are something I have worked with personally for years, and are techniques I have had great success with and therefore want to share them in a comprehensible step-by-step fashion to guide you safely through the process. So if you are like me and tired of living from hand to mouth, having just enough money to pay your bills with room for little else, this book will teach you how earning passive income from having your own online business can be the road to wealth and riches. Home-based businesses online have already become a great income source for so many people worldwide, as it is one of the safest ways of starting a new business, as it can be done without investing any money what so ever. This book will give you all the information you need to be able to start your own website or blog to make money online. Most people work for earned income, where they get paid for physical labor, but with passive income, you will be your own boss and make money every minute of the day while doing other things. This extra freedom allows you to do all the things you have always wanted such as traveling, spend more time with friends and family, be abundant and wealthy, and much more.

What would that extra income allow you to do and how would it improve your life?

Here are some of the topics this book will cover. It will guide your through the process of starting your own online business and give you the secrets to success so that you can enjoy the wealth and freedom as quick as possible without much struggle.

– An Online Business Means Freedom

– So What is Required to Start a Website or Blog?

– What to Chooseâ?¦ a Website or a Blog?

– What Topic to Pick?

– What Makes a Site Good?

– How to Do Keywords Research?

– How to Grab People’s Attention?

– How to Optimize Your Site for the Search Engines?

– So Where Doe’s the Money Come From?

– Online Marketing – How to Get Found?

– How to Outrank Your Competitors?

– Is My Website a Hobby or a Job

– What Not to Do Online?

– How to Improve Your Sales

– So Where Do I Start?

So this book will help you choose a niche for your website or blog, find proper keywords, teach you how to write content that grabs people’s attention, tell you how to make money from advertisement and affiliate products, teach you how to do online marketing for your business to improve your chances of being noticed online, and show you how to Go Pro. I will give you all the do’s and don’ts when it comes to SEO and how to market your website or blog right.


Jessica Tanner, a multiple website and blog owner, and entrepreneur. She has been involved in online marketing for many years now, and has been able to experience the enormous changes the online world has been undergoing from a time with FrontPage and Dreamweaver to the new age of dynamic mobile friendly sites and social media. That time perspective has helped her gather a massive amount of valuable knowledge that she uses actively in her daily life to be a successful business owner.

Easy Fiverr Cash: How to Make Money Online without a Website With No Money Down

by Sam Choo

Discover The Simple Secret Formula to Profit From Fiverr…Even if You’re a Complete Beginner

Are you making money on the Internet yet?

Do you want to learn how to make passive income every month?

If you are new to making money online, or if you want earn extra money to supplement your income, read on.

Discover How to Make a Few Hundred Dollars a Month part time through Fiverr. is a micro job site where anyone can sell almost anything for 5 to 50 bucks.

Can you really make money on Fiverr?

According to a survey in May, 15% of the sellers have earned +$1,000, 27% have earned+500 and 57% have earned +$100.

14% use Fiverr as their primary income source.

I have explored many online business models. They are either too expensive to start, takes too long to see the result or too complicated to master.

I have discovered that the easiest, fastest and simplest way, for newbies to make money, is through

It may not make you super rich but if you want to make your first million, you have to start how to make your first dollar, then your first $100 and grow from there.

I love Fiverr. Create your product once and you can sell it many times over. It is a marketplace with lots of willing and ready buyers, so marketing is optional. It is a fun project selling what I love. If I am busy, I can pause my service at any time. Fiverr is an excellent place to get leads, build your list, to upsell or cross-sell, to arbitrage, and to test market demands for your business.

Why Sell on Fiverr

* Easy to start: No HTM, no website, no hosting, and no domain. Launch your first gig in minutes.

* Zero cost. No money down

* Free Hot Traffic in a busy marketplace

* Fastest and Easiest way to make the first sale compared to any other business models

* Newbie friendly. No long learning curve and technical knowledge.

* Easiest way to earn Passive income

* Leverage on your talent/skill

* It is Fun. Sell what you like.

* At your own time. Do when you are free. Pause the gig when you are busy.

What you will learn:

* How to create a gig that sell

* What are the profitable gigs

* A sure way to double your sales to the same buyer

* How to get your first sale fast

* How to use Fiverr for lead generation

* How Not to get banned by Fiverr

* The formula to earn $1K a month

I have been earning passive income on Fiverr for a number of years.

My coaching students are paying me 15 times more than you for the same materials.

At this price, it is a steal.

Download it now and access to the lessons.

Teach Online: Learn To Teach Online Using Your Skills And Earn An Extra Income (Online Business Collection Book 5)

by Mark Weston

Teach Online: Learn To Teach Online Using Your Skills And Earn An Extra Income

Learn how my book, “Teach Online: Learn To Teach Online Using Your Skills And Earn An Extra Income” can help you start using your skills to teach others online for excellent money.

Although the economy collapsed in 2008, many of us are still feeling the repercussions of the recession and let’s face it, the economy still stinks and millions of us need another way of generating income.

The beauty of teaching online is that…

  • You can do it anywhere in the world!

    You don’t need to be tied down to the city in your overpriced, small apartment anymore. You decide where you want to live. You need a laptop, an internet connection and your brain! Teaching online allows you to make US income and decide where you want to live whether that’s a Phuket beach hut or suburban duplex.
  • You set your prices.

    Your wage isn’t set by anyone else; you are not an employee here. You are self-employed, you set your price and if you offer good value you will reap the rewards. God value means over delivering for your price. Giving more than your customers expect. People will then hear about you and business will be good.
  • No bosses

    You create your own destiny and shape how you want it to look. There are no bosses hindering you, just your own self-discipline and desire.
  • Passive income

    You may think that teaching online means turning up for every class with every customer. You can do that if you enjoy that interaction but my book looks at creating a passive income that will allow you to focus on other things and still collect money at the same time. Creating a course may not be as hard as you think, especially if you are a seasoned teacher and have experience in lesson planning, structuring courses etc. However even a newbie can create a course online. You just need a topic you feel comfortable telling the world about and some desire to offer a quality course.

There are probably many more reasons to teach online that I haven’t mentioned.

In my book, Teach Online: Learn To Teach Online Using Your Skills And Earn An Extra Income, my aim is to give you the knowledge to start teaching online in no time.

I will….

  • Show you where you can share your online course
  • Explain how to prepare your course curriculum
  • Provide you tips on how to be a great teacher so that people are genuinely interested
  • Much, much more!

Purchase my book, “Teach Online: Learn To Teach Online Using Your Skills And Earn An Extra Income” today for the price of a coffee .

Mark Weston

Silver, Investing in The Most Undervalued Asset in the World: Now is the time to buy, Learn How to Buy Safely

by James Bingham

Find Out Why Now is The Time to Buy!

  • In 2007 When there was a Shortage of Rhodium it went to $10,000 an ounce!
  • It’s now around $1,000 an ounce
  • There is a Shortage brewing in the Silver market, it’s just a matter of when
  • I have been Buying and investing in silver for more than 40 years, since I was a kid. There are people out there that Will take advantage of you. Learn how to avoid those pitfalls!

    Here Is A Preview Of What You’ll Learn…

    • The different ways to purchase silver without being taken advantage of
    • Find out what my favorite way to invest in physical silver is
    • Did you know you can convert your 401K or Ira into a Gold or Silver IRA?
    • How I buy Physical silver and calculate the current value
    • The different Storage solutions
    • Solutions for not having to store Silver
    • Have you ever heard of a Silver pool?
    • The information in this book will save you hours of searching the internet and quite possibly getting Ripped off!

    Download your copy today!

    Take action today and download this book for a limited time discount of only


    © 2015 All Rights Reserved

    Your Best Friend’s Guide to Cash: Eight things every woman needs to know about money

    by Kara Gammell

    You might be on ‘the right side of 40’, and yet, financially you feel about fourteen. By now, you should be rolling in the dough, but it feels like you’re drowning in debt. This isn’t how being “a grown up” was supposed to be.

    How will you ever get on the property ladder if you can’t even make more than the minimum payment on your credit card? Will you live like a pauper when you’re old and grey because student loans and sky-high rents mean you can’t afford to pay into a pension?

    One thing is for sure, money may not buy you happiness, but from where you’re standing, it sure could buy you a few things that would put a smile on your face – a flat would be nice come to think of it.

    So what are you going to do about it? Do you want to spend your life in financial turmoil?

    When Kara Gammell first came to the UK from her native Canada at 23, financially, she was a disaster.

    After five years of fun at uni, she couldn’t manage being paid monthly, certainly didn’t know what an overdraft was (or why the cashpoint swallowed her debit card) and at one point was so skint she actually cashed in her Oyster card for the £2 deposit.

    But Kara took control of her money and turned her cash crisis around. By the age of 28, she was out of an overdraft, had become an award-winning financial journalist and became a homeowner (independent of the bank of mum and dad to boot) – but most importantly, she was no longer living life on the breadline or on the brink of a financial disaster.

    In this practical and witty guide, Kara explains how whether you are struggling to make ends meet or trying to buy your first home – taking control of your finances can change your life.

    With clear and straightforward advice on everything from cutting credit card debt to getting more from your money at the supermarket, Kara shares her tried and tested tips so that you have all you need to get it right – the first time.

    Kara soon learned from her mistakes, and now you can too.

    Secrets of a Successful Online Psychic

    by Daisy Fabelo

    A secret of a successful work from home psychic is truly intuitive work from home guide to creating abundance from your passion.

    In this book Daisy will teach you how she makes thousands of dollars monthly while living a relaxed and truly abundant life, while working on her own schedule.

    She will answer Questions like: WHERE DO I GET CLEINTS? And WHAT IS YOUR SECRET TO SUCCESS?

    Before you finish you will have the very best Home Based business as a psychic. Learn the many different branches of the psychic world as a multi-million dollar industry, all within the short pages of this in depth Home business guide.

    *** Connect with people across the world.

    ***Social events, parties, you can be the next Theresa Caputo.

    ***Open the most successful etsy shop.

    ***Create spells and sell them through your social media pages.

    ***Work through online psychic sites.

    ***Open your very own psychic shop (from home).

    ***Sell through psychic fairs, festivals, and events.

    ***Psychic home shows.

    ***Benefits from working as an online psychic.

    ***Building your abundance to over $5,000 a month.

    ***Simple strategies and the secret formula.

    ***Other psychic’s success stories.

    ***Creating a passive income from your hobbies.

    ***Messages from the angels and Fairies.

    ***Where to buy the best tools and what are the best tools to start your psychic online business.

    ***psychic and money

    ***how to create a spiritual altar (also links to videos)

    Daisy has the experience of many years, strategies and endless researched knowledge in this easy to read Guide.

    This work from home guide will illustrate the different methods you can spread your hidden talents and embrace the world one successful potential client (online friend) at a time.

    If you want to double or even triple your income as a psychic then pick up Daisy Fabelo’s book on the Secrets of a successful psychic. With simple methods, ideas, and creativity you too can become the best of the best. Once you take this insightful knowledge and incorporate the secrets into your own psychic business the possibilities are endless. What are you waiting for your prosperous, abundant lifestyle awaits.

    As a special bonus a “How to Manifest Money” VIDEO link is included with spells, affirmations, and spiritual technique to creating your abundantly flowing lifestyle. Lastly: a special chapter on the “Secret Formula” to your work from home psychic success….the secrets of incorporating “THE LAW of ATTRACTION” into your online psychic business.

    Online links to work from home psychic jobs…..

    This little work from home guide will enhance your creativity to online income “FREEDOM”….All while supporting family values, JOY and on YOUR ON Schedule , setting those hours will create vacation escapes that as a GREAT PSYCHIC you DESERVE.

    Go on and “Buy Now” with just one click (upper left hand corner) and START CREATING YOUR ABUNDANT LIFESTYLE NOW.

    As a THANK YOU Bonus Daisy gives you access to her FREE Success Videos. All within this very work from home guide.

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    Online Entrepreneur: Collection of Ideas To Make Money (Online Entrepreneur, Online Business, Passive Income, Be a Boss, Virtual Assistant, Telemerketing, Business 101, Entrepreneurial)

    by Elijah Hunter

    *** Bonus: Free downloads of all new releases as well as reports related to this eBook Absolutely FREE. Click “Look Inside” above to subscribe ***

    Check out what others are sayingâ?¦

    The richest and most successful people in the world all have their businesses. Even Oprah Winfrey, the respected and richest celebrity in the world, did not reach Forbes 1000 list without her OWN Network, a media empire she built from scratch throughout the years of her hosting stint.

    Being your own boss means sacrificing the security that the corporate world has to offer. The steady paychecks become irregular, paid leaves and company-sponsored vacations become a personal expense, accountabilities become a sole burden and high-rise office building becomes a former storage room next to the kitchen and garage. All the perks of being a top employee will vanish all of a sudden as you step out of the corporate world unless you can build your own corporation immediately. Of course, that does not happen right away, most likely, not even in the following months or years to come. Still, it is possible, and that is exactly your goal here – to start your own business empire – your own boss.

    A home business can also have most of that, but you have the freedom not to. In fact, a home business can just be you and your customer. Either way, you need to have a solid business idea for your starting point. In the next chapter, the most in-demand, timely and successful start-up business and home business ideas will be presented to help you get your venture started the fastest way possible.

    WHO is this Book for?

  • Corporate people who get tired of their world and looking forward to venturing on Online Business.
  • Skilled persons who are looking for extra source of income to supplement their basic needs.

  • Skilled individuals who have a set of computer and a decent internet connection.
  • REASONS to Buy this Book:

    1. This book will teach you the motivation, attitude and skills on how you’ll achieve to be your own boss.
    2. This book will define how to be an online entrepreneur.

    3. This book will give you ideas how easy it is to be an online entrepreneur.
    4. You will learn new ideas on how to be successful in this online entrepreneur ventures.

    5. After reading this, you’ll definitely be wanting to invest in this online entrepreneur venture.
    6. Want to Know More? Just Scroll to the Top of the Page and Select the BUY button

      You do NOT need a Kindle device to read this eBook. Read from Mac, iPhone, iPad, iPod touch, Android, BlackBerry, Windows phones, smartphones, and tablets. Also, read from Amazon Kindle, Kindle Cloud Reader, and Kindle applications for PC.


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    Private Label: 6 Steps to Make a Living on Amazon Selling Your Own Products

    by Alex Sharp

    Private Label: 6 Steps to Make a Living on Amazon Selling Your Own Products will take you from have no business and no plan to taking Tremendous Action and making Passive Income Online!

    > New & Updated for 2015 < <

    Are You Tired of Your 9-5 Job?

    Are you Tired of Making Someone Else’s Dreams Come True?

    Then this book will be perfect for you!

    Do you know why Private Labeling is such an awesome business model?

    Because once you put the work in and get the ball rolling you’ll be making passive income for the rest of your life!

    So What Will You Learn From This Book?

    – How to Get Started Selling Private Label Product on Amazon

    – Choosing a Niche

    – Sourcing Products

    – Building a Brand

    – Scaling Up

    – Automating Your Business

    When you are done with this book you’ll have all the knoweldge you will ever need in order to start your adventure to becoming a great seller on Amazon using your own brand!

    So what are you waiting for?

    Scroll up to the top of the page download now!

    Got a new Kindle or know someone who has? Check out the ultimate guide to finding free books for your Kindle. Also available in the UK.